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Photo: J. Brown


Photos 1939-45 Fishing Boat Inn





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NU 266142

Original Location

Fishing Boat Inn, in the village.

Which war


Memorial Description

Large frame 36 inches high x 48 inches wide (914 mm x 1200 mm), containing a series of photographs. There are four rows of nine photographs, although the spaces in the bottom row are empty, the central spaces being covered by a picture of Winston Churchill and King George VI on V.E. Day 8th May 1945. The photographs have underneath each one the name of the individual handwritten in black ink (starting to fade to brown) using Palace script.

Materials used

Wood frame with glass front.




Present condition



1. The Fishing Boat Inn was bought c1998 and closed as an inn with the proposal to make it into dwellings. This met with strong disapproval of the villagers, who wanted to retain the inn. The photographs were removed and placed in the Memorial Hall until the matter should be settled. It was finally decided that the inn should remain. The photographs have been returned to the inn.

2. The ranks and regiments of some can be deduced from the photographs.

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Photos: Janet Brown

Research acknowledgements

George and Janet Brown

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Photos 1939-45 Fishing Boat Inn (B49.01)

Top row left to right:
   J. Wood       A. Beedon     A. Stephenson R.W. Holland A. Holland 
   C. Holland    A. McQueen    P. Green      J.M. Downie
Second row:
   J. Campbell   W. Stephenson R. Holland    R. Holland   A. Holland 
   W. Holland    G. Stanton    B. Stanton    J. Lane
Third row
   R.E. Lane     A. Lane       G. Bailey     B. Bailey    L. Carse    J. Carse 
   J. Stephenson W. Stephenson G. Cameron
Bottom row centre:
   Winston Churchill King George VI.

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