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I am the granddaughter of Henry H. Robson, V.C. I came across the North East War Memorial Project website while researching my grandfather which provided your email address. I have shared the website with my mother, and other family members and wanted to express our thanks to the Project for honouring him and the other heroes of the Wars. My mother is the sole surviving child of my grandparents. Her sister Victoria passed away last year in the Spring of 2016. My grandfather has many grandchildren and great grandchildren who live in and around the city of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. My family hopes to travel to England over the next year or two and will be sure to travel to South Shields.
I would like to thank you and all at the N.E. War Memorial Project for providing such a wealth of information and ensuring these brave men are not forgotten, and also the Rev. David Youngson for his excellent submission of Frederick's life and service.
My father John James Kane was at the Somme when he received his injuries. My thanks to you for allowing my family to see this recognition he deserves like many of his fellow-comrades in creating the "North East War Memorials Project."
In the past 2 - 3 years, all of you to whom this email is addressed responded very kindly to emails/letters from myself in the course of my research into the works of George Walker Milburn (1844-1941), York sculptor and carver.

This month, York Historian: 33 has published an article by myself and the sculptor Dick Reid, on ĎThe Day Book of George Walker Milburn.í

In this I have individually acknowledged each of you for the contribution(s) you made which helped me to complete the article. You may by now have forgotten having helped, but I have not. My sincere thanks to you all.

Have taken a lot of photos recently of local war memorials..thanks to your website..your information on each memorial is very precise and will be sending a donation in the near future as a thank you
I have checked the entry and it looks great. I must say that I am rather impressed with newmp. It must take a considerable amount of effort to co-ordinate such an enormous project and it is a credit to you and your group as well as being a worthy memorial to the sacrifice of NE England. Wish there was something similar in West Yorkshire. Regards and keep up the good work
I wanted to thank you again for such an interesting and inspiring talk on War Memorials. I received so many comments from our members who admired the way you presented your talk in such a calm and confident way - no use of modern technology which most speakers insist upon (and often have problems in setting up!) . Most people had no idea that anyone was doing such an important task of making sure that the Memorials are listed and updated and we are so grateful that you came along and shared your knowledge with us - thank you so much once again.
Many thanks for the information regarding my uncle Charles Atkinson. I am very pleased with your efforts and write to say how proud I am to call Charles my uncle and that your time and efforts were well spent. Keep up the good work as the record you are compiling ensures 'their name liveth forever'. When the Royal British Legion hold their annual event at the Royal Albert Hall, I shall bring your name to mind and say 'THANK YOU'.
My grandfather was in the RAMC during the first world war and was killed near Soissons probably in the early hours of 28th May 1918. As it will soon be the 100th anniversary of his death I decided to research him on the net and was very pleased to came across the eulogy you have written. Thank you very much for the time you spent researching my grandfather, much appreciated. May 2018
Absolutely over the moon with his story, some things mentioned that we didnít know about. So thrilled with what you have written, a great legacy of Thomas for other people to read, thank you very much.
Thank you for updating the web page for John McCluskey it looks fantastic!
I have read the adjusted entry and am very pleased with the content. I am especially pleased that Pauline has included the photograph.
I know that my mum and other relatives will also be so pleased and moved to see it.
Please pass on my most grateful thanks to Pauline, who has done such wonderful work.

Thank you for that. It, along with information gleaned from your excellent NEWMP website has been very helpful indeed, even though James Johnson is only very distantly related to me.
I was recently delighted to find your website with detailed information on. Also all the links to other records associated with these two men who are my grandfather and uncle.
What a fantastic site!
I thought you may find it an interesting addition to your excellent webpage.
Your biography is looking great and the photos make a real difference, and I must congratulate you on a very good job. And I think this is the best fishing kayak in the summer.
Thank you for the work youíve done and how interesting it is to read the background life stories to both my great uncles.
Hi Just wanted to say thank you for the work youíve done and how interesting it is to read the background life stories to both my great uncles and also putting these details online, some information I already knew and some I didnít. Unfortunately Williamís war record was one of those destroyed in WW2.
I didnít expect a google search to reveal anything so I canít tell you how surprised we were to find your website. Weíre hugely thankful to you and the team who pulled this information together as itís helped to fill in a lot of blanks.
Thank you very much your Memorial Project has brought me closer to my dad's family whom I never met. I was 9 when he died.
So congratulations on some excellent work and an excellent site. Keep up the good work.
Congratulations to NEWMP for its its excellent web page regarding Harry Hassan, and the sinking of the Belgian Prince.
I would just like to thank you for forwarding my email to the right person, as it has turned out. The success we have achieved is far greater than I could have expected. After all these years, the vital link was made and as a result my Grandfather's war has become known to me, plus the identity of others in his paybook. Many many thanks.
This is a fantastic piece, thanks so much for sending it through.
I was interested in finding out about a relative that died in WW1 I wish to thank the research section..which did a brilliant job on my relative from WW1..which lead to a great deal more research on the family history with which they did. Outstanding job.. I will be forever grateful.. istanbul escort istanbul escort umraniye escort sisli escort taksim escort istanbul escort