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Column Winwood 1914 Old Churchyard





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NZ 393410

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Old Churchyard

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Memorial Description

Column 6 feet high x 2 feet diameter standing on a base 2 feet 5 inches square x 9 inches high. The columns has a polished panel bearing the dedication. The Christian name is raised in half relief in a sunken panel. There is an anchor also raised inside a sunken panel at the bottom. Lettering is in sans serif capitals.
The whole is set on a small bricked area with flower borders on three sides.
Names from other members of the family are on the other side.

Materials used

Polished granite


In memoriam
beloved son of
George and Annie Winwood
Shotton Colliery
killed in action
in the first naval battle
of the great European War
on HMS Arethusa
Friday Aug 28th 1914
aged 23 years

A faithful and loyal son of his
church, home and country.
for Christ and at his Country’s call
he gave his life.


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1. H.M.S. Arethusa was a light cruiser of 3500 tons. It took part in various battles; the one in which George Winwood was killed took place off Heligoland Bight. She was finally sunk by a mine in the North Sea on 11th February 1916.

2. It has been conjectured that George Winwood was one of the first men to be killed in action in the Great War.

3. He is buried in the churchyard. See Every Name A Story

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Photos: C. Sanders

British Vessels Lost at Sea 1914-18 First published by HMSO 1919. Republished Patrick Stephen. ISBN 085059 384 0

de Ruvigny's Roll of Honour, Vol 1. page 283 contains the information in Note 2

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C. Sanders; Janet Brown; Tony Harding; Margaret Bozic

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Column Winwood 1914 Old Churchyard (S125.11)

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