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Cenotaph 1914-18 1939-45 Links





Map ref

NZ 354728

Original Location

South end of links across from Spanish City.

Which war

a. 1914-18
b. 1939-45
c. Later wars.

Dedication, Creation or Publication date

Foundations were laid Oct. 1921 by J. Walton Hill, chairman of the District Council, and Mr. James Noble, Chairman of the Memorial Committee.
Unveiled 15th July 1922 by Duke of Northumberland, and dedicated by Rev. F.L. Cattell, Vicar of St. Paul

Memorial Description

Cenotaph 22 feet (12m) high on circular base 8m diameter. At the top there is Greek key pattern decoration, below which is a bronze laurel ribbon round the top, from which a bronze wreath hangs on all four sides. Twelve bronze plaques bear the names, 4 of which are 45.5cm high x 112cm wide, 4 are 27cm high x 131cm wide and 4 are 26.5cm high x 101cm wide. The lettering is in raised Roman capitals. Each panel has a raised fluted edge, inside which is a narrow patterned border. The memorial stands inside white granite bollards which at one time had metal chains between them.

Materials used

White Dalbeattie granite, bronze plaques, later replaced by stainless steel. Another source says Aberdeen granite.


a. Their bodies are / buried in peace / but their name / liveth for evermore.
The following have made the great sacrifice


Who commissioned

a. War Memorial Committee
b. Whitley Bay Welcome Home and Remembrance Fund.


Cenotaph cost £1,639 19s 6d.

How money was raised

a. £7,000 by Public subscription, £1,000 by Local Authority. 90% of this was invested for the benefit of disabled servicemen.

Present condition

Vandalised in 1995, when four plates with names on were removed, just before Remembrance Day. The plaques were replaced and rededicated in July 1998

Sculptor, Artist or Designer

Designed by Architects Messrs. Harrison, Ash and Blythe, Newcastle. Constructors were Messrs. J.H. Robinson, Meldon. The contractors for the granite were The Improved Road Construction Co., Newcastle.

Ownership and maintenance

The memorial was handed over to the Whitley and Monkseaton Urban District Council at the unveiling ceremony 5/7/1922 "to be kept for the inhabitants for all time".


1. This memorial was the subject of the Whitley Bay Marden Bridge School entry for the ANLHS' Janet Brown Trophy for a Schools Group Project Competition for the Morpeth Northumbrian Gathering in 1992. It received second prize.

2. The original idea was that 10% of funds collected would be spent on the memorial, the main amount being administered as a special fund by a Committee. £7,000 was collected, and £700 was not sufficient for the Cenotaph, so it was agreed to take the balance from the main fund. They had originally hoped to raise £10,000, the bulk of which would be used for dependants and welfare purposes.

3. “The horse would do well for a war memorial; it would stand still for months”. So commented the owner of this particular animal at the Whitley Bay Sessions yesterday. Nevertheless, the magistrates fined the driver for leaving it unattended.” (Newcastle Daily Journal 08/04/1920)

4. Following the 1996 vandalism, the following information appeared in the North Shields News Guardian 17/10/1996.
(a) the renewed plates would be of stainless steel, and further names added.
(b) the “thieves must have got a nasty surprise, since the original scrolls were made of an alloy that had little scrap value”.

5. The replacement of the five plaques was due, among others, to the efforts of Mr. R. Nugent working in conjunction with North Tyneside Council.

6. The newspaper report for the laying of the foundation stones states: “There is not a great deal of time left to build the memorial, as the unveiling by the Duke of Northumberland is expected to take place on November 11th”.

7. The two men who laid the foundations stones, Mrs. James Noble, Chairman of the War Memorial Committee and Cllr. J. Walton (Chairman of the District Council) were each given a silver trowel as a memento.

8. The decision to unveil the memorial free of debt by taking money from the funds raised was taken at a public meeting in July 1922. Mr. Saint, supporting the proposal said “If the town’s meeting which originally decided that 90% should go to the widows and orphans, and 10% to the war memorial, could have foreseen what would happen, they would have made the respective portions different, and not given quite so much to the civil fund”.
Mr. Albrecht, who opposed the motion, said that “it was a proposal to take the money out of the pockets of the widows and orphans of those who fell”.

9. Mr. Joseph Henry Meldon Robson of Morpeth was examined for bankruptcy in 1923. He said that he had lost out on contracts to erect memorials at Whitley Bay and Morpeth. Morpeth Herald 05/10/1923

10. Among the original suggestions were a hospital; a Y.M.C.A. building; Cottage homes; convalescent home; scholarships in the secondary schools; memorial hall.

11. It was estimated that 10,000 people attended the unveiling.

12. Ernest Watson, who is listed on the memorial as being in the 10th N.F. was in the 11th N.F. (Andrew Brooks)

13. See Doris Ewbank Every Name A Story entry.

14. See Archibald Ernest Saggerson Every Name A Story entry.

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Photos: R.W. Gould; Kevin Milburn; old postcards: Tony Harding; John S. Perry

Whitley Seaside Chronicle 22/07/1922 describes unveiling ceremony; 12/12/1947 lists all the names of the dead from 1939-45 which are to be added to the war memorial, and requesting additions and amendments.

Shields Daily News 07/07/1921 reports that the Duke of Northumberland was happy for the site to be used for a war memorial provided the stint holders and Council had no objection; also later reports the laying of foundations; 21/01/1926 reports railings to be placed round the memorial, and the local Council accepted responsibility for its upkeep; 17/07/1922 reports unveiling.

Blyth News 03/10/1921 reports the laying of the foundation stone 01/10/1921.

Alnwick & County Gazette 12/03/1921 reports that a Cenotaph had been agreed to, alternative suggestions being a nurses' home or an emergency hospital; 27/05/1922 reports that the cenotaph is ready for unveiling, but will remain unveiled until sufficient funds have been raised to meet the costs, that laxity had taken the place of enthusiasm, and there was a shortfall of £700; 08/07/1922 reports on the proposals re the administration of funds collected; 22/07/1922 reports unveiling.

Newcastle Daily Journal 30/04/1920 reports proposal to raise £10,000, 90% of which to go to widows and dependants; 1920 passim reports fund raising; 09/08/1920 reports "Music on the links" fund-raising;

Illustrated Chronicle 02/06/1921 carries illustration of new memorial; 08/09/1921 reports proposed unveiling; 03/10/1921 reports laying of foundation stones; 07/07/1922 reports that the funds would be reduced to pay for the cenotaph; 17/07/1922 reports unveiling with photos.

Northern Echo 03/10/1921 reports laying of foundations; 17/07/1922 reports unveiling with photos.

Newcastle Weekly Chronicle 28/05/1921 shows picture of proposed memorial; 08/10/1921 reports on laying of foundation stones; 08/07/1922 reports debate on funds; 22/07/1922 reports unveiling.

South Shields Gazette 03/10/1921 reports laying of foundation stones: 01/07/1922 reports reducing the annuity fund to help pay for the cenotaph; 17/07/1922 reports unveiling.

Whitley Bay Observer 17/10/1919 carries lengthy report on the discussions on the form the memorial should take; 12/03/1920 reports proposed fund raising whist drive & ball; 24/09/1920 carries an advertisement for a 4-day fund raising bazaar; 17/10/1921 reports at length on the laying of foundation stones and the progress of the fund; 14/07/1922 reports details of tomorrow’s unveiling; 21/07/1922 reports unveiling.

Newcastle Daily Chronicle 22/01/1919 reports om Council meeting suggestion that a memorial be raised; 10/8/1920 reports band concerts in Note 8 above. 25/10/1920 reports on launch of 4-day bazaar to raise funds; 14/12/1920 reports progress with funding; 03/10/1921 reports laying of foundation stones.

The Journal 14/11/1995 reports vandalism.

North Tyneside News Guardian 14/11/1999 reports that new plates were in place for the Remembrance Day service.

North Shields Guardian 23/07/1998 carries photos of the rededication in 1997.

North Shields Local Studies Centre photo ACC 6917

Source of quotation
“Their bodies are buried in peace . . .” Apocrypha Ecclesiasticus 44

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Research acknowledgements

R.C. Simpson; P. Thirkell; the late R.W. Gould; the late Jack Tait (Blyth L.H.S.); J. Brown; Michael Newrick; Tony Harding; John S. Perry; N.Tyneside Council; Andrew Brooks; Dorothy Hall; Kevin Milburn; Michael Mulhern; Linda Robinson

Research In Progress

Angela Conroy is researching the WW1 names on this memorial


Cenotaph 1914-18 1939-45 Links (W84.01)



Panel 1 1914-18


Column 1                                    Column 2
   Pte. Charles J. Adam, 79th Cmrn. Hgrs.       Pte. William Bootland, 7th Q.R.W.Surreys  
   Pte. John Percival Adamson, 5th D.L.I.       Thomas Foster Brewis, R.N.D. 
   Tpr  Frank Anderson, Botha's Horse.          Pte. Arthur H. Brooks, R. Dub. Fus. 
   ----------                                   2nd Lieut. George Brown, R.A.F. 
                                                Lieut. George R. Brown, N.F. 
   Gnr.  James Baker, R.G.A.                    Pte. Norman P. Brown, E. Yorks. 
   Pty Ofr John Barrow                          2nd Lieut. Wally Brunstrom, M.C., R.F.A.
   Messrm Boy Albert A. Bell                    ----------  
   Albert E. Bell, R.N.D. 
   L.Cpl. Frank C. Bell, N.F.                   Pte. G. Campbell, 18th H.L.I. 
   Pte. Frank R. Bell, R.F.                     L.Cpl. John Carroll, 9th Lancrs. 
   Pte. Randle Bennion, T.S.                    2nd Lieut. Athol I. Chappy, 3rd Essex 
   Pte. Roy Birkett                             Pte. Robert Charlton, 23rd N.F. 
   Pte.   J. Ernest Blair, 9th N.F.             Lieut. Richd Christopher, Tank Crps. 
   Pte.   J.G. Blake, Labr Battn.               Sidney B. Clark, R.N.R. 
   Lieut. Andrew H. Blakey R.N.R.               2nd Lieut. Fredk. N. Coates, 22nd T.S. 
Panel 1 Column 3 (1914-18)

   Frank Cordner, Ships Carptr.
   Thomas A. Counter, N.C.B.
   2nd Lieut. H.W. Cowen, R.G.A.
   2nd Lieut. John R. Crawford, 9th Sherwood Frs.
   Pte. Wilfred J.L. Currey, N.F.
   L.Cpl. Thomas Dawson, Scts. Gds.
   Leslie Dobeson, R.N.R.
   Pte. Robert Dobinson, T.S.
   CSM James S. Dodds, R.T.
   Pte. Arthur Dodgson, 8th N.F.
   Cpl. Robert Douglas, N.F.
   Dvr. Charles F. Douglas, R.E.
   Maurice S. Dove, 1st Btn Worcrs
   Pte. Philip Downie, 16th N.F.
Panel 2 Column 1 (1914-18)                  Column 2

   Pte. Charles Dunn, 10th N.F.                Pte. George A. Halliwell, 10th N.F. 
   Pte. Henry Dutton, N.F.                     Capt. Charles Hardy  T.S. 
   L/Cpl.   Thomas Dykes, 5th 2nd N.F.         Cpl. J.F. Harriott  36th N.F. 
   Pte. Thomas W. Dykes, 9th N.F.              A.B. Clarence Hately, R.N.D. 
   ----------                                  Pte. Herbert Hatton, Gordon Highlanders 
   Pte. Richard Eckford, 1st 4th K.O.S.B.      2nd Lieut. Fred Hardy, T.S.  
   Cpl. John J. Embleton  19th N.F.            Lieut. A.E. Head, 1st T.S. 
   ----------                                  Pte. Leslie Heads, 4th Lincs. Regt. 
   Pte. Bernard Foster, 1st N.C.B.             Pte. Alex. C. Heathcock, K.O.S.B. 
   Capt. Norman Futers, N.F.                   Pte. J.T. Heron, 1st T.S. 
   ----------                                  Pte. Fred Heywood, W. Yorks. 
   Sgt Matthew Geddes, R.S.                    Spr Thomas Henderson, R.E. 
   2nd Lieut. J.A. Gibson, 9th R.I.F.          Sgt John Hewson, 11th N.F. 
   Pte. John Gibson, R.N.D.                    Pte. Thomas Higgins, A.S.C. 
   2nd Lieut. Chas. S. Gilhespie, 3rd L.N.L.   Lieut. Norman Hoggarth, 6th Leicesters 
   Pte. Chas. Gillespie, K.O. Rifles.          Lt. W.G. Hopper, D.L.I. 
   "  John Grainger, 1st Northumb. F.A.        Pte. Robert Hogg, Tank Corps. 
   Lieut. L.V. Grice, 23rd N.F.                "  Harry Holland, 8th K.O.Y.L.I. 
Panel 2 Column 3 (1914-18)

   2nd Lieut. E. Holdsworth, R.F.C.
   2nd Lieut. Andrew Holmes, 13th D.L.I.
   2nd Lieut. James Arthur Hopper, M.C., N.F.
   Pte. Richard Hope, R.Insk.F.
   Pte. W.H. Howell, P.O. Rifles
   Pte. John Davenant Humphreys, D.L.I.
   Pte. George Hunter, R.A.M.C.
   L/Cpl.   Cecil Hunt, 12-13 N.F.
   Bombardier G.W. Husband, R.G.A.
   Gnr. James Isherwood, R.F.A.
   Cpl. Tom. H. Jobling, N.C.B.
   William Jobling, R.N.V.R.
   Pte. H. Ernest Joy. N.C.B.
   2nd Lieut. Robert Johnson, 9th N.F.
   Sgt J.W. Kinleyside, 9th Yorks.
Panel 3 Column 1	(1914-18)	      Column 2

   Pte. Edwin V. Laidlow  1st Ldn Scth          Capn.. Chas. McAllister, R. Dub. Fus. 
   Pte. James W. Latimer, 4th E. Yorks          L/Cpl.   W.T. Moore, 2nd W. Yks. 
   Pte. Thos. A. Lauder, Coldstm Gds            Sgt Wm. Mitchell, 6th Gdn Hlrs.
   C.H. Lawson, E.R.A., R.N.V.R.                Cpl. Mark Morris, 31st Canadians 
   Pte. Ewart Leach, 9th Yks & Lcs              Capn.. Patrick A. Murray, 25th N.F. 
   Pte. H. Lewis, N.F.                          Pte. Howard W. Myers, 11th R.F. 
   Pte. W. Erick Little Lond.Regt.Civ.Serv.Rif. ---------- 
   Pte. Aynsley Little, Aust. Imp. Force        Bombardier J.T. Newton, R.F.A. 
   Pte. George E. Lodge, 18th W. Yks            Major Noble, T.S. 
   Leading Aircraftsman Alfred Lynes            ---------- 
   ----------                                   Pte. Wilfred Oliver, Canadians                                  
   Pte. Robert MacLaren, 1st T.S.               ----------
   Pte. Charles A. McClumpha, Black Watch       Thomas M. Pelton, Captain of Transport
   Pte. Alan McDougall, Bk. Wtch.               Pte. Charles H. Pettigrew, R.A.M.C. 
   Pte. Alfred W. Maguire, 1st N.F.             Pte. Ernest Phillips, N.C.B. 
   Pte. William McGowan, 36th N.F.              Rifleman Robert C. Pilter, 11th K.R.R. 
   Lieut. John M. Meikle Ryl Canadian Dragoons  2nd Lieut. Walter Henry Platten, S.W.B. 
   Lieut. Robert Jarding Meikle, 2nd D.L.I.     2nd Lieut. Hugh Price, 3rd West Yorks.
Panel 3 Column 3 (1914-18)

   Chester Potter, R.F.A.
   Pte. Claude Redshaw, 21st N.F.
   Pte. Irvin Reed, R.F.
   Lt. F. Hetherington Reed, 5th Westm Cavly Canad.
   L.Cpl. Norman Renton, N.F.
   Pte. L. Renwick, 14th N.F.
   Pte. Oswald R. Revell, 25th N.F.
   Pte. John Revell, 1st-9th D.L.I.
   Pte. F.A. Richardson, 13th N.F.
   Pte. Arthur Robinson, 2nd Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders
   Pte. Chas Fredk. Robinson, Duke of Wellington.
   Lieut. Harry Richards, 13th Notts and Derby.
   Lieut. Pattison Ridley, M.C., N.C.B.
   S.M. Amos Robson, M.M.
   Captain C.H. Robson, R.A.M.C.
   Pte. E.A. Robson, 2nd Gdn Hldrs.
Panel 4 Column 1	(1914-18)                Column 2
                                              Pte.   Tommy Shields, 1st Gn Hlrs.
   Pte.  F. Robson, 14th N.F.                 "  William Smart, 11th N.F. 
   "   James Robson, 15th N.F.                "  George B. Smith, K.O.S.B. 
   "    Reginald Robson, 5th N.F.             "    Richard Sowerby, N.C.B. 
   "    Thomas R. Robson, 6th N.F.            "    Arthur Storey, 6th N.F. 
   L/Cpl. Frank Rodriguez, 10th D.L.I         Sapr.. John O. Stobbs, R.E. 
   Sgt. Tom W. Rogerson, T.S.                 Gnr. Cyril Strong, M.M., R.F.A. 
   Lieut. W.C. Rutherford, 19th N.F.          Dvr. Victor Sutton, R.E. 
   ----------                                 ---------- 
   W.B. Saint, R.F.C. Lieut.                  Sapr. John W. Taylor, R.E. 
   Pte.  T.H. Scorer, 4th N.F.                2nd Lt. Ellis Thompson, 4th N.F. 
   Capt. John E. Scott, 7th D.L.I.            Lt. Wilfred T. Thompson, 14th D.L.I. 
   Chief Officer Walter Scott,                Pte. J.W. Thompson, 14th N.F. 
   George Smith, R.N.R.                       Pte. Edward Thompson, 4th N.F. 
   2nd Lieut. John Sellers, 3rd 2nd N.F.      Pte. John Thompson, R.M.L.I. 
   Sgt Robert Snowdon, M.M. 13th N.F.         Pte. Chris Younger, N.F.
                                              Spr Fred Barton, R.E.
Panel 4 Column 3 (1914-18)

   A.B. Henry Thompson, R.N.D.
   Pte.   Edward D. Todd, N.C.B.
   "   Arthur Towler, R.A.M.C.
   L.Cpl. H.F. Trevor, 9th N.F.
   Lieut. Alfred Wallis, R.M.L.I.
   Pte.   Ernest Watson, 10th N.F.
   Gnr. G. Winham, R.F.A.
   Capn. Herbert T. White, 26th N.F.
   Sapr. J.D. Wiles, R.E.
   " Isaac E. Woods, R.E.
   Sgt J.D. Williams 18th W. Yorks.
   Pte. James J. Woods, N.F.
   A.B. Thomas Young, R.N.
   Strd W. Robertson Young.
Panel 5 Column 1 (1914-18)                 Column 2

   Gnr.  C. Attwell, R.G.A.                   John B. Gibson, Engnr., R.N.
   "     E.C. Costar, R.F.A.                  Thomas W. Mackay, Engnr.                   
   Pte. Thos. Charlton, 20th N.F.             Sgt F. Henretty, 16th N.F.
   Pte. John T. Dove, M.T., A.S.C.            CSM Joseph Holmes, 1st W.Y. 
   Cpl. W.T. Deighton, A.S.C.                 Lieut. Geo. Houghton, W.Y. 
   Pte. Geo. T. Easton, 9th N.F.              Pte. L.L. Inganni, R.A.M.C.
   Pte. G. Emmerson, N.F.                     Pte.  A. Laing, 10th Y. & L.
   A.B. Albert A. Fell                        Std. A.E. Langridge, Merc. Mar.  
   Sgt. W. Grey, 2nd T. Irish                 Spr. J.A. Henretty, R.E.   
   2nd Lieut. Alfred K. McLean, N.F.
Panel 6 Column 1 (1914-18)                 Column 2

   Pte. J. McArthur, R.I. Fus.                Pte. W.A. Smith, Yorks.
   Pte. Leslie McArthur, N.F.                 2nd Lieut. F.H.G. Douglas Smith, R.A.
   Gnr. W.J. Milhench, R.F.A.                 Pte. J.T. Sims, T.S., N.F.
   Pte. Andrew Morrison, 9th N.F.             Pte. W. Taylor, 16th N.F.
   Pte. Joseph Newbury, 5th N.F.              Tpr. Harry H. Thwaites, N. Hus.
   Sig. Robert Nicholson, 4th W.Y.            Pte. J.G. Watson, Y. & L.
   Lieut. Frank McRea, 1st N.F.               Pte. Jas. Watson, R.Fus.
   Bdr. Thomas W. Ross, R.G.A.                2nd Lt. Victor Watson, 6th N.F.
   Pte. Robert Savage, A. & S. Hdrs.          Sgt. Fred Wood, Leicesters.
                                              Cpl. Edwd S. Richardson, 4th N.F.

   The total amount subscribed by the residents for the memorial was £7,000 with 
   an addition of £1,000 especially earmarked for the permanent memorial.  Of the 
   former sum, 90% has been placed in trust for the dependants of the fallen, disabled ex-servicemen, etc.
Panel 7 Column 1 (1914-19)                 Column 2

   Edwin J. Anderson, R.M.S.                  H.A. Case, R.E.
   Gnr. Jos. Aynsley, R.F.A.                  Standish Corbett, R.N.  
   Lieut. Frank Bastow, W.Y.                  Pte. David Duff 19th Liverpool 
   "    Norman Bastow, W.Y.                   Robert W. Davison, R.N.D. 
   "    Charles Bell, R.N.D.                  L.Cpl. T. Dinsdale, D.L.I.   
   Pte. S.R. Brittain, Welsh Regt.            C. Dunn, N.C.B. 
   Pte. Ashton Black, N.F.                    2nd Lieut. J. Foster 
   Pte. G. Bradford, A.S.C.                   L/Cpl.   C.F. Farrell 
   Pte. Jos. Fredk. Barton                    Capt. J.P. Forster, 3rd T.S. 
   2nd Lieut. J.L.A. Coates, 15th N.F.        J.W. Grey, N.F. 
   William D. Charlton, R.M.S. 
   QMS Chas R. Cockburn, A.I.F.  
   Pte. A. Crawford, H.A.C. 
   Pte. E.D. Case, R.E. 
Panel 7 Column 3 (1914-19)                 Column 4

   Lieut. Frederic Gibbon, N.F.               Pte. Arthur Pickerell, 1st Lanc.F.
   Cpl. E. Scott Hunter, 30th Candn.          Gnr. Andrew W. Scott, R.F.A.
   R.W. Hogg, Tank Corps.                     Pte. Walter S. Sloan Scot, R.F.I.
   Tpr. Arthur C. Kent, 1st Ldn Yeo.          W.J. Scott, Mer. Marine
   Capt. James Lockie, M.C., N.F.             J.H. Taylor, Aust. Contgt.
   Lieut. H.L. Mansfield, 18th W.Y.           Eng. Sub. Lieut. Peter Thomson, R.N.
   Capt. E.T. Milton, 13th N.F.               Pte. William H. Tait, 12th N.F.
   Major Thomas G. Noble, N.F.                Cpl. G.W. Wearmouth, N.F.
   A.E. Nichol, N.F.                          L/Cpl.   Stanley Warham, R.G.A.
                                              2nd Lieut. Raymond Watson, N.F.
                                              Edward Watson, N.F.
                                              George A.E. Wright, R.N.V.R.
                                              Pte. H.L. Weir
   1914-1919                                  Lieut. C.H. Weir
Panel 8 Column 1 (1939-45)                 Column 2

   Sergt. H.L. Brittain, R.A.F.               Corporal John Berry, R.A.C. 
   Lieut. C.C. Batty, R.A.                    George Dixon Blair, M.N.  
   3rd Officer George Bambro, M.N.            Signaller Raymond Berrystone, R.A. 
   A/Sergt. Douglas Bratt, R.A.F.             John Russell Casey, M.N. 
   P.O. Andrew Bennett, R.N.                  Telegraphist Geoffrey Charlton, R.N. 
   P/Officer Alexander Buglass, R.A.F.        Sergt. N.R.H. Campbell, R.A.F. 
   Chief Officer A. Beauglass, M.N.           Sergt. A.A. Crooks, A&S Highlanders 
   Robert Lyal Burns, Engineer, M.N.          Sergt. K.G. Cheshire, R.A.F. 
   Frank P. Burn, R.N.                        F/Officer V.A. Charlton, R.A.F. 
   Fusilier Jos. Bywater, R.N.F.              Sergt. John Cowen, R.A.F. 
   Chief Officer R.H. Boyle, M.N.             F/Officer James Crawford, R.A.F.         
   Gunner Harry Brown, Queens Bays            F/Officer Robert L. Clenahan D.F.C., R.A.F. 
   Ernest Brown, S. African A.F.              Stoker R.K. Crowther, R.N.
Panel 8  Column 3 (1939-45)                Column 4	

   Sergt/Pilot J.P. Cusworth, R.A.F.V.R.      Lieut. R.B. Dutton, D.L.I.
   Pte.  N.T.H. Chrisp, Green Howards         F/Officer J.E. Emery, R.A.F.
   Reginald Clothier, Master Mariner          Ambulance Driver Doris Ewbank, C.D.
   Philip Clark, M.N.                         Joseph Embleton, M.N.
   Chief P.O. H.C. Dickinson, R.N.            A/Stwd. Reginald Ellaby, R.N.
   Sergt. Anthony Dempsey, R.A.F.             Private W. Edwards, Green Howards
   Signalman G.M. Duncan, R.C.S.              Private C.P. Edwards, K.O.S.B.
   P/Officer James S. Davison, R.A.F.         Captain Charles Earl, M.N.
   Captain T.T. Davidson, East Yorks.         3rd Engineer J.L. Finlayson, M.N.
   Engineer G.W. Donn, M.N.                   F/Officer Douglas J. Faires, R.A.F.
   Engineer John Duncan, M.N.                 Eric J. Furey, R.A.O.C.
   Surgeon Lieut. G.N. Davison, R.N.V.R.      Captain W. Finch, M.N.
   Sgt. Pilot Alfred H. Davies, R.A.F.        LAC Gerald Fisher, R.A.F.
Panel 9  Column 1	(1939-45)                Column 2	  

   Driver E.A. Garnett, R.A.S.C.              Fusilier J. Hall, R.N.F. 
   Pte. C.W. Griffin, K.O.Y.L.I.              Chief P.O. E.W. Hogarth, R.N. 
   Sergt. S.M. Girvin, RAFVR.(Bomber Command) Captain P.R. Harrison, West Yorks. Regt. 
   A/Bt. F. Greenley, R.N.                    Oliver Hudson, Special Constabulary. 
   Gunner, J.L. Gorman, R.A.                  Driver Charles Hay, R.A.S.C. 
   F/Sergt, C.C. Gofton, R.A.F.               LAC. T.A. Harbottle, R.A.F. 
   Sub.Lt. Thomas Grieve, R.N.V.R.            John R. Hogarth, R.N.F. 
   E.R.A. Philip P. Gray, R.N.                Pte. S. Harrison, A&S Highlanders       
   Gunner John Grieves, R.A.                  Signalman Malcolm B. Henderson, R.C.S. 
   Charles Gilbert, Special Constable.        Ldg. Wren Elinora Hare, R.N. 
   Chief Officer Wm. Ewart Grant, M.N.        O/Sea Leonard Hay, M.N. 
   Sgt. Wm. Hutchison Green, R.A.F.           A/B E.R. Hymers, R.N. 
   Cpl. A.J. Green, 2nd Cheshire Regt.        Driver J. Errington Hewson, R.A.S.C. 
Panel 9  Column 3 (1939-45)                Column 4	

   Flt.Lt. Tom Collier Hood, R.A.S.C.         Chief Steward Allan Lowden, M.N.
   W/O Geoffrey Harker, R.A.F.                Gunner K.J. Lyall, R.A.
   Gunner David Heywood, R.A.                 Chief Engineer J.T. Lobban, M.N.
   F/Officer Maurice W. Hume, R.A.F.          Sergt. George Lowndes, R.A.F.
   F/Lieut. Fred Jackson, R.A.F.              Flt.Sgt. G.H. Lilley, R.A.F.V.R.
                                              (Bomber Command)
   Corporal L.V. Jones, North Staffs Regt.    Thomas Lawson, M.N.
   P/Officer R.E. Jobling, R.A.F.             Harold H. Lawson, M.N.
   F/Sergt. W.M. Jack, R.A.F.                 Engr. Comm. Charles S. Lewis, R.D., R.N.R.
   Chief Officer Harry P.W. Kaye, M.N.        Sergt. Fred. Mowbray, R.A.F.
   Engineer Frank T. Kennedy, M.N.            Pte. Joseph Monks, D.L.I.
   O/Sea John Kell, M.N.                      Acting A/B G.L. Miller, R.N.
   Rev. John Bernard King, Chaplain R.N.      Signaller Gordon Moyes, R.C.S.
   James Little, M.N.                         E.R.A. Ronald Moyes, R.N.
Panel 10 Column 1	(1939-45)                Column 2

   Edwin J. Anderson, R.M.S.                  H.A. Case, R.E. 
   Gnr. Jos. Aynsley, R.F.A.                  Standish Corbett, R.N. 
   Lieut. Frank Bastow, W.Y.                  Pte. David Duff 19th Liverpool 
   "    Norman Bastow, W.Y.                   Robert W. Davison, R.N.D.  
   "    Charles Bell, R.N.D.                  L.Cpl. T. Dinsdale, D.L.I. 
   Pte. S.R. Brittain, Welsh Regt.            C. Dunn, N.C.B. 
   Pte. Ashton Black, N.F.                    2nd Lieut. J. Foster 
   Pte. G. Bradford, A.S.C.                   L/Cpl.   C.F. Farrell 
   Pte. Jos. Fredk. Barton                    Capt. J.P. Forster, 3rd T.S.   
   2nd Lieut. J.L.A. Coates, 15th N.F.        J.W. Grey, N.F. 
   William D. Charlton, R.M.S.                                                            
   QMS Chas R. Cockburn, A.I.F.                                                          
   Pte. A. Crawford, H.A.C.                                                              
   Pte. E.D. Case, R.E.                                                                   
Panel 11 Column 1 (1939-45)                Column 2

   Corporal W.D. Alexander R.E.(T).           L/Cpl. R.W. Atkinson, K.R.R.C.
   Captain H.J. Austin, M.N.                  Pte. Thomas Ashford 
   Chief Officer B.J.N. Austin, M.N.          2nd Engnr. Wm. F. Anderson, M.N. 
   Ord. Seaman C.L. Austin, M.N.              S/Sgt. Frederick H. Arris R.E.M.E. 
   Chief Officer J.A. Aylwin, M.N.  
   L.A.C. W.E. Armstrong, R.A.F.V.R. 
   Lieut. J.R. Askew, R.E.  
   Ord. Seaman John Eskdale Arthur, R.N. 
   Flt/Sgt. Thomas Rodham Armstrong, R.A.F.   1939 - 1945   
Panel 11 Column 3

   Cpl. Kenneth Scott Adlard, R.A.F.
   P/O Kenneth Arnott, R.A.F.V.R.
   2nd Engineer James Allen, M.N.
   Sgt.Nav. Norman Allen, R.A.F.V.R.
   Sgt. Geoffrey R. Barr, R.A.
   Gunner Carl G. Beckman, R.A.
   Sergt. Norman Blanchard, R.A.F.
   F/Officer Wm. Newell Browne, R.A.F.V.R.
   P.O. Bertram D. Baldwin, R.N.
Panel 12  Column 1                         Column 2

   Sgt. Nav. Norman Allen R.A.F.V.R.          C.Q.M.S. Wm. G. Raison, D.L.I.
   Pilot Officer W. Fisher, R.A.F.V.R.        Pupil Plt. Alan L. Richardson, R.A.F.
   Leonard Henderson, M.N.                    Fus. Douglas H. Riley, 9th Bn., R.N.F.
   Lieut. Commdr. R.V. Kettle, R.I.N.V.R.     Lieut. Sydney Smith, R.E.
   Walter L. Locke, R.N.                      Cpl. F.J. Sutton, 10 Bt. Royal Fusiliers.
   Plt. Off. Douglas MacKay, R.A.F.           2nd Engr. James T. Tinn, M.N.
   Cpl. A.E. Morse, R.A.S.C.                  Lieut. N. Wilson, R.A.
   Lieut. Bernard O'Flanagan, Essex Regt.     Sgt. Joseph C. Winston. R.A.F.
Panel 13 Column 1 (1939-45)                Column 2.

   Captain K.W. MacGregor, R.A.               Signalman J.K. Nairn, 10th Royal Hussars   
   Chief Engnr. Robert Miller, M.N.           Sgt. W.F. Nendicks, 8th Royal Tank Regt.   
   W/O Harold Mason, R.A.F.                   John James Nesbit, M.N. 
   F/Officer Arthur H. Milward, R.A.F.        Gunner J.H. Orange, A.T.R.A. 
   2nd Engnr. Eric Martin, M.N.               Tpr. L.F. Orr, 4th/7th Royal Dragoon Gds,R.A.C.   
   Fus. Leslie Midgley, R.N.F.                Corporal Anthony Ostell, R.A.M.C. 
   Captain Hugh Mason, M.N.                   Wilfred Ostell, R.N. 
   2nd Lieut. John C. Meikle, 1st D.L.I.      Sergt. Robert H. Owen, R.A.F. 
   2nd Lieut. Robert C. Meikle, 1st D.L.I.    Wm. Edward Occulstone, M.N. 
   John McTavish, M.N.                        Signalman H.R. Pickard, R.C.S. 
   Sgt. Allan McNeil, R.A.F.                  Lieut. J.F. Parrack, D.L.I. 
   Robert McNaughton, M.N.                    P/Officer S. Peel, R.A.F. 
   Radio Officer S.W. Newbold, M.N.           Lance Corpl. Leslie Patterson, R.N.F. 
Panel 13 Column 3 (1939-45)                Column 4	  

   Dennis N. Pearson, M.N.                    A.C.1. George M. Riding, R.A.F.
   Sub. Lieut. R.L. Pallister, R.N.R.         1st Engineer Alan A. Reay, M.N.
   Flt/Sergt Eric Parker, R.A.F.              L/Seaman Wm. Ellidge Richardson, R.N.
   Sapper George Alfred Potts, R.E.           Private H.E. Reid,1st Tyneside Scottish
   Lieut. James Patterson, R.A.               F/Sergt. J. Reynolds, R.A.F.
   Pte. George Potts, R.A.                    A/B J. Richardson, M.N.
   Hugh Lindsay Paterson, M.N.                Chief Stoker, R. Robson, R.N.
   L.A.C. W.M.A. Palmer, R.A.F.V.R.           Thos. Wm. Rutherford, M.B.E., M.N.
   Thomas Potts, M.N.                         A.C.1. Thomas Edward Rule, R.A.F.
   Alfred H. Phillips, M.N.                   A/B Leslie Richard Reid, R.N.
   Flt/Lieut. James Campbell Parkin, RAF.     Lieut. W.J. Robson, 11th Btn., R.T.R.
   Sergt/Observer B.F. Quinn, R.A.F.V.R.      Tel. R.G. Ritson, R.N.
   Pte. Norienne P. Quinn, A.T.S.             F/O H. Ramsey, D.F.M., R.A.F.V.R.
Panel 14  Column 1 (1939-45)               Column 2

   Sgt. Nav. Kenneth Rusby, R.A.F.            James Whitfield Summerson M.N. 
   Flt. Lt. R.W. Robson, R.A.F.               E.W. Sutton, Civil Defence 
   O/Sea. Cecil C. Robson, R.N.V.R.           Sgt. E.A. Saggerson, R.C.S. 
   A.C.1. George Scott, R.A.F.                Pte. G.C. Smith, Border Rgt. 
   L/Sergt. Donald Spencer, R.T.R.            Pte. William F. Scott, K.S.L.I.  
   Lieut. E.W. Spark, M.C.R.E.                Arthur Dinsdale Smith, M.N. 
   W.D. Slater, Green Howards                 Captain George Steele, M.N. 
   Signalman Roland Slater, R.N.              Chief Engineer George Smith, M.N. 
   A.C.1. Eric H. Swinney, R.A.F.             Sgt. Wilfred Harrison Storey R.F.A. 
   Driver John Sabourn, R.A.S.C.              A/B F.N. Torrance, R.N. 
   Sergt. Kenneth Satchwell, D.L.I.           Engineer F. Anthony Tinn, M.N.  
   Lance Corpl. David A. Symington, R.E.      F/Sergt. Keith E. Taylor, R.A.F. 
   Sergt. William A. Summerson, R.A.F.V.R.    O/Tel R. Tokell, R.N.  
Panel 14  Column 3  (1939-45)              Column 4

   William W. Turnbull, M.N.                  F/Sergt. C.M. Williamson, R.A.F.
   Gunner E. Turner, R.A. Maritime Regt.      P/Officer A. Warren, R.A.F.
   Sub.Lt. Richard S. Todd, R.N.A.S.          F/Sergt. V.R. Wood, R.A.F.
   H. Russell Thirlwall, M.N.                 Lieut. Norman Wilson, R.A.
   Sgt. J. Lester Tolmie, R.A.F.              A/B A. Weddle, M.N.
   Sub. Lieut. F.E. Ure (A), R.N.V.R.         A/Stwd. R. Weddle, M.N.
   F/Officer R.L. White, R.A.F.               Sub.Lt. William W. Wile, R.N.R.
   Radio Officer Jack Watson, M.N.            Sgt. Pilot N. Watson, R.A.F.V.R.
   Sergt. F.A. White, R.A.F.                  Private William Hutchison Watt, R.A.S.C.
   Gunner E.J.C. West, 72nd R.F.A.            Captain Jack Young, M.N.
   Midshipman K.W. Whitton, R.N.V.R.          Sergt. Nicholas R. Yorke, R.A.F.
   A/B Raymond Watson, M.N.                   F/Sgt. Leslie S.B. Younger, R.A.F.
   F/Sergt. T.T. Wilkinson, R.A.F.

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