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Photo: Tony Harding


Roll of Honour 1914-18 Village Hall





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NZ 130813

Original Location

In Village Hall.

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Memorial Description

Roll of Honour, 33 inches high x 22 inches wide, with a dome at centre top, set in a wood frame 36 inches at its highest, and 27 inches wide, which echoes the shape. The word "Whalton" is curved inside the dome. There is a double line border. The names are listed in two columns. All lettering is in Roman capitals for the heading and sans serif capitals for the names.

Materials used

Brass in oak frame.


Whalton / Roll of Honour / 1914-1918


Sculptor, Artist or Designer

Edward Thew, Newcastle upon Tyne.

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Photo: Tony Harding

Research acknowledgements

K. and D. Southern; Tony Harding

Research In Progress

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Roll of Honour 1914-18 Village Hall (W38.07)

WHALTON, Village Hall.

   Roll of Honour
   John Anderson  A.        Kenneth J.W. Leather
   John Anderson  B.        William Lawson
   Joseph Anderson          Ernest Lowther
   Joseph Appleby           Lawrence MacKnight
   Robert S. Appleby        James McNally
   Fred. P. Barnett         Ernest Moscrop
   Guy Barnett              Joseph Moscrop
   Mark Barnett             Robert Nichol
   George Bell              George Pallan
   Mark Bell                James Pickering
   Richard Benson           Charles B. Robson
   Hubert A. Clarke         William Davidson Rochester
   John Clelland            John Simpson
   Fred Crinkley            John Thomas Scott
   George Drummond          William Sanderson
   John Elliott             Henry Stevenson
   Philip Eustace-Smith     John Stafford
   Ralph Eustace-Smith      Thomas Alexander Taylor
   Gerard Eustace-Smith     Edward Trewick
   Thomas Eustace-Smith     John Turnbull
   Edward Frizzle           Joseph Henry Warren
   Thomas Grieve            Arthur Warren
   John William Harvey      Kenrick P. Walker
   Robert Harvey            Gilbert Whelpton
   Fred Holland             William Whitfield
   Robert Hopper


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