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Photo: Tony Harding


Plaque 1914-18 5th N.F. Drill Hall





Original Location

Walker Drill Hall. In Officers' Mess.

Present Location

Christ Church.

Which war


Dedication, Creation or Publication date

Unveiled by Lieut.Col. Arnold Irwin, D.S.O. 22nd April 1923, dedicated by Battalion Chaplain

Memorial Description

Plaque with shallow curved top. There is a single line border. At centre top is the badge of the Northumberland Fusiliers. The dedication is on either side of this, with scrolls underneath, and follows the shape of the curve. The names are listed in four columns divided by vertical lines. Lettering is in Roman capitals for the dedication, sans serif capitals for the names and elaborate capitals for the quotation.

Materials used



Officers of the 5th Battn / Northumberland Fusiliers / who gave their lives in / The great War 1914-1918
Lest we forget



1. For details of wooden cross, originally erected on Butte de Warlencourt, and brought to this Mess in 1917, see Alnwick A11.42.
This cross was found in very poor state and transferred to Alnwick for preservation.

2. CWGC gives 26/04/1915 as the date of Lt. T.L. Bainbridge's death
CWGC gives 2/Lt. R.K. Steel's rank as Lieut.
CWGC gives 2/Lt F. Winfield's rank as Lieut., and 31/01/1915 as the date on which he died.

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Photos: Tony Harding

Shields Daily News 23/04/1923 reports the unveiling.

St.George’s Gazette Vol. XLI (1923) 30th April, page 63 reports unveiling.

Research acknowledgements

The late R.W. Gould; Tony Harding

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Plaque 1914-18 5th N.F. Drill Hall (W2.07)

Walker  Drill Hall


Across the top
Officers of the 5th Battn.         who gave their lives in
Northumberland Fusiliers          the Great War 1914-1918
    First column                       Second Column
     Major  F.O.C. Nash     27.4.15     Lieut. H.M. Anderson   30.5.18   
     Capt.  P.D. Forrett     5.2.16     “      D. Armstrong    3.10.16  
     “      W.G. Graham     24.6.15     “      T.L. Bainbridge 29.4.15
     “      F.H. Lawson     24.5.15     “      P.H. Edwards    24.5.15
     “      J.C. Leask MC   30.3.18     “      A.J. Field      11.4.18
     “      N.M. North MC   27.5.18     “      M.C. Hill       24.5.15
     “      C.A. Patterson  8.10.16     Lt & QM R.J. Holloway  14.8.16
    Third column                       Fourth Column

     Lieut. A.V. Knox        6.6.17     2/Lt.  F.C. Phillips    6.2.16
     “      N.W. Lawson    14.11.16     “      C.L. Richmond   24.5.15
     “      W.E.S. Poole    19.9.l7     “      R.K. Steel      24.5.15
     “      H.T. Richardson 23.8.15     “      S. Stones       3.11.16
     “      E.V. Sargent    27.5.18     “      O. Willis       20.6.16
     2/Lt.  T.N. Melrose   14.11.16     “      F. Winfield     31.5.15
     “      A.E. Moorhouse 15.11.16     “      W. Winkworth    26.8.15 



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