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Photo: Dorothy Hall


Statue 1914-18 1939-45 Aden Roadside





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NZ 312714

Original Location

Earsdon Road. Beside the road bridge over the Metro railway line, west end of Shiremoor village, A186

Present Location

Moved c 2000 about 10 feet along the road to make way for housing development.

Which war

a. 1914-18
b. 1939-45
c. Aden

Dedication, Creation or Publication date

a. Unveiled 31st May 1924 by Captain Appleby of the British Legion Executive; Dedicated by Rev. John Clucas, Vicar of Percy Main.

Memorial Description

Statue of Northumberland Fusilier resting on reversed rifle, on tall column, on narrow pedestal. Stepped sandstone base is 137cm x 137cm. At the top of the column is a laurel wreath enclosing a cross, with the dates on either side. The quotation "Greater love . . . " is below this, with the dedication on the base of the pedestal. The names are carried in a single column on each of the two sides and the front, all lettering being sans serif lead capitals which are mounted on to the base.

Materials used

Granite column on sandstone base.


a. Greater love hath / no man than this / that he lay down his / life for his friend. In memory of / the glorious dead / of Shiremoor and District / who fell in the Great War.
b. None
c. None


Who commissioned

War Memorial Fund Committee chaired by Mr William Holloway.


approx. £495.

How money was raised

Public subscription and fund raising, inc. whist drives. Site granted by Duke of Northumberland.

Present condition


English Heritage Listing

Grade II. Listed 19/02/1986

Sculptor, Artist or Designer

W.H. Endean, Cramlington.
Designed by J.R. McMillen, Earsdon Council Surveyor.

Ownership and maintenance

Memorial was handed over to Earsdon Urban District Council by the War Memorial Committee a month after the unveiling.


1. In the list of names, the rank of "sergeant" is consistently spelled "Serjt".

2. When the memorial was handed over to Earsdon U.D.C. it was already being referred to as a "waste paper basket" with the request that the public keep the area tidy.

3. "The war memorial of the soldier standing with reversed arms, copies in Cowpen Village, Shiremoor Village and, I believe, other places in the north east was modelled by my father, who at various times worked for the sculptor, Bart Endean of Blyth. The original plaster model stood in view in the workshop on Croft Road for at least 40 years." Letter dated 26/5/2005 from Mr. J.A. Crozier.

4. “It was decided at a meeting at Shiremoor yesterday to appeal the Duke of Northumberland for a piece of land between the Workmen’s Club and the Pasture Hall as a site for the proposed war memorial.”

5. The memorial was unveiled in a “pitiless rainstorm which swept the neighbourhood”.

6. At the time of the unveiling, the amount outstanding was about £55.

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Photos: Tony Harding; Phil Thirkell; Dorothy Hall; old postcards: George Nairn; Tony Harding

Shields Daily News 1922/3 passim various press reports on fund raising activities; also the appeal to the Duke of Northumberland for the site between the Workmen's Club and the Pasture Hall, 1923; 20/12/1922 gives details of Shilling Fund; 25/01/1923 reports proposal to raise the memorial, the appointment of the Committee and the builder; 02/06/1924 reports unveiling ceremony;

Morpeth Herald 11/11/1921 reports agreement to have a war memorial; 02/02/1923 reports establishment of War Memorial Committee; 02/03/1923 & 13/07/1923 report fund raising; 06/06/1924 reports unveiling; 05/06/1925 reports handing over to Earsdon U.D.C.

Illustrated Chronicle02/06/1924 reports unveiling with photos.

Northern Echo 19/02/1923 reports proposals in Note 5 above.

Blyth News 02/06/1924 reports unveiling.

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Research acknowledgements

P. Thirkell; the late R.W. Gould; Killingworth Local History Society; J. Brown; Allen Oliver; Iris Edmonds; J.A. Crozier; Tony Harding; North Tyneside Council; Dorothy Hall

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Statue 1914-18 1939-45 Aden Roadside (S21.01)

Front                                 Left side 
   Greater love hath 
   no man than this  
   that he lay down his 
   life for his friend. 
   L/Cpl. J.W. Armstrong    G.H.       Pte.   G. Heslop        N.F.        
   Pte.   J. Armstrong, MM  N.F.       "      F. Hindmarch     E.Y.        
   "      J. Atherton       N.F.       Cpl.   T. Hinton        N.F.        
   "      P.L. Anderson     N.F.       Pte.   H. Huthert       E.L.        
   "      W. Atwell         N.F.       L/Cpl. G. Hutchison     N.F.        
   "      M. Allan          N.F.       Pte.   J.T. Irving      R.I.F.      
   "      W. Bodman         W.Y.       Cpl.   R. Jackson       N.F.        
   Dvr.   D. Bryan          R.A.S.C.   "      J. Jacques       N.F.        
   "      G.F.W. Boyd       R.F.A.     Pte.   P. King          N.F.        
   Pte    R.W. Boyd         N.F.       "      E. Laing         N.F.        
   "      W.J. Boyle        R.A.M.C.   "      G. Laing         E.Y.        
   "      J. Brown          N.F.       "      T. Lister        N.F.        
   "      T.C. Brown        N.F.       "      T. Lovekin       R.B.        
   "      W. Burn           N.F.       Lt.    F.S. Marchant    T.C.        
   Gnr.   J.E. Brown        R.F.A.     A.B.   J. Marsh         R.N.D.      
   Serjt. J. Dobson         E.Y.       "      M. Mather        R.N.D.      
   A.B.   G.R. Dawson       R.N.D.     Pte.   W. Maggs         M.G.C.      
   Pte.   J. Davison        N.F.       "      M. Mason         N.F.        
   "      J.R. Donachie     N.F.       "      J.H. Mason       N.F.        
   "      W. Dowdall        N.F.       Serjt. M.T. Macmillan   R.E.        
   Gnr.   A. Dance          R.F.A.     Pte.   J.R. Macmillan   R.S.        
   L/Cpl. T.H. Emmerton     N.F.       "      W. McClay        N.F.        
   Cpl.   G.W. Fyfe         N.F.       L/Cpl. J. Mills         N.F.        
   Pte.   J. Freel          N.F.       Serjt. G.W.J. Moon      N.F.        
   Serjt. W.J. Graham       N.F.       Tr.    J. Morriss       K.E.H.      
   Cpl.   T.W. Gray         N.F.       A.B.   J. Nicholson     R.N.D.      
   Pte.   R. Gourley        D.L.I.     Serjt. J. Niven         S.H.        
   "      R. Gowland        N.F.       "      J. Peacock       N.F.        
   "      A.B. Gigson       N.F.       L/Cpl. J. Ranson        D.L.I.      
   Cpl.   T. Halpin DCM MM  R.E.       Pte.   J.D. Reay        K.O.Y.L.I.  
   "      R. Harrison       N.F.       "      -. Richardson    N.F.        
   "      W. Henderson      N.F.       "      -.-. Garry       I.R.        
   A.B.   A. Hamilton       R.N.D.     "      -.-. Garry       T.I.        
   In memory of 
   the glorious dead 
   of Shiremoor and District 
   who fell in the Great War. 
Right side.
   Pte.   O.W. Richardson   N.F.
   "      J. Richardson     N.F.
   "      T.W. Ridley       N.F.
   "      R. Robinson       N.F.
   L/Cpl. P. Robinson       N.F.
   Gnr.   A. Scott          R.F.A.
   Pte.   A. Shields        N.F.
   Spr.   G. Smith          R.E.
   A.C.   A.H. Southall     R.M.
   Gnr.   D. Stark          R.F.A.
   Pte.   G. Strong         M.G.C.
   "      F. Stobart        W.Y.
   Gnr.   G. Stout          R.G.A.
   Serjt. A.F. Taylor       N.F.
   A.B.   C.B. Taylor       R.N.D.
   "      J. Thompson       R.N.D.
   L/Cpl. J. Thompson       N.F.
   "      J.E. Todhunter    Y. & L.
   Pte.   W.J. Tomelty      N.F.
   "      H. Todd           N.F.
   "      G. Toward         S.R.
   "      M. Toward         N.F.
   "      C. Townsley       E.L.
   "      J. Turner         A.I.F.
   Cpl.   L. Wanless        N.F.
   Pte.   W.H. Walker       A.I.F.
   "      H. Weatherburn    N.F.
   "      T. Websell        M.G.C.
   Serjt. D. Wells          N.F.
          A.G. Wells        R.E.
   Pte.   J. Wilkinson      N.F.
   Serjt. J. Armstrong      R.G.A.
   Fus.   L. Stewart, Aden 1967.
   Boy    J.C. Bridges,     R.N., 1939.
   Sgt. William Dennis
   Aged 34 years
   R.A.F. Volunteer Reserve
   Died 1st June 1945
   Trp. Joseph L. Dennis
   Aged 27 years
   Died 6th October 1945

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