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Photo: Tony Harding


Roll of Honour 1914-18 Rutherford College





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NZ 218648

Original Location

Rutherford Comprehensive School (former Rutherford College), Bath Lane / West Road. (Demolished).

Present Location

Tyne & Wear Archives.

Which war


Dedication, Creation or Publication date

Unveiled Wednesday 12th April 1922 by Sir George Lunn, Chairman of Newcastle Education Committee

Memorial Description

Book of Remembrance, 260mm x 320 mm approx x 30mm thick, displayed in a glass-topped wooden case. The cover is of tan leather on which the name of the school is in a rope effect border, all raised in relief.
Information is in three columns. The left hand columns bears the names and ranks; the second column has the regiment; the third column contains awards of medals, promotions, or whether fallen or wounded. All is calligraphed in black ink.
Also included is a copy of the Unveiling Programme which was printed for the occasion.

Materials used

Tan leather cover; cartridge paper approx. 120gsm thick.


Front cover
Roll of Honour / Rutherford College / 1914-1918


How money was raised

Public subscription

Sculptor, Artist or Designer

George T. Easton.


1. George T. Easton, who made the document, was appointed first as assistant master and then as Head of the Art Department of the Technical and Secondary Schools.

2. The Rutherford College for Boys became Rutherford Grammar School in 1945. Rutherford College moved in 1956 to new premises in the West Road, and subsequently became West Gate Community College.

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Photos: Tony Harding

Shields Daily News 07/04/1922 gives notice of unveiling in 07/04/1922

Illustrated Chronicle 14/03/1920 reports proposals for a book of remembrance, plaque and library

Newcastle Daily Journal 17/02/1920 reports proposal to have Roll of Honour and Roll of Service; 27/11/1920 reports £470 raised, a tablet to be erected (See NUT070) and a Book of Remembrance to be compiled.

Tyne and Wear Archives Ref: E.NC14/2/24/1 (Vol. 1); This includes copies of The Rutherfordian Magazine produced by the school which contain information on former pupils who served or fell; copies of the Unveiling Programme; details of the headmasterís statement on the design and construction of the schools memorials.

Newcastle City Council Minutes 1921, 1922 page IX gives a brief mention of the service and unveiling ceremony.

Additional Research documents (click to download)

Research acknowledgements

Michael Newrick; Tony Harding; Alan Glynn (Newcastle City Council); Dorothy Hall; James Pasby

Research In Progress

Fiona Mitford is researching the names on these memorials. Contact:
Newcastle College is currently undertaking a 1914 project involving staff and students conducting research on the experiences of Rutherford College. Contact:

Roll of Honour 1914-18 Rutherford College (NUT126)


Roll of Honour

Page 1

   Agar, George         Northern Cyclists Battalion
   Armstrong, Edward S. Lieut. Northumberland Fus.
   Armstrong, Cecil     2nd Lieut. Durham Light Infantry  Killed.
   Armstrong, Ernest S. 4th Durham Light Infantry         Killed.
   Ash, William B.      2nd Lieut. 14th Northd. Fusiliers promoted Captain. Killed 19.8.1917.
   Armstrong, George    Major 6th Northd. Fusiliers       served in the South African War.
   Allaway, J.          Northern Cyclists Battalion
   Adie, R.R.           Durham Light Infantry             Killed.
   Anderson, T.         R.A.M.C.
   Armatage, R.         Northd. Fusiliers
   Armstrong, W.G.      Royal Garrison Artillery
   Anderson, C.N.       Northern Cyclists Battalion       Wounded March 21st, died April 3rd 1918,
                                                          at St Quentin, France.
   Angus, W.            Northd. Fusiliers
   Avery, A.P.
   Avery, O.V.
   Anderson, E.T.       5th Northumberland Fus.
   Anderson, J.H.       19th S.F.
   Appleby, W.          Royal Field Artillery
   Adamson, A.          Queen's Own Rifles
   Anderson, T.A.       Northd. Fusiliers
   Adamson, E.T.        Corpl. 19th Northd. Fusiliers     Killed Nov. 14th 1916.
                        Lewis Gun Section.
   Aitchison, W.        Royal Engineers
   Allan, Harry         Corpl. Royal Engineers
                        Field Force.
   Allan, Frank         T.R.

Page 2

   Armstrong, A.        Northd. Fusiliers
   Aynsley,             Royal Engineers
   Ashton, A.E.
   Armatage, George     Mercantile Marine                       
   Archbold, Cecil      Newcastle Marine                  May 1916 - Aug 1918. Lost at sea,Aug.1.1918
   Auckland, W.J.       16th Batt. K.R.R.C.
   Ash, James Lowe                                        Fell in action, 10 July 1916.
   Archbold. E.                                           Killed
   Amos, R.             Sergt. 4th Northd. Fusiliers, 1914-15.  Active Service, 1915-17, 
                                                          France & Belgium.
                        Lieut. M.G.C.                     Mentioned in dispatches [sic]
                                                          Gazetted out minus a leg, Oct. 1918.
   Amos, W.R.           Lieut. M.G.C.                     Twice wounded. Military Cross.
   Allan, Jack Stanley  R.A.M.C.                          Served in England & France. Died May, 1919,
                                                          from pneumonia contracted in France.
   Adams, Gladstone     Royal Air Force                   Captain, Photographic Officer, France
   Appleby, Joseph F.   4th N.F.                          Killed in action, Somne,[sic] Sept. 1916
Page 3

   Brown, L.            Army Service Corps
   Bell, N.             Q.V.R.                            Killed.
   Boocock, A.          Northd. Fusiliers
   Bewley, W.A.
   Bramble, H.          Northd. Fusiliers
   Blackburn, J.        Northd. Fusiliers
   Baxter, R.           Royal Field Artillery
   Bibby, W.H.          2nd Lieut.
   Burn, J.H.           Northd. Hussars                   Killed.
   Bainbridge, T.E.     2nd Lieut. Northumberland Fus.    Killed.
   Bates, P.            Northd. Fusiliers
   Bambrough, H.        2nd Lieut. Northd. Fusiliers
   Bennett, J.          Northd. Fusiliers
   Beattie, T.          Lieut. Duke of Wellington's       Killed, Oct.27th 1918.
   Bailey, H.           Lieut. Guards M.G.C.
   Bell, M.             Royal Naval Reserve
   Brown, A. Rowley     Royal Field Artillery
   Brown, O.            Royal Field Artillery
   Blair, N.            42nd Highland Black Watch         Lance Corpl. Killed.
   Burton, W.           Northern Cylists [sic] Batt.
   Bibby, D.H.          Northd. Fusiliers
   Brewis, G.
   Berlin, E.           Northd. Fusiliers
   Bolam, R.A.          Royal Army Medical Cor.           Colonel.
Page 4

   Barton, L.           Royal Engineers
   Brown, O.R.          Royal Engineers
   Butland, W.          Royal Engineers                   Killed.
   Brown, P.A.          Northd. Fusiliers
   Brydon, S.           Royal Field Artillery
   Bryce, J.            Royal Engineers
   Burn, Y.             Y & L
   Brown, W.            Lieut. 8th Y&L. 1st K.O.Y.        Wounded near Mons in 1918.
   Bell, W.             Durham Light Infantry             Killed
   Beaton, G.T.         Royal Field Artillery             Killed. 6th Oct. 1915.
   Bell, S.B.           Army Service Corps
   Bond, J.R.           Army Service Corps
   Bates, S.            Northd. Hussars
   Baston, F.           Northd. Fusiliers
   Bewick, W.           Royal Navy
   Brice, W.            Northd. Fusiliers
   Brown, J.            Royal Field Artillery
   Bagnall, G.          Royal Flying Corp
   Bagnall, M.          Royal Navy
   Brown, T.L.          Lieut. Northd. Fusiliers
   Brooks, S.
   Batey, G.D.          Royal Field Artillery
   Baker, W.            Sergt. Royal Air Force            Killed.
   Boothroyd, C.        Lieut. Royal Air Force            Distinguished Flying Cross.
Page 5

   Bennett, W.          Durham Light Infantry
   Bramwell, J.         8th Durham Light Infantry         Lieut. acting Captain.
   Brown, T.E.
   Brunton, J.          Lieut. Colonel                    Military Cross. D.S.O.
   Beattie, J.S.        Lieut. Royal Naval Reserve
   Bainbridge, Geo. R.  Corpl. East Yorks. 7th            Missing Sept.17 1918. Gonze Court.
   Brown, T.            Royal Navy
   Bowles, Alfred       Royal Navy                        Aug. 1914-Nov 1918. Sub-Lieut. R.N.R.
   Bone, Matthew        R.A.S.C. Field Supply Force
   Bushell, E.          Royal Air Force                   Lieut.
   Brady, John                                            Served 1914-1919. Killed in France.
   Bell, Wilfrid        Durham Light Infantry
   Blair, George Norman Northd. Fus. M.G.C.               Lieut. M.C.
   Buglass, Andrew                                        Killed.   
Page 6

   Curley, C.
   Crowe, A.            R.N.O.
   Crosier, A.          Northd. Fusiliers
   Coxon, W.            Northd. Fusiliers
   Cook, T.             Durham Light Infantry
   Charlton, T.         E.Y.
   Carr, S.
   Coe, J.              29 Northd. Fusiliers              Sergt. Military Medal
   Cohen, J.            Northd. Fusiliers
   Calcliff, J.E.       1st S.H. F.A.
   Chisholm, W.O.       31st Northd. Fusiliers            Killed.
   Chaudron, A.L.F.     120 French Chasseurs              Killed
   Coe, H.              Northern Cyclists Batt.
   Crawford, J.R.       S.F.
   Cubey, Norman        Royal Navy
   Catto, W.            Northd. Fusiliers
   Catnach, W.          Northd. Fusiliers
   Crone, S.C.          6th Northd. Fusiliers
   Chipchase, T.R.      Northumberland Fusiliers
   Common, J.E.         15th Northd. Fusiliers            Wounded. Military Cross. Lieut.
   Cole, M.             5th Northd. Fusiliers
   Cole, J.             5th Northd. Fusiliers
   Colquhon, A.         Army Service Corp
   Cheesmond, H.        6th Northumberland Fus.           Captain. Military Cross, Dec. 1916.
Page 7

   Cave, W.             Army Service Corp
   Creswell, A.W.       8th Durham Light Infantry
   Coleby, F.           Northern Cyclists Batt.
   Culling, J.B.        Northd. Fusiliers
   Claugh, R.           Northd. Fusiliers
   Coleby, F.           R.N.V.R.                          Signalman, H.M.S. Duke of Cornwall, 1914-19.
   Clapperton, A.C.     Northern Cyclists Batt.
   Curry, A.V.          Northd. Fusiliers                 Captain, 2nd Tyneside Scottish.
   Curry, W.P.          20th Northd. Fusiliers            Captain, 1st Tyneside Scottish.
                                                          Twice wounded
   Clarke, J.S.         Northd. Fusiliers
   Clark, G.            Royal Engineers
   Campbell, W.         R.A.M.C.
   Campbell, W.         Northd. Fusiliers
   Clegg, F.            Northern Cyclists Batt.
   Cox, P.E.            5th Northd. Fusiliers             Killed
   Chesterton, Harold L. R.A.M.C.                         Aug 1914-19. Macedonia, Serbia, Bulgaria,
                                                          Roumania, Turkey, Old Greece, Italy, France.
   Chapman, Brian       L.C.R. East Yorks.                Sergt.
   Catto, W.B.          London Scottish
   Cooke, Crossley      Northd. Fusiliers                 Captain. Mentioned in dispatches [sic]
                                                          Nov. 1916.
   Cusworth, Fred.      Northd. Fusiliers                 Wounded. Prisoner in Germany.
   Coysh, E.            London Scottish                   Died in France.
   Coysh, W.            London Scottish
   Curry, E.            Australian Force.
   Chicken, T.          A.O.C. Egyptian Force
Page 8

   Curry, R.            Royal Air Force
   Cooke, W.R.          Durham Light Infantry
   Coleby, J.M.         Durham Fortress, Royal Engineers   Lance Corpl. 527 Field Co.
   Craman, Robt.        Canadian Field Artillery           Sergt. Fell Vimy Ridge, April 1. 1917.
                                                           Died April 13. 1917.
   Cooke, C.H.          19th Northd. Fusiliers,            Service,Nov.1914-3years 3months.Com May 1915
                        Capt. & Adjt.                      Wounded once, Military Cross. Author of
                                                           History of Northd. Fusiliers.
   Clark, G.            Captain Royal Garrison Artillery
   Clark, J.S.          R.N.V.R.
   Clark, John          Royal Garrison Artillery
   Cooper John Fairless Royal Engineers                    Nov.1915 to June 1918. Killed in action                                                                            
   Carr, D. Ernest      Nortberlands [sic]                 at Merivale in France.
   Crawford Wm. Peacock Merchant Service                   Died at Suez. Sept 17, 1916.
   Carr, Ben.           16th Northumberland Fus.           Corpl. Killed on the Somme, July 1st 1916.
   Cockburn, Chas. Robt 18th Bat. Australian Forces        2.M.S.Killed in action, Bapaume, Mar.2.1917.
   Carruthers, John     Royal Engineers                    1905-1907.Sergt.Killed in action June17,1916                       
   Cameron, W.          R.A.M.C.                           Serbian Order of the White Eagle
                                                           with swords, 5th class.
   Crawford, J.R.       R.S.F.                             2nd Lieut. Killed.
   Cowen, E.G.                                             Killed, Passchenddle, [sic] Nov. 1917.
Page 9

   Davison, J.          G.G.
   Dinning, W.          3rd Northd. Fusiliers
   Dunn, W.             Northd. Fusiliers
   Dolesan, H.          15th Northd. Fusiliers
   Doeg, H.             Border Regiment
   Dixon, G.W.          6 Northd. Fusiliers
   Davidson, T.         6 Northd. Fusiliers
   Dunn, N.A.           6 Northd. Fusiliers
   Duke, Norman         6 Northd. Fusiliers               2nd Lieut.
   Dent, R.A.           R.I. Dragoon Guards               Lieut. N.F. Military Cross.
   Duns, W.M.           3.W.R.                            Captain, Military Cross.
   Diericx, A.
   Drysdale, H.         Durham Light Infantry
   Davison, L.          R.A.M.C.
   Daley, G.            Northd. Fusiliers
   Dinning, A.          Durham Light Infantry
   Dodd, C.N.           Royal Scottish [sic] Fusiliers
   Dent, W.
   Day, A.              K.O.V.L.I. [sic]
   Dent, J.S.           Canadian Infantry                 Killed
   Dennis, C.F.         Royal Navy
   Danskin, T.          Royal Naval Flying Corps
   Dewhirst, I.         Durham Light Infantry
   Donkin, S.           B.C.V.G.
   Dunn, W.             Northern Cyclists Battallion [sic]
Page 10

   Donald, H.           Cadet Batt.
   Dunnett, J.R.        3rd Northumberland Fus.
   Davidson, Ed.        9th Northd. Fusiliers             Killed
   Davison, G.          Grenadier Guards                  Killed
   Donald, R.S.         Cameron Highlanders
   Dobson, S.G.         Royal Garrison Artillery
   Dobson, H.P.         22nd Northd. Fusiliers            Captain. Killed
   Dawson, W.
   Davidson, J.G.       Royal Air Force
   Dick, Alpheus        16th Batt. K.R.R.
   Davison, W.J.        Pioneer R.E. Signal Service
   Dickinson, Geo. C.   Royal Field Artillery             Lieut.
   Daglish, Jas. Junr   5 Northumberland Fus.             Lieut.
   Daglish, Geo. R.G.   Royal Navy                        Sub. Flight Lieut. Killed Mar.1.1917.
   Daglish Robt. Findlay Royal Air Force                  2nd Lieut.
   Denton, John William                                   Died in India.
   Davison, Thomas M.   Royal Naval Transport
   Davison, Charles M.  Royal Naval Transport
Page 11

   Eden, H.             Northd. Fusiliers
   Elliott, W.H.        Royal Engineers
   Edgar, R.            Royal Naval Division              Killed 1918
   Ellis, G.G.H.        1st L.D.E.
   Egleton, E.          Royal Engineers. So. Africa       Lieut.
   Elder, N.            R.A.M.C.
   Edmonson, W.J.       Durham Light Infantry
   Edmonson, Walter     Royal Field Artillery
   Ellerington, R.      R.A.M.C.
   Embleton, R.         Army Service Corps                Captain.
   Ellis, Richard G.    Royal Engineers                   Lieut.
   Edmonson, E.         Tyne Electric
   Embleton, W.C.       Northd. Fusiliers                 Killed.
   Elliott, C.W.        Royal Engineers                   Sapper. Killed 19 Aug.1917.
   Ellis, A.E.          Royal Flying Corps                2nd Lieut.
   Elliott, A.          Royal Garrison Artillery          2nd Lieut.
   Ebden, C.            A.S.C.12th(Yeo)Bat. Norfolk Regt. France, 1916. Palestine & France, 1917-18.
Page 12

   Ford, J.D.           Northd. Fusiliers
   Forster, A.J.        R.A.M.C.
   French, T.           Northd. Fusiliers. T.S.
   Featherstone, A.
   Fortune, R.          26th Northd. Fusiliers              
   Feggetter, J.H.      Northd. Fusiliers                 Killed in action, Oct.1917. Military Cross.
   Ferguson, A.         Northd. Fusiliers
   Fleming, N.          Royal Engineers                   Sergt. Military Medal, Oct.1917. Bar to M.M.
                                                          Mentioned in dispatches [sic] Sept. 1918.
                                                          Nov. 1918.
   Forster, C.          Royal Engineers
   Forster, T.          Royal Engineers
   Francis, Cecil J.    Northd. Fusiliers                 Captain. Military Cross.
   Freeman, S.          Army Service Corp
   Forster, R.          Royal Navy
   Fishkin, M.          Durham Light Infantry             Sergt.
   Fraser, Peter C.     1st Northd. Fusiliers             2nd Lieut. Killed in action, Somme
                                                          23 July 1916. 
   Forster John Percival 3rd Tyneside Scottish            Captain. Killed in attack on La Boiselle,
                                                          France, July 1, 1916.
   Friar, T.W.                                             Killed.
Page 13

   Gristwood, J.        Northern Cyclists Batt.
   Gibson, J.           9th S.Y.                          Killed.
   Gowing, J.           N.Y.
   Grant, A.            Northd. Fusiliers
   Gale, L.             W.Y.L.I.
   Graham, G.           Northd. Hussars, I.Y.
   Gent, C.R.           Durham Light Infantry             Corpl. Attached 83rd M.G.C. Captain.
   Gallon, W.A.         Border Regiment
   Graham, W.           Durham Light Infantry
   Greener, H.P.        Friends Ambulance Unit
   Gregory, T.W.        4th Northd. Fusiliers             Killed in action. Mar.22.1918.
   Graham, R.M.         Royal Field Artillery
   Gray, P.             Royal Field Artillery
   Gregory, T.B.        Northd. Fusiliers                 Killed.
   Greer, J.B.          Veterinary Corp
   Greer, J.            Royal Flying Corp
   Grossmith,           Royal Field Artillery
   Graham, E.           Northern Cyclists Corp
   Graham, H.
   Graham, Percy        Northd. Fusiliers                 Captain. Killed
   Giles, A.            R.A.M.C.
   Gibson, A.M.         Northd. Fusiliers                 Killed.
   Grainger, N.S.       Northd. Fusiliers
   Green, J.            Australian Imperial Forces        Senior Chaplain to the Forces.
Page 14

   Goldstein, G.        R.F.
   Gowring, J.          Royal Flying Corp
   Goldie, R.M.                                           Prisoner in Germany.
   Guthrie, Ed.         R.N.
   Gass, F.             Indian Army                       Lieut.
   Graham, A.           4th Northd. Fusiliers
   Gibson, J.W.         9th Northd. Fusiliers
   Gilhespy, John R.    19th Bat. Machine Gun Corp        Killed in action at Hussey. 21st Oct.1918.
   Gregory, J.H.        R.N.V.R.                          Telegraphist.
   Gray, Charles H.     Royal Canadian Dragoons           Died of wounds, May,27th 1918.
   Gray, Henry T.       Royal Canadian Dragoons           Killed whilst carrying above.
   Gray, F.             Royal Navy
   Gent, Arthur Wm.     Royal Marine Engineers
Page 15

   Hamilton, J.K.       Northumberland Fusiliers
   Hepple, H.           Northd. Fusiliers
   Humble, T.           Northd. Fusiliers
   Hope, W.             Northd. Hussars I.Y.
   Hewitson, N.         R.A.M.C.
   Hanson, A.           Royal Navy
   Hardy, Stan.         Northumberland Fusiliers
   Humble, G.           Royal Flying Corp
   Hall, C.G.           Durham Light Infantry             Killed.
   Hill, E.             R.A.M.C.
   Horsley, Harold      Northd. Fusiliers                 Killed.
   Hope, S.             Machine Gun Corp
   Hine, J.R.           Durham Light Infantry
   Head, L.             R.A.M.C.
   Hudspith, A.         Durham Light Infantry             Lieut. Killed.
   Havre, E.            Northd. Hussars
   Henderson, J.T.      5th Northd. Fusiliers             Captain. Killed.
   Hall, H.             Royal Garrison
   Hall, G.             Northd. Fusiliers                 2nd Lieut.
   Hughes, G.H.         R.A.M.C.
   Heslop,              Army Service Corps
   Hetherington, R.     Northd. Fusiliers                 Killed.
   Hare, A.             Durham Light Infantry             Killed.
   Hudspith, G.         Royal Field Artillery             Killed.
Page 16

   Horsley, Ed.         Royal Navy                        Lieut.
   Harper, F.           R.N.A.S.
   Howard, W.           H.I.
   Hutchinson, H.       127. Royal Garrison Artillery
   Hendry, R.           Royal Navy
   Hornsby, E.          16th Northd. Fusiliers
   Hughes, J.W.         R.A.M.C.
   Hill, R.M.           Durham Light Infantry             Lieut.
   Henderson, J.           
   Hill, T.D.                                             Lieut.
   Hickson, C.          Royal Navy
   Hogg, E.             Royal Engineers
   Hadden, C.L.         Durham Light Infantry
   Henry, N.
   Hedley, W.           Royal Flying Corp
   Hughes, J.           Northern Cyclists Batt.           Killed.
   Harrison, W.         Army Service Corp
   Haverson, F.         Northd. Yeomanry
   Hedley, R.           Royal Naval Division
   Henry, R.            Royal Navy                        Petty Officer.
   Henderson, W.        Durham Light Infantry             Killed.
   Hill, J.C.           Royal Engineers                   Major.
   Hind, W.M.
   Hitchfield, D.       Royal Engineers
Page 17

   Howard, R.B.
   Hetherington, R.     Royal Navy                        Surgeon Probationer.
   Holmes, A.E.         Royal Field Artillery             Killed.
   Hyslop, M.           Royal Garrison Artillery          Military Medal.
   Holmes, W.E.
   Hamilton, W.E.       6th Indian Cavalry
   Hawks, A.            Royal Field Artillery
   Humphreys, G.                                          Killed.          
   Heads, J.C.          Tyneside Scottish                 Lieut. Killed.
   Hutchinson, R.W.     5th Northumberland Fus.
   Hunter, J.           2/1st Lincolnshire Yeomanry
   Hird, J.S.           Inns of Court O.T.C.
   Hutchinson, J.       East Yorks Yeomanry
   Hunter, J.           London Rifle Brigade
   Hudspith, J.W.
   Hope, Stanley        234th M.G.C. Sergt.               Military Medal, 4Oct.1917.
   Howard, H.B.         Royal Engineers
   Halkier, W.L.        Royal Garrison Artillery          2nd Lieut.
   Hope, Alan           Durham Light Infantry
   Hope, Angus          Durham Light Infantry
   Harle, W.            Royal Air Force
   Huntley, Chas.       4th Northd. Fusiliers             Lieut. Military Cross.
   Hamilton, John       6th Northd. Fusiliers             Killed. Lieut.
   Hollingsworth, Fred  Merchant Service                  Died at sea.
Page 18

   Hollingsworth Frank  Royal Naval Reserve
   Hollingsworth Arthur Northd. Fusiliers
   Hollingsworth Jas.W. Army Veterinary Corp
   Hanson, Rolf         Northd. Fusiliers                 Killed. Mudros, 1917.
   Hindmarsh, J.        R.N.R.                            Killed.
   Howitt William Colin 6th Northd. Fusiliers             Wounded, Easter 1917. Died May, 5th 1917.
   Hanson, Alec         R.N.V.R.                          Surgeon Sub-Lieut. Nov. 1915-June 1919.
   Heads, Leslie        4th Lincolnshire                  Died of wounds, Aix-la-Chapelle, Germany,
                                                          May 5, 1918.
   Hughes, J.           N.C.B.                            Killed.
   Herdman, A.J.        N.F.                              Killed
   Heads, A.E.          Tyneside Scottish, 20th N.F.      Killed, Battle of Somme, July, 1916.
   Harrison, W.K.       M.G.C.
   Howard, Percy        11th Batt. N.F.                   Killed, June 15, 1918.
Page 19

   Iveson, Frank T.     16th Durham Light Infantry        Lieut. Killed.
   Iung, H.A.           Northumberland Fusiliers          Killed.
   Johnson, R.          Northd Fusiliers
   Johnson, R.          K.O.L.                            Lieut.
   Johnstone, R.        Northd. Fus.
   Jacques, R.          Northd. Fus.
   Jackson, H.          Royal Field Artillery
   Johnson, A.          Northd. Fusiliers
   Johnstone, J.W.      4th Northd. Fusiliers
   Julsing, E.          I.N.V.A.
   Joicey, E.           Northd. Horse Imp. Yeomanry
   Johnson, J.          K.O.L.
   Joy, F.              6th Northd. Fusiliers
   Jackson, W.          Royal Engineers
   Joyce, T.            N.C.B.
   Jackson, G.W.        7 Northd. Fus.
   Jobson, G.           M.G.E.
Page 20

   Jobson, Thomas       2nd East. Yorks. Corpl.           Killed in action, Hohenzollern Redoubt,
                                                          Loos, 25th Sept, 1915.
   Jobson, J.C.         20th Hussars
   Jones, J.            Royal Welsh Fusiliers
   Jackson, T.          N.C.B. 16th N.F.                  Killed.
   Jameson, W.          Northd. Fus.
   Jones, D.            Royal Engineers
   Jones, J.R.          Royal Garrison Artillery          2nd Lieut.
   Jones, J.R.          N.C.B.
   Jenkings, W.C.       T.R.
Page 21

   Kerr, J.             A.I.F.
   Kinghorn, W.G.       Capt. West Riding, Duke of 
                        Wellingtons                       Wounded.
   Kayes, H.            Capt. R.A.M.C.
   King E.W.            2nd Lieut.Northd Fus. trans. to R.E.
   King Alb.            2nd Lieut.Royal Fusiliers         Killed.
   Keay, C. Capt.       R.A.M.C.
   Kesting, N.G.        London Scottish
   Kirton, H.           Royal Engineers
   Kay.    2nd Lieut.   N.H.I.Y.
   Kay, Arthur  Lieut.  R.F.C.
   King, Arthur Barker  Royal Engineers.                  Killed 1 Dec. 1917.                
   Kinghorn, William    Royal Air Force. 2nd Lieut.       Killed whilst flying in France, Nov.4. 1918.
   Kesting, E.C.        Royal Navy
   Kelly                K.O.Y.L.I.
   King, Ernest Walter  I.A.R.O. attd. 1/129 D.C.O. Baluchis.   Lieut.
   King, Thomas Alfred  I.A.R.O. attd. Indian M.G.C.      Lieut.
Page 22

   Lawson, H.H.         Chaplain                          Killed.
   Lovatt, J.J.         2nd Lieut. Royal Engineers. 
   Lovell, T.           Lieut. 13th Lancashire
   Lawson, W.           Capt.  Durham Light Infantry 
   Long, S.A.           Capt.  Royal Engineers
   Luke, J.A.
   Low, D.              42nd Black Watch
   Liddell, J.L.        5th West Riding
   Little, E.           C.S.R.                            Killed.
   Lane, A.G.           8th Northd. Fus.
   Lattimer, R.         Royal Fusiliers
   Lattimer, H.         Royal Garrison Artillery
   Lingwood, C.         2nd Lieut. Northd. Fus.
   Luck, J.S.           Northd. Fus.
   Lindley, T.          T.R.
   Long, E.             R.M.L.I.
   Leslie,              Lieut. Royal Flying Corp
   Locke, R.W.          Royal Navy                        Surgeon Prob.
   Leach, G.S.          2nd Lieut. 4th D.L.I.             Military Cross.
   Leslie, G.B.                                           Killed.
Page 23
   Morrison, J.            
   Mason, T.            Northd. Fusiliers
   Moffatt, Jas.                                          Military Cross.
   Moody, W.            Durham Light Infantry
   Marshall, J.         Northd. Fusiliers
   MacKie, D.           Northd. Fusiliers
   Madgin, W.M.         R.W.R.                            2nd Lieut.
   Madgin, W.           So.W.Y.
   Muir, A.W.           Northd. Fusiliers                 Major, Military Cross, Bar, D.S.O.
   Maddison, R.         Northd. Fusiliers
   McQuillen, G.B.      Royal Naval Reserve
   McQuillen, J.H.      Northd. Fusiliers
   Marks, A.G.          Army Service Corps                trans. 2nd Lieut. R.A.F.
   Meadows, R.S.        N.H.
   McKenzie, R.         N.H.I.Y.
   Marshall, J.G.       R.N.F.C.
   Miller, W.
   Main, C.R.           N.C.B.
   McGee, W.E.          Royal Army Medical Corps
   Mitchell Jas. Marshall Highland Light Infantry         Lieut. Killed.
   Mackay, G.W.         16th K.L.                         2nd Lieut. Military Cross. Killed.
   Mints, O.            10th S.S.
   Mints, E.            21st Durham Light Inf.
   Middleton, A.                                          2nd Lieut.
Page 24

   MacDonnell, R.       R.A.M.C.
   Mauboussin, V.P.L.   303rd French Infantry             Adjutant. Killed.
   Middlemas, G.A.      King's Royal Rifles                  
   Martin, Thomas       16th Batt. N.F. (Commercials)     April, 1915 - Sept. 1918. Killed.
   Maxwell,             N.C.B.
   May, W.D.            R.N.D.
   Mayard, W.P.         N.H.I.Y.
   Metcalfe,            N.H.I.Y.
   Middlemis, A.C.      R.N.A.S.
   Mills, T.            N.H.I.Y.
   Moles, R.C.          Durham Light Infantry             2nd Lieut.
   Muir, L.             R.A.M.C.
   Murray, W.A.         R.N.
   Myers, G.N.          Durham Light Infantry
   McAdams, J.M.        R.F.C.
   McAdams, J.L.        R.A.F.
   Metcalfe,            N.F.
   Miller, S.           N.H.I.Y.
   McDonald, A.
   McKendrick, J.C.     R.F.A.
   Marshall, Geo.       Northd. Fusiliers                 Killed.
   Middlemas, A.        Northd. Fusiliers          
   Metzer, I.           New Zealand Medical Corp.         Sergt-Major.
   Mole, W.             Durham Light Infantry             2nd Lieut. Killed 28th Aug. 1917.
Page 25

   Mayne, G.            R.A.M.C.
   Mayne, A.C.          Royal Engineers                   Killed.
   Moore, Jas. Fenwick  12/13 Northd. Fusiliers           Killed in France, Oct.4 1917.
   Mickler, A.          Irish Guards
   Muir, G.             Northd. Fusiliers
   Moore, F.J.          1st County of London Yeom.
   Martin, Ralph H.     West Yorks.                       June 1917 - June 1918.
   Martin, Thomas       12th Batt. Northd. Fusiliers      Killed, 9th Sept. 1918.
   Maltby Charles Percy 1st Batt. Coldstream Guards       Killed, Bourton Woods, 1917.
   Millard, Wm. C.      R.A.M.C.                          'A' Staff Sergt.
   Main, A.E.           R.N.V.R.
Page 26

   Nicholas, S.W.       Royal Engineers                   Captain, O.B.E. Immigration Officer,
                                                          Tyne Ports.
   Nelson, G.S.         Royal Engineers
   Nelson, A.           Royal Navy
   Nendick, F.          Royal Field Artillery             Sergt. Military
   Nicholson, G.A.      R.N.V.R.                          Petty Officer.

   Ollif, W.            Princess Patricia's L.I. Canada   Killed
   Oliver, A.E.         Northd. Fusiliers                        
   Oliver, W.S.         Northd. Fusiliers                 2nd Lieut. Killed.
   Ord, Henry           R.A.M.C.                          Q.M.S. Northd. Fus Ambulance. Meritorious
                                                          Killed, May 27, 1918. Service Medal.
   Ovenell, W.H.        R.A.M.C. transferred M.G.C.       Lieut.
   Orme, R.L.           Royal E.                                
   Oxley, E.            Engineer Officer, Troopship       Royal Humane Society Medal for saving
                        'Diomed'                          life of Wireless Operator caused by
                                                          enemy action, North Atlantic.
Page 27

   Pirrie, R.           Northd. Fusiliers                 2nd Lieut. Killed.
   Pritchard, S.G.      Northd. Fusiliers. Corpl.         Killed. Balkan Expeditionary Force
                                                          Feb.27, 1916.
   Peacock, R.          R.A.M.C.
   Pattison, M.
   Potter, A.E.         L.R.
   Pirrie, R.B.         I.B.R.
   Patterson, R.S.      Northd. Fusiliers
   Patterson, C.R.      N.H.I.Y.
   Pringle, M.
   Pullan, J.A.         Royal Flying Corp. (J.D.L.I.)     Lieut. Killed.
   Pullan, W.S.         London Rifle Brigade              Killed.
   Potter, F.J.         Royal Engineers
   Patterson, E.        R.A.M.C.
   Pickering, R.        R.A.M.C.
   Proctor, W.R.        Northumberland Fusiliers          Killed at Ypres 1917.
   Proctor, A.          R.A.M.C.
   Patterson, G.        Northd. Fusiliers
   Peel, G.             Royal Engineers
   Peacock, B.          Northd. Fusiliers                 2nd Lieut. Military Cross.
   Peacock, E.          Royal Air Force                   2nd Lieut. Killed 26th May 1918.
   Peacock, J.A.        Public School Battalion                 
   Proudfoot, G.        Northd. Fusiliers
   Phillips, G.B.       Northern Cyclists Batt.
   Petrie, A.           Tyne Electrical Engineers
Page 28

   Parkin, John R.      3rd Northd. Fusiliers
   Potter, Percival     11th East Yorks Yeom.             Feb.17,1917-Sept8, 1918. Killed Sept.8,1918.
   Phillips, A.         T.R.                              Military Medal.
   Parkinson, H.        Northd. Fusiliers                 Killed.
   Pyke, L.             15th London Rifles
   Pond, F.W.           Northd. Fusiliers
   Porritt, C.          Royal Air Force                   Lieut.
   Pearson, John George Royal Garrison Artillery          Killed 19th Sept. 1917.
                        436 Siege Battery
   Patterson Kenneth S. Royal Field Artillery             Killed, Cambrai, 6th Dec. 1917.
   Palgrave, R.W.
   Punter, C.O.
   Patterson, Robert B. 3rd Scots Guards
Page 29

   Robson, C.R.         Northd. Hussars
   Russell, T.          Durham Light Infantry             Prisoner in Germany
   Renwick, S.          Royal Navy
   Riddell, J.E.        R.A.M.C.
   Riddell, J.H.        R.A.M.C.
   Rea, F.M.            6th Northd. Fusiliers             2nd Lieut. Killed, St. Eloi March 1916.
   Robson, J.E.         1st N.G.H.
   Robson, L.           3rd Royal Field Artillery
   Rosenvinge, C.       Northd. Fusiliers
   Rosenvinge, H.       Northd. Fusiliers
   Ramsay, W.           Royal Engineers
   Rainbow, L.          N.H.
   Rickaby, J.D.        8th Durham Light Inf.             Lieut.
   Rogers, J.N.O.       8th Durham Light Inf.
   Richardson, S.G.
   Roberts, E.D.
   Rotherford, C.       B.N.F.
   Richardson, A.
   Robson, R.S.         5th Northd. Fus.
   Roan, W.T.           Durham Light Infantry             2nd Lieut. Killed.
   Robson, N.           3rd Durham Light Inf.
   Robson, G.           Northd. Fusiliers                 Killed on Somme, 1916.
   Robson, J.A.         Royal Garrison Artillery
   Robinson, L.K.       Royal Garrison Artillery          Military Cross & Bar
                                                          Prisoner in Germany.
Page 30

   Rainbow, F.G.        Royal Flying Corps   
   Ridley, W.           Instructor
   Raw, A.              N.C.B.
   Rayner, J.W.         Northd. Fus.                      2nd Lieut.
   Rickleton, W.        R.F.                              Lieut.
   Ridley, C.           Northd. Fusiliers
   Robson, J.           Northd. Fusiliers
   Robson, J.S.         Northd. Fusiliers
   Robson, T.B.         Royal Garrison Artillery          2nd Lieut.
   Rochester, H.        Royal Air Force
   Rutherford, R.       R.A.M.C.
   Railston, A.         R.N.D.
   Robinson, H.T.       R.N.
   Robinson, W.B.       Inns of Court O.T.C.
   Rose, E.             Northd. Fusiliers                 2nd Lieut.
   Rothery, Jos. W.     Royal Garrison Artillery
   Robson, T.W.         Royal Flying Corps                2nd Lieut.
   Robson, R.K.         15th London Rifles                      
   Ross, J.             Northd. Fusiliers                 Sergt. Killed.
   Robinson, J. Craig   Northd. Fusiliers                 L. Corpl. Military Medal.
   Robinson, T. Scott   Scottish Horse
   Revell, O.                                             Killed.
   Ross, G.                                               Killed.
Page 31

   Routledge Jos. Smith Royal Garrison Artillery               
   Row, William Bennett 5th West Yorks.                   2nd Lt. Killed in action 14th April 1918
   Row, Henry           Royal Navy         
   Rogers, James        Durham Light Infantry
   Ridley, S.G.         22nd Northd. Fusile               Capt.
   Robson, J.T.                                           Killed, Somme, July 1, 1916.
   Renard, M.                                             Killed.
   Reed, A.                                               2nd Lieut. Killed.
   Ridley, F.F.         5th N.F.                          2nd Lieut.
Page 32

   Sheret, D.A.         Royal Engineers
   Sawyer, S.           S.F.C.
   Slater, R.S.         P.S.B.
   Southern, S.E.       Northd. Fusiliers
   Smart, W.            C.H.
   Sundleson, L.        Northd. Fusiliers
   Simm, W.P.           Northd. Fusiliers
   Smith, J.H.          6th Northd. Fusiliers
   Short, E.L.          Northd. Fusiliers
   Saint, T.G.          Durham Light Infantry             2nd Lieut.
   Scorer, N.           H.L.G.
   Smart, F.            Northd. Fusiliers
   Scorer, N.           H.L.G.
   Smart, W.            C.H.
   Shortbridge, L.      8th Durham Light Infantry         Killed.
   Sibbitt, B.          Northd. Fusiliers                 Killed. 2nd Lieut.
   Sibbitt, H.          Northd. Fusiliers                 Killed. Major.
   Soulsby, J.R.        Royal Field Artillery
   Skelton, R.          Durham Light Infantry
   Smith, H.            T.E.E.
   Stephenson, H.       6th Northumberland Fus.
   Stephenson, W.H.     9th Durham Light Inf.             Captain. Military Cross.
   Summerson, R.        Royal Naval Division
   Smith, H.            Royal Engineers
Page 33

   Smith, P.            Northd. Fusiliers
   Scott,               Royal Field Artillery
   Swindle, M.C.        R.A.M.C.
   Smith, E.            Northd. Fusiliers
   Storey, H.H.         13th Royal Sussex                 Captain. Military Cross.
   Smith, H.            Royal Field Artillery
   Simpson, W.          R.A.M.C.
   Smith, D.M.          Northern Cyclists Batt.
   Storer, G.           L.G.
   Simpson, A.          Army Veterinary Corps
   Smith, G.            Army Veterinary Corps
   Spraggon, R.         R.A.M.C.
   Smith, Geo.          N.C.B.
   Smith, Jos.          4th Northd. Fus.
   Scorer, S.           Northd. Fusiliers
   Stephenson, G.H.     Coldstream Guards                 Killed
   Stewart, J.A.        M.G.C.
   Shuker, F.           North Somerset Yeomanry
   Scofield, T.D.       R.N.D.
   Stobbart, G.         R.N.
   Stobbart, A.         Northd. Fus.
   Swindale,            R.A.M.C.
   Sandelson, A.G.W.    R.A.M.C.
   Scott, F.E.          Northd. Fusiliers
Page 34

   Scott, J.            Northd. Fus.
   Self, A.             Royal Engineers
   Smithson, P.         Royal Engineers
   Sandelson, W.        R.A.M.C.
   Short, A.            Royal Navy
   Short, F.L.          Northd. Fus.
   Short, R.R.          Army Service Corps
   Simm, W.P.           Northd. Fus.
   Sinton, G.           Royal Flying Corp
   Slater, T.L.         Lancashires
   Stephenson, G.E.     R.A.M.C.                          Captain. Military Cross.
   Shuker, P.           Coldstream Guards
   Skelton, P.          Royal Field Artillery
   Stobart Roland Walton Royal Flying Corp                Lieut. Killed March, 1918.
   Stokoe, G.R.         Scottish [sic] Fusiliers
   Saul, J.             Royal Garrison Artillery          Lieut. M.B.E.
   Smith, J.W.          West Yorks.
   Skelton, Robert      Northern Cyclists, attached to    Corpl. Killed 3rd Feb. 1918.
                        Scouts Section 10 NF.
   Scott, A.            5th Durham Light Infantry         Killed.
   Story, John Dixon    27th Bat. 1st Canadians           died Gosforth War Hospital, June 10, 1919.
   Story, Robert        Royal Engineers                   Captain.
   Stephenson, G.E.     5 Bat. So. Staff. Reg.
   Siddle, M.R.         Royal Air Force.
   Smith Hy. H.         9th Batt. D.L.I.                  Killed. Ypres, 25th April, 1915.
Page 35

   Storey, Norman Hall  7th Bat. Durham Light Inf.        Missing 13th April 1918.
   Schollar, C.W.       2nd Northd. Field Co.Royal Engrs. Sergt Major.
   Scorer, Nicholas     4th Yorkshire Regt.               2nd Lieut. Died of wounds in Wincieux
                                                          Hospital, France, Mar. 1918.
   Smart, Norman        11th Northd. Fus.                 2nd Lieut. Killed June 15th 1918. Italy.
   Sowerby, Wm.         4th East Yorks.                   Prisoner of war - died in Germany.
   Slater, R.B.         4th Light Horse, Australian Force.Sergt. 1914-19.
   Spencer, W.          4th Yorks.                        Corpl.
   Slater, Robt. Arthur Royal Engineers.                  Corpl. 1915-19.
   Stobbart, Arthur R.  So. Staffordshire Regt.                 
   Stewart, Vernon      Royal Flying Corp                 Killed.
   Sowerby, W.          East Yorks.                       Killed.
   Scott, Fred E.       R.A.M.C. Field Ambulance          Died, Oct 4, 1918, at Abbeville, France.
Page 36

   Taylor, R.           Northd. Fusiliers.                   
   Taylor, R.           Border Regiment.
   Taylor, W.A.         6th Northd. Fusiliers.            Sergt.
   Tasker, W.           Royal Engineers.                  Lieut.
   Thompson, W.H.       Northd. Fusiliers.
   Thompson, C.         Northd. Fus
   Trench, Drummer      Tyneside Scottish, Northd. Fus
   Thompson, F.         Royal Engineers
   Thompson, S.V.       W.Y.
   Tait, H.             Northd. Fus.
   Trotter, F.                                            Military Cross. D.R.
   Tait, W.             Northd. Fus.
   Taylor, F.           Royal Navy
   Temple, R.H.         Northd. Fus.
   Trezise, F.F.        Northd. Fus.
   Todd, H.S.           Royal Engineers
   Thompson, H.         Northd. Fus.
   Thompson, W.         Royal Garrison Artillery.
   Thomson, Charles     Northd. Fus.                      2nd Lieut.
   Tettenbaum, A.       Civil Service Rifles
   Titley, W.           R.N. Medical Division             Military Medal
   Thwaites, R.         T.R.           
   Thomson, G.H.        University of Durham O.T.C.       Lieut, and Adjutant.
   Tennant, C.C.        53rd Northd. Fusiliers.
Page 37

   Tanner, Stephen      Durham Light Infantry             Corpl.
   Thompson, Edward L.  R.N.T.                            First Wireless Officer, once torpedoed.
   Templeman, J.                                          Killed.
   Turner, J. Grey      Strathcona Horse.                 Killed in France.
   Turnbull, H.D.       
   Thwaites, R.J.       4th Northd. Fus.                  Wounded in action, April 11, 1918.
   Taylor, Thomas       Royal Flying Corp 85th Squad.     Lieut. Killed whilst flying at Montidier,
                                                          March 28, 1918.
   Tate, R.M.                                             Killed.

   Urwin, G.            Northd. Fus.                     Killed.
   Urwin, John J.       R.A.M.C.                         Major.
   Urwin, W.                                             Killed.

   Vasey, G. Ernest     L.R.B.                           L.Corpl. Killed at St. Julien. April27, 1915.
   Veitch, E.           Northd. Fusiliers.
   Veitch, Colin C.M.   Royal Garrison Artillery
   Vickery, F.          Royal Flying Corp
   Veitch, A.E.         9th Northd. Fus.                 Lieut. Aug.1914 - April 1920.
Page 38

   Whitehead, E.E.      10th L
   Wheatley, U.         Durham Light Inf.
   Walton, Tom          Army Service Corp
   Walton, T.C.         19th Northd. Fus.                Killed in action on May 15th 1916.
   Wilks, H.            R.N.D.                           Killed.
   Walker, W.           Northd. Hussars, I.Y.
   Walker, F.H.         Northd. Fus.                     Captain.
   Walker, C.E.         R.A.M.C.
   Walker, L.           Merchant Fleet Aux.
   Warren, S.           R.M.S.M.
   Watkin, E.           Tyne Electrical Engineers
   Waugh, J.            Northd. Fus.
   Wavish, A.J.         R.N.R.
   Weston, P.           Durham Light Inf.                2nd Lieut.
   White, S.W.          N.C.D.
   Wild, T.             Northd. Fus.
   Wilson, W.F.         Durham Light Inf.
   Wilson, A.           Durham Light Inf.
   Winchester, L.S.     R.F.
   Wood, C.             Northern Cyclists Bat.
   Wright, B.           Northd. Fus.
   Wright, H.           Northd. Fus.
   Welsh, J.            Royal Engineers
   Warwick, J.A.        K.O.Y.L.I.
Page 39

   Wright, H.           S.H.
   Wallace, H.          R.F. Public Schools Bat.         Killed.
   Wake, T.H.           Northd. Fus.                     Brigade Major. Military Cross.
   Walker, T.           Northd. Fus.
   Wallace, T.          Northd. Fus.
   Wilson, A.           Durham Light Inf.                Killed.
   Watson, F.           H.R. (Canadians)
   Welch, C.A.          Highland Light Infantry          Sergt. 1916 -19 [in pencil]
   Welch, M.            Highland Light Inf.
   Wood, R.W.           Northd. Fus.
   Wilson, R.K.         Northd. Fus.
   Webster, R.          Durham Light Inf.
   Wilson, P.W.         N.B.
   Waugh, W.            Northd. Fus
   Wood, J.S.           Royal Engineers.
   Winkworth, L.S.      Tyne Electrical Engineers        Capt.
   Wallace, Tom         North Sussex [sic]               Capt. Military Cross.
   Wight, H.R.          K.O.S.B.
   Wright, J.L.         Durham Light Inf.
   Wallace, T.          1st R.W.K.
   Wiggans, J.T.V.      Northd. Fus.
   Wright, R.W.         Northd. Fus.
   Westlake, H.L.       Army Service Corp
   Welch, Tom           6th Durham Light Inf.            Capt. Military Cross.
Page 40

   Willot, F.           Royal Navy
   Whitmore,            Y.H.
   Weatherstone, G.L.   London Rifle Brigade.            Killed.
   Weatherley, J.A.     Royal Flying Corp                2nd Lieut.
   White, S.W.          Northd. Fus.                     Killed.
   Wilkes, W.           Royal Flying Corp                2nd Lieut.
   Wright, G.           R.N.R.                           Killed.
   Wright, W.           Wireless Service.                     
   Watson, J.           Northd. Fus.                     Corpl.
   Westlake, H.L.       7th Wilts.                       M.C. and Bar
   Walker, Wm. Francis  3rd Northd. Fus                  2nd Lieut. Killed in action 9th April,1918.
   Walker, John Alex.   10th Essex Reg.                  Killed in action March 21st 1918.
   Welford, Tom H.B.    16th Northd. Fus                 Killed in action.   
   Watson, Arthur       106th Bat. Royal Field Artillery        
   Wales, Thompson      Royal Field Artillery                   
   Winkworth, W.        Northd. Fus. 2/5 Batt.           2nd Lieut. Killed in action Aug. 26, 1915.
Page 41

   Yarrow, C.A.         Northd. Fus.
   Yarrow, G.           Northd. Fus.
   Young, W.A.          Army Service Corp
   Yeoman, F.K.         19th Northd. Fus
   Yeoman, S.           99th M.G.C.
   Young, W.            Gloucester Regt.                  Killed.


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