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Mini-roundabout- all that is left: J. Brown


Park Mafeking South Africa 1899-1902 Station Bank





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NZ 201856

Original Location

Mafeking Park (mini-roundabout at foot of Station Bank)

Which war

South Africa 1899-1902.

Dedication, Creation or Publication date

Plot christened on the day Morpeth celebrated the Relief of Mafeking: 17th May 1900.

Memorial Description





How money was raised

Trees already there donated by Mathesons, nurserymen of Morpeth.

Present condition

Much reduced from a triangular plot to a mini-roundabout traffic island.


1. The names of the thirty men who served are gleaned from researches, plus further information including rank and regiment.

2. Pretoria Avenue was also given its name to commemorate the South African War, as was the now-demolished Alma Place.

3. On the return of the first batch of volunteers from South Africa in 1901, the route for the torchlight procession included Mafeking Park.

4. There has been an attempt in recent years to have this designated by the Guinness Book of Records as "The Smallest Park in the World".

5. At the naming of the park, shrubs were added to the grass and trees already there. Three further seats were added by Rev. H.J. Bulkeley to the one placed there. Shortly afterwards the area was fenced and lit by gas-lamp.

6. This was originally a small triangular park situated at the meeting of Station Bank where it joined the main road into the town. It was situated next to the town rubbish dump which was finally grassed over and called the Farquhar Deuchar Park. Mafeking Park itself was reduced in size and is now a minis-roundabout.

7. A certificate was awarded to “Pte. George Green, 1st Volunteer Service Battalion, Northumberland Fusiliers.
Dear Sir. The burgesses and inhabitants of the Borough of Morpeth desire to place on record their high appreciation of your patriotism in volunteering for active service in the Boer War in South Africa. They congratulate you upon your safe and victorious return. Your gallant conduct on the field of action, your devotion to duty and your exemplary behaviour at all times during the campaign have endeared you to your officers, comrades and fellow townsmen. This Address of Welcome accompanied by a sum of money is presented to you as a slight token of the admiration and esteem in which you are held and we hope that in the evening of your days you may look back upon a well spent life and regard this occasion as not the least pleasant of your reminiscences. May 1901. Norman Gillespie, Mayor. Francis Brumell, Town Clerk."

Research acknowledgements

The late A.H. Tweddle; Janet Brown; Tony Harding; Colin at The Little Bookshop, Morpeth (now closed)

Research In Progress

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Park Mafeking South Africa 1899-1902 Station Bank (M17.08)

MORPETH	Mafeking Park 

   Compiled by A.H. Tweddle

      Trooper J.G. Bainbridge, Northumberland Hussars, aged 23.

   Died of wounds: 
      Surgeon Captain W.L.W. Walker, M.D., B.S., 
      (ex Morpeth Grammar School) 
      at Modderfontein, aged 36.  
      (A monument to his memory was erected by his friends 
      in North Gosforth Cemetery).

   Died of enteric fever: 
      Private T. Young, aged 33, 1st Battalion (Volunteers), 
      Northumberland Fusiliers.

   Those who also served

      Col. J.R. Purdy, M.B., C.M., C.B.E., N.Z.R.A.M.C. 
      serving with New Zealand Mounted Police.  
      (ex  Morpeth Grammar School).

   Northumberland Hussars
      Sergt. Maj. J. Tait	
      Trooper W. Robison
      Trooper F. Crake	
      Trooper W.S. Sanderson
      Trooper C.E. Pearson	
      Trooper E.W. Wilson

   1st Battalion (Volunteer) Northumberland Fusiliers.
         J.R. Fenwick	
         N.I. Wright (ex Morpeth Grammar School)
         W. Hunter (see Note below)	
         R.F. Walton
         F. Price	
         J.R. Tully
      Lance Corporal
         J. McAllister
         R.S. Alder	
         E.B. Atkinson
         T. Black	
         G.B. Blackhall
         T. Bowman	
         G. Charlton
         W.J. Cooper	
         J. (or G.) Davison
         J. English	
         J. Glass
         G. Green	
         J. Jewitt
         R. Jewitt	
         E. Morgan
         J. Riddell

      2nd Battalion King’s Royal Rifle Corps
         Corporal E. Hindle

      Unit unknown
         Q.M.S. B. Kinnaird.

   Sgt. W. Hunter transferred later into Northumberland 
   Hussars with rank of Staff.Sgt.  He served in World War I 
   and stayed out in South Africa, where he made a fortune.  
   He left much of this in his  will to Morpeth for the 
   purpose of building houses for the town (the Hunter 
   Trust Fund).  The  Hunter Homes are next door to St.Robert’s 
   church in Oldgate.

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