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NEWMP Memorial Image
NEWMP Memorial Image


Library and Plaque 1914-18 Rutherford College





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NZ 218648

Original Location

Rutherford Comprehensive School (former Rutherford College), Bath Lane / West Road. (Demolished)

Which war


Dedication, Creation or Publication date

Plaque unveiled Wednesday 12th April 1922 by Sir George Lunn, Chairman of Newcastle Education Committee

Memorial Description

Memorial Library.
Plaque is pedimented with a wide border of swags and leaves raised in casting. At centre top is a wreath within which are the arms of the college partly obscured by a ribbon bearing the words “1914 Pro Patria 1919”. The names are listed in three panels, two columns on each panel in raised Roman letters.

Materials used

Bronze plaque set in marble frame.


1914 Pro Patria 1919


Who commissioned


How money was raised

Public subscription

Present condition

Building demolished.


1. Over 830 Old Rutherfordians served in the forces during the first World War, of whom at least 152 lost their lives.

2. The Rutherford College for Boys became Rutherford Grammar School in 1945. Rutherford College moved in 1956 to new premises in the West Road, and subsequently became West Gate Community College.

3. Following the unveiling of the memorial tablet the second part of the war memorial, a school library was formerly opened, the fallen having “left the books of the scholar for the bivouac …”

4. The plaque was located in the main corridor.

5. There were originally two buildings, one a Girls’ School, the other for boys. The Girls’ School building was demolished. The Boys’ School building has been used as the Westgate Community Centre.

6. The School lost three masters in the first World War. They are Pioneer Charles Wightman Elliott, R.E., who was killed in August 1917, H.H. Lawson, M.A., who was attached to the armed forces as a chaplain, and V.P.L. Mauboussin, French master at the School from 1908-14, who was killed in January 1915. Their names are on the memorial tablet.

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Photo of plaque: Tony Harding

Shields Daily News 07/04/1922 gives notice of unveiling.

Newcastle Daily Journal 17/02/1920 reports proposal to have Roll of Honour and Roll of Service, and states " . . . a copy of the Roll of Honour can be seen in the entrance hall at the College"; 11/03/1920 reports proposal to erect Library, and £300 raised; 27/11/1920 reports £470 raised, a tablet to be erected and a Book of Remembrance to be compiled (See NUT126).

Illustrated Chronicle 17/02/1920 page 6; 14/03/1920 reports proposals for a book of remembrance, plaque and library

Newcastle Daily Courant 17/02/1920 page 5

Tyne and Wear Archives Ref: E.NC14/2/24/1 (Vol. 1); This includes copies of The Rutherfordian Magazine produced by the school which contain information on former pupils who served or fell; copies of the Unveiling Programme; details of the headmaster’s statement on the design and construction of the schools memorials.

Northern Echo 07/04/1922 reports proposed unveiling; 13/04/1922 reports unveiling

Newcastle Weekly Chronicle 21/02/1920 reports setting up a fund for the memorial and a list of names; 19/03/1921 reports final arrangements for erection of a memorial; 08/04/1922 reports proposed unveiling; 15/04/1922 reports unveiling.

Newcastle Daily Chronicle 16/04/1920 reports appeal for names and for donations; 13/04/1922 reports unveiling.

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Research acknowledgements

The late R.W. Gould; J. Brown; Michael Newrick; Tony Harding; Alan Glynn; Dorothy Hall; James Pasby

Research In Progress

Fiona Mitford is researching the names on these memorials. Contact:
Newcastle College is currently undertaking a 1914 project involving staff and students conducting research on the experiences of Rutherford College. Contact:

Library and Plaque 1914-18 Rutherford College (NUT070)

Newcastle upon Tyne Rutherford College
   1914      PRO PATRIA      1919

   Column 1          Column 2          Column 3

   Adamson E.T.      Chaudron, A.      Graham, P.       
   Adie, R.          Chisholm, W.O.    Gray, C.H.       
   Allan, J.S.       Cockburn, C.R.    Gray, H.T.       
   Anderson, C.N.    Cooper, J.F.      Gregory, T.W.    
   Appleby, J.F.     Cowen, E.G.       Hall, C.S.       
   Archbold, C.      Cox, P.E.         Hall, J.R.       
   Archbold, E.      Coysh, E.         Hamilton, J.     
   Armstrong, C.     Craman, R.        Hanson, R.       
   Armstrong, E.S.   Crawford, J.R.    Hare, A.         
   Ash, J.L.         Crone, S.C.       Heads, A.F.      
   Ash, W.B.         Daglish, G.R.D.   Heads, J.G.      
   Bainbridge, G.R.  Davidson, E.      Heads, L.        
   Bainbridge, T.E.  Davison, G.       Henderson, J.T.  
   Baker, W.         Dent, J.G.        Henderson, W.    
   Beaton, G.T.      Denton, J.W.      Herdman, A.J.    
   Beattie, T.       Dobson, H.P.      Hetherington, R. 
   Bell, N.          Edgar, R.         Hindmarsh, J.    
   Bell, W.          Elliott, C.W.     Holmes, A.E.     
   Blair, N.         Embleton, W.C.    Horsley, H.      
   Brady, J.         Feggetter, J.H.   Howard, Percy    
   Buglass, A.       Forster, J.P.     Howitt, W.C.     
   Burn, J.H.        Friar, T.W.       Hudspeth, A.     
   Butland, W.       Fraser, P.C.      Hudspith, G.     
   Carr, B.          Gibson, A.M.      Hughes, J.       
   Carruthers, J.    Gibson, J.        Humphreys, G.    
   Charlton, N.E.    Gilhespy, J.R.    Iung, H.A.
   Column 4          Column 5          Column 6

   Iveson, F.T.      Pullan, J.A.      Stephenson, G.H.
   Jobson, T.        Pullan, W.S.      Stobbart, R.W.
   King, A.B.        Punter, C.O.      Story, J.D.
   Kinghorn, W.      Ramsay, W.        Story, N.H.
   Lawson, H.H.      Rea, F.           Stewart, V.
   Leslie, G.B.      Reid, A.          Taylor, T.
   Little, E.        Renard, M.        Templeman, J.
   Maltby, C.P.      Revell, O.R.      Turner, J.G.
   Marshall, G.      Roan, W.T.        Urwin, G.
   Martin, T.        Robson, G.        Urwin, W.
   Mauboussin,V.P.L. Robson, J.T.      Vasey, G.E.
   Main, A.C.        Ross, J.          Walker, J.A.
   Mitchell, J.M.    Ross, B.          Walker, W.F.
   Mole, W.          Routledge, J.S.   Wallace, H.
   Oliver, W.S.      Row, W.B.         Walton, T.C.
   Olliff, W.        Scorer, N.        Weatherstone, G.L.
   Ord, H.           Scott, A.         Welford, T.H.B.
   Palgrave, R.W.    Scott, F.E.       White, S.W.
   Parkinson, H.O.   Shortridge, B.    White, T.
   Patterson, K.S.   Sibbit, L.        Wilks, H.
   Peacock, E.       Sibbit, H.        Wilson, A.
   Pearson, J.G.     Smart, N.         Winkworth, W.
   Pirrie, R.        Smart, W.M.       Wright, G.
   Potter, P.        Smith, H.         Young, W.
   Pritchard, S.G.   Sowerby, W.

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