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Photo: J. Brown


Cross 1914-18 1939-45 Roadside





Map ref

NT 915303

Original Location

At roadside, just east of village

Which war

a. 1914-18
b. 1939-45

Dedication, Creation or Publication date

a. Unveiled 19th June 1921 by Maj. Gen. Sir James Babington, K.C.B.

Memorial Description

Cross of elegant slender design 6m high, on wide stepped base 258cm x 248cm. The dedication is on the front of the main stone pedestal, with names listed under the year on the sides and also carried on down the sides and front of the steps. The quotation is on the front of the bottom step. All lettering is incised using sans serif capitals for the names, and elaborate capitals for the dedication.

Materials used



a. Kirknewton Parish / In memory / of / those who fell in the Wars / 1914-1918 /
God asked of Britain's homes a costly sacrifice / And these ungrudging paid the price.
b. 1939-1945


Present condition

The memorial itself is in poor condition and the lettering badly weathered.

Sculptor, Artist or Designer

Designed by Reavell and Tebbs, Architects, Alnwick. Made by G. Pattersons and Sons, Branxton.
New plaque made by Osprey Signs of Coldstream.


1. The craftsman working for Pattersons, the firm who made the memorial, had himself been wounded twice in the war.

2. In 2013 a plaque was placed alongside with a full transcript. This was partly paid for by a donation of £1,000 by a regular visitor.

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Photos: J. Brown; P. Thirkell; Tony Harding

Morpeth Herald 24/06/1921 reports unveiling.

Alnwick & County Gazette 18/06/1921 reports proposed unveiling; 25/06/1921 reports unveiling.

Illustrated Chronicle 20/06/1921 reports unveiling with photographs

Berwick Advertiser 14/11/2013 reports donation of £1,000.

Source of quotation
“God asked of Britain’s homes . .” Not ascertained.

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Research acknowledgements

Janet Brown; P. Thirkell; Tony Harding

Research In Progress

Coldstream and District Local History Society are researching the names on this memorial. Contact:

Cross 1914-18 1939-45 Roadside (K15.01)

   Kirknewton Parish 
   In memory 
   those who fell in the Wars 
                1916                               1917
   Pte. A.D. Hill      Northd. Fus.    L.Cpl. T. Gordon        R. Scots Fus.
   Pte. J. Locke       D.L.I.          Bomb. I. Ainslie        R.G.A.
   Pte. J.H. Gibson    Northd. Fus.    Pte. C. McGregor        Scots Gds.
                1917                   Sec.Lt. N.A. Hunter     Northd. F.
   Lieut. P.A. Russell R.A.F.          Pte. C.W. Dixon-Johnson Y.R.

   God asked of Britain's homes a costly sacrifice 
   And these ungrudging paid the price.
Side 1 :
   Cpl. J. Greener     R. Tank Regt.
   Sergt. R.C. Smith   R.A.F.
   Capt. W.R.I. Turner 5th R.Inniskilling Dgs.
   Pte. W.G. McGregor  Northd. Fus.
   Pte. J.P. Smith     Northd. Fus.
                1914                                   1916
   Capt. R.H. Selby    Northd. Fus.    L.Cpl. A.G. Murray     Northd. Fus.
                1915                   Pte. J.S. Jobson       Northd. Fus.
   Tpr. G. Turnbull    L. & B. Horse   L.Cpl. R. Mitchell     Northd. Fus.
   Pte. I. Lee         R.M.A.          Capt. G.M.G. Culley    W.Kent R.
   Pte. P.L. Selby     Northd. Fus.    Cpl. J. Stawart        K.R.Rifles
   Pte. E. Allan       Northd. Fus.    Rfm. R.H. Hunter       K.R.Rifles
Side 2 :
   Pt/Off. W.H. Cockburn, D.F.M. R.A.F.
   Sergt. J. Hinson    R.E.
   Pte. D. Wilkinson   R. Scots Fus.
   Dvr. W.H.H. Green   R.E.
                1917                                   1918
   Pte. W. Ramage      D.of W. Regt.   Pte. J.W. Lackenby     Northd. Fus.
   Pte. J. Cassidy     Northd. Fus.    Pte. N.M. Kaskie       Bord. Regt.
   Pte. J. Scott       Northd. Fus.    Pte. J. Smith          M.Gun Corps.
   Pte. T. Rowan       Northd. Fus.    L.Cpl. T.N. Shell      Northd. Fus.
                1918                   Pte. W.T. Tinlin       Can.Regt.
Side 3
   Pte. W.T. Wilkinson K.O.Y.L.I.
   Pte. J. Waugh       Northd. Fus.
   Note: The name “P.L. Selby” should be “P.J. Selby”

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