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Photo: Tony Harding


Plaque 1914-18 St. Gabriel





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NZ 268661

Original Location

St. Gabriel's Church, junction of St. Gabrielís Road with Heaton Road. On the north aisle.

Which war


Dedication, Creation or Publication date

Dedicated 27th November 1921 at Evensong by Mr. A. Angus

Memorial Description

Plaque, rectangular with raised centre top with decorated borders.
The dedication is in the higher top centre between two archangels, St. Michael (the angel of War) and on the other, St.Gabriel (the angel of Peace) both depicted in enamelwork.
This in turn is set onto a marble frame of the same shape, with carved vine leaves and grapes. The top corners, which complete the rectangle, are also carved. The names are in four columns, using Roman capitals.
The plaque is mounted on a wall between two windows; there is panelling below it which stands on a square raised wooden platform. There are two wooden candlesticks and a Book of Remembrance between.

Materials used

Brass, enamelwork and alabaster.


To the Glory of God / and in pious and / loving memory of the / Men and Boys of / St. Gabriel's Church / who gave their lives in / the Great War 1914-1918 / R.I.P.



1. There are typed notes at the back of the church which give details

2. Mr. Angus, who unveiled the plaque, was father to two of the men who fell.

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Photos: Tony Harding

Diocese of Newcastle Faculty No.690, 03/08/1920

Newcastle Weekly Chronicle 03/12/1921 reports unveiling.

Research acknowledgements

Philip Thirkell; Sally Bird; Tony Harding; Dorothy Hall

Research In Progress

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Plaque 1914-18 St. Gabriel (H91.05)

HEATON, St. Gabriel's Church.
   To the Glory of God
   and in pious and
   loving memory of the
   Men and Boys of
   St. Gabriel's Church
   who gave their lives in
   the Great War 1914-1918
   Angus Andrew          +  Pitt Arthur Priest  +          Stockport George
   Angus Leslie      Devine Frank      Lister Joseph       Stopher Frank
   Appleby George    Dixon Herbert     Macdonald Kenneth   Tate Arthur E
   Baker William     Dodds Stanley     Mackay Angus        Turner Leslie
   Barnes John T.    Dunn Malcolm      Milburn Harry       Urwin George
   Bowman Thomas     Dunster Albert    Potter Bertie       Ville Hubert
   Boyd Stephen      Forster Percival  Potter Chester      Waller Robert
   Brady Frank       Gellender Percy   Proud John          Waller Thomas
   Brown John        Gibson William    Raggett Bertram     Watmough John
   Brown John Jnr.   Goodall Frank     Robinson Fred       Watmough Victor
   Bruce William S.  Holmes Albert     Selby Mark A.       Watson Ernest
   Corbett John W.   Howitt Percy      Shapley Alfred E.   Watson Norman
   Darrell Frederick Hutchinson Edwd.  Sibbitt G. Bertrand Welsh Peter
   Davies John       Lant Edwin        Sibbitt Harry       Winkworth Walter
   Davies Leonard    Lant Thomas       Snowdon Arthur      Young Harry

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