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Plaque Simpson & Henderson St. Mary





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Original Location

St. Mary’s Church, Gateshead

Present Location

Moved to Drill Hall, Barrack Road, Gosforth. Now in Regimental Headquarters, 101 Regiment, R.A.(V)., T.A, Centre, Alexandra Road.

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Memorial Description

Plaque 3 feet 8 inches high at its highest point, sides 3 feet 3 inches high, 2 feet 7 inches wide, and 6 inches deep, in classical design with pedimented top. Below this is a shell-shape raised in half relief with the badge of the Durham Light Infantry gilded at centre and with leaves underneath.
Below this are the Roman numerals for 9. The dedication is carried on the stone below this, with the badge in the top left hand corner with the crown in red. The lettering is incised and coloured blue using Roman capitals.

Materials used



To the Glory of God
(Badge) and in grateful memory of the long
and faithful service to the 9th Bn
the Durham Light Infantry (T.A.) of
Bvt Colonel Sir Frank R. Simpson, Bart.,
C.B. Knight of the Order of St John, V.D., T.D., D.L.,
and Bvt Colonel Andrew Henderson
C.M.C., T.D., D.L.


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Present condition



1. This is now the lower part of a fusion of two memorials formerly in St. Mary’s Church. The upper part is listed as G39.23
A picture showing the reconstruction carries the legend:
"Reconstruction of memorial stones badly damaged
by fire at St. Mary’s Church, Gateshead.
The memorial seen here has been very cleverly reconstructed incorporating two separate memorials into one.
The picture above is of the top half of the present memorial and includes the base which held the Book of Remembrance.
This memorial was to all officers and Men of the 9th Bn. DLI.
Unfortunately the base was completely destroyed by fire damage.
However, the book was saved and is now in the DLI Collection at Spennymoor.
The bottom half of the reconstructed memorial is taken from a separate memorial to the Brevet-Colonels named.
After campaigning without success for some years to have the Memorial restored, the Members of the Newcastle and Gateshead Branch of the DLI Association stand indebted to the Royal
Engineers and all others involved in the reconstruction.”

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Photos: C. Sanders; Bill Lumsden

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Nan Smith; Ethel and the late Neville Armstrong, Whickham & District L.H.S.; C. Sanders; Bill Lumsden

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