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Photo: Simon Raine


Statue South Africa 1899-1902 St. Cuthbert's Churchyard





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NZ 291144

Original Location

The site is at St Cuthbert's Green, at the bottom of Tubwell Row. Within St Cuthbert's churchyard.

Which war

South Africa 1899-1902

Dedication, Creation or Publication date

5th August 1905. Unveiled by Field Marshall Lord Roberts. Dedicated by Rev. F.W. Mortimer, vicar of Darlington.

Memorial Description

Statue of soldier, life size, in khaki tropical kit, with rifle, ready to charge at the enemy, set on a granite irregular shaped base weighing 14 tons. Total height 20 feet (6.9m). There is a random-shaped bronze plaque, approx. 3 feet 4 inches high x 2 feet 4 inches wide, (1.1m x 711mm) on each of the four faces of the pedestal. The dedication is on the front plate, the names are on the other three. The lettering is in raised sans serif capitals throughout.

Materials used

Bronze statue, Peterhead granite pedestal, steps of Shap granite.


This memorial / was erected by 5576 / subscribers as a tribute to / the memory of the brave men / of Darlington who volunteered and served / the Empire in the South African War / 1899-1902.


Who commissioned

Darlington Corporation



How money was raised

Public subscription

Present condition


Sculptor, Artist or Designer

Built by the Leeds Slate and Quarry Co. of Leeds.


1. This memorial is better documented than even the Memorial Hospital and the local library has a folder of material about it.

2. Field Marshall Lord Roberts was given the Freedom of the Borough, before the War Memorial unveiling. He stayed at Mowden Hall the home of Councillor W. E. Pease.

3. At the same time as the unveiling, a gathering [local Peace Association], at the Quaker Meeting House expressed their regret at the "aggressive character" of the memorial. Invited people to spend time in prayer 'with a desire that a peaceful spirit may spread in our own and other countries'. But it was to late to cancel the arrangements and contract.

4. The soldierís bayonet was snapped off in the early 1950s by children swinging from it on a rope.

5. At least nine sites were suggested. Most were rejected as being in the way of tramlines or road widening schemes. The monument is, in fact, set well back to Bridge Row to avoid the road widening which never happened. South Park was also suggested as a site.
The site is at St Cuthbert's Green, at the bottom of Tubwell Row.

6. Simon Raine as a small boy was told by his grandfather that the way the figure is holding his rifle is quite wrong.

7. The townsfolk were invited to decorate their premises for the occasion, especially along the route of the procession.

8. Field Marshall Lord Roberts was presented with a silver gilt casket. See Parish Page.

9. The Memorial was built on top of where a 'dirty fountain' was located.

10. There was many acrimonious correspondence about delays and deviations from the contract, the firm supplied the statue, four Bronze plates and a base of three pieces of granite.

11. Darlington Corporation decided there should be a Memorial in 1903.

12. There was a guard of honour provided by the 1st Volunteer Battalion of the Durham Light Infantry from Mowden Hall to St Cuthbert's Green.


Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Photo: Simon Raine; C. Sanders; Old postcards:Tony Harding

Darlington and Stockton Times 07/04/1904 page 4; 12/11/1904 page 7; 13/05/1905 page 6; 06/08/1955 page 6

Northern Echo 27-28-29/07/1905; 31/07/1905; 01/08/1905; 05/08/1905 page 7

Darlington Public Library envelope ref. U418d containing 31 items; Wooler-Book of Cuttings III pages 55, 72-7,89, 135, 193.

Darlington in Old Picture Postcards pages 5 and 6.

4th Royal Warwickshire Regiment For remembrance and in honour of those who lost their lives in the South African War 1899-1902. James Gildea, Eyre and Spottiswoode, 1911.

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Research acknowledgements

Fitzhugh Collection, Middleton in Teesdale; C. Sanders; Tony Harding; Dorothy Hall; George Nairn

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Statue South Africa 1899-1902 St. Cuthbert's Churchyard (D40.056)

DARLINGTON :  St. Cuthbert’s Churchyard, 
First plaque:

   This memorial
   was erected by 5576 
   subscribers as a tribute to 
   the memory of the brave men 
   of Darlington who volunteered and served 
   the Empire in the South African War 
   Killed in Action 
   Col. J.G. Wilson. of Cliffe. 3rd Y. and L. Regt.
   Sergt.   C.S. Luck N.H.I.Y 
   Died of Wounds or Sickness 
   Col.     R.B. Wilson C.M.G. 3rd D.L.I 
   Lieut.   R.B. Wilson of Cliffe. I.Y 
   “        D.C. Barningham X.X.B. I.Y 
   Corpl.   J.C. Denton N.H.I.Y 
   “        F.A. Lawrie S.A.C 
   Trooper  T.T. Ianson   “
   “        W. Iddison    “
   “     H. McNiel Lawrie, Bethune’s M.I.
   “     A.S. Pattison, N.H.I.Y.
Second plaque

   Members of 1st V.B. D.L.I.
   Who served with 1st B. D.L.I. 

   Capt.    H.Bowes
   Lieut.   H. Ensor          Lieut.   F.S  Warwick 
   Sergt.   E. Hogg           Corpl.   R.W. Benson
   Corpl.   A. Robinson       Pte.     F. Abram
   Pte.     E.T. Atkinson     “        F.W. Donnison
    “        J. Foster        “        W.H. Gill      
    “        A. Goldsborough  “        W.C. Hogg
    “        R. Harrison      “        A. Hearfield 
    “        J. Huddart       “        J.T. King
    “        J. Laybourn      “        S. Milburn   
    “        H.R. Marshall    “        T. McDermott
    “        J.T. Noble       “        W.J. Priestman
    “        R.D. Proudfoot   “        B. Sturgeon
    “        E.R. Timms       “        E. Watson
   Members of 1st V.B. D.L.I.
   who served with 2nd B.N.F.
   Sergt.   E. Sheriff        Pte      E. Brownridge
   Pte.     G. French         “        A. Henderson
   “        P.H. Tennant      “        J.R. Peacock with C.C.C
Third plaque
   Served with S.A.C.
   Staff Sergt Major Wynzar        
   Trooper  W. Longstaff      Trooper  J.W. Atkinson 
    “        R.W. Mitchell    “        T. Binks    
    “        A.E. Overton     “        A. Colling       
    “        E. Robinson      “        J. Curry 
    “        R.P. Smith       “        J.C. Forster
   Trooper J.W. Walkinson
   Members of 1st B.V. D.L.I. 
   who served with S.A.C.          
   Trooper  E. Brownless      Trooper  W.E. Brownless 
   Trooper  F.W. Taylor 
   Sergt.   E.J. Davidge served with Prince of Wales’ L.H.
   Corpl.   J. Dowson, Protectorate Regt. 
   Trooper  J.E. Drummond, Roberts’ L.H.
   Trooper  C.O. Hilton B.M.R.
   “        J.A. Porterfield, Army P.O. Corps (680)
Fourth plaque
   Served with Imp. Yeo.
   Capt M.R.Backhouse D.S.O.
   Lieut    W.H. Putnam       Lieut    W. Coates
   “        J.D. Swarbreck    “        A.R. Taylor 
   Sergt    J.G. Byers        Corpl    F.H. Layton 
   “        M. McCleod        “        F. Summerbell
   “        P.E. Watson       L.Corpl  J.R.I. Hopkins
   Corpl.   E.G. Hoskins      Farrier  A.E. Bell
   Trooper  T. Boddington     Trooper  W. Bowman 
   “        G. Burns          “        W. Chapman
   “        E.W. Clarke       “        J.H. Dixon 
   “        A.M. Douglas      “        G.M. Elston 
   “        N. Gill           “        J. Hall
   “        T. Harper         “        A. Irwing 
   “        R. Jamieson       “        F.W. Jaques
   “        E. Maynard        “        H.P. Murray
   “        J.H. Northall     “        J.F. Smythe      
   “        W.S. Temple       “        A. Thornton 
   “        T. Thornton       “        C.N. Warwick 
   “        R. Watson         “        H.R. Wilson
   Corpl    M.E. Elgey 1st V.B.D.L.I 
   Trooper  J.A. Kennaugh   “
   “        A. MacCulloch   “
   “        F. Martin       “
   “        C. Stabler      “
The Unveiling Programme reveals some differences:

   “This monument was erected by 5,576 subscribers as a tribute to the memory of the brave men of 
   Darlington who volunteered and served in the Empire in the South African War, 1899-1902”.

   Killed in Action
   Colonel John Gerald Wilson, C.B., of Cliffe, 3rd Yorks. and Lancashire Regiment.
   Sergeant C.S. Luck, Northumberland Hussars, Imperial Yeomanry. 
   Colonel Richard Bassett Wilson, C.M.G., 3rd Durham Light Infantry
   Lieutenant Richard Bassett Wilson, of Cliffe, Imperial Yeomanry.
   Lieutenant Darnley Christopher Barningham, 20th Battalion, Imperial Yeomanry.
   Corporal John C. Denton, Northumberland Hussars, Imperial Yeomanry.
   Corporal Fred Alex. Laurie, South African Constabulary.	
   Trooper Thomas Todd Ianson, South African Constabulary.  
   Trooper William Iddison, South African Constabulary.
   Trooper Hugh McNeil Laurie, Bethune’s Mounted Infantry.
   Trooper A.S. Pattison, Northumberland Hussars, Imperial Yeomanry.

   The following is the list of men who Volunteered and Served in South Africa.
   Captain Miles R. Backhouse      Farrier A.E. Bell           Trooper Richard Jamieson
      D.S.O.                       Trooper T. Boddington       Trooper F.W. Jaques
   Lieutenant W.H. Putnam          Trooper W. Bowman           Trooper E. Maynard
   Lieutenant W. Coates            Trooper G. Burns            Trooper Henry Patrick Murray
   Lieutenant J.D. Swarbreck       Trooper Wildred Chapman     Trooper J.H. Northall
   Lieutenant A.R. Taylor          Trooper E.W. Clarke         Trooper J.F. Smythe
   Sergeant J.G. Byers             Trooper J.H. Dixon          Trooper Wm. Summers Temple
   Sergeant W. McLeod              Trooper Alfred M. Douglas   Trooper A. Thornton  
   Sergeant Percy E. Watson        Trooper George M. Elston    Trooper T. Thornton 
   Corporal E. Gilbert Hoskins     Trooper Nathan Gill         Trooper G.N. Warwick
   Corporal F.H. Layton            Trooper J. Hall             Trooper Rowland Watson
   Corporal F. Summerbell          Trooper Trefaulx Harper     Trooper H.R. Wilson
   Lance-Corpl.J.R. Innes-Hopkins. Trooper A. Irwing.

   1st Volunteer Battalion Durham Light Infantry, served with Imperial Yeomanry.
   Corporal M.E. Elgey             Trooper A. MacCulloch     Trooper G. Stabler
   Trooper J.A. Kennaugh           Trooper Frank Martin
   1st Volunteer Battalion Durham Light Infantry
   Served with 1st Battalion Durham Light Infantry
   Captain Hugh Bowes              Private James Foster        Private Sydney Milburn
   Lieutenant H. Ensor             Private W.H. Gill           Private H.R. Marshall
   Lieutenant F.S. Warwick         Private A. Goldsbrough      Private T. McDermott
   Sergeant E. Hogg                Private William Coates Hogg Private J.T. Noble
   Corporal R.W. Benson            Private R. Harrison         Private W.J. Priestman
   Corporal A. Robinson            Private A. Hearfield        Private R.D. Proudfoot
   Private F. Abram                Private J. Huddart          Private B. Sturgeon
   Private E.T. Atkinson           Private J.R. King           Private E.R. Timms
   Private F.W. Donnison           Private J. Laybourn         Private E. Watson

   Served with 2nd Battalion Northumberland Fusiliers
   Sergeant G. Sheriff             Private G. French           Private P.H. Tennant
   Private E. Brownbridge          Private A. Henderson
   Private R. Peacock, served with Composite Cycle Corps.

   South African Constabulary
   Staff Sergeant-Major Wynzar     Trooper J. Curry            Trooper Arthur Edwin Overton
   Trooper John William Atkinson   Trooper J.C. Forster        Trooper Ernest Robinson
   Trooper Tom Binks               Trooper William Longstaff   Trooper Rowland P. Smith
   Trooper Arthur Colling          Trooper R.W. Mitchell       Trooper J.W. Walkinson

   1st Volunteer Battalion Durham Light Infantry, served with South African Constabulary
   Trooper E. Brownless            Trooper W.F. Brownless      Trooper F.W. Taylor

   Sergeant E.J. Davidge, Prince of Wales’ Light Horse.  
   Corporal J. Dowson, Protectorate Regiment.
   Trooper  J.E. Drummond, Roberts’ Light Horse.
   Trooper Charles O. Hilton, Border Mounted Rifles.
   John Alex. Porterfield, Army Post Office Corps (680).
   The Unveiling Programme also contains this:

   The following Darlington “Veterans” have been invited to be present:
   Quarter-Master Sergeant Wyld, 10th Regiment of Foot.
   Colour-Sergeant J.D. Grubb, late Permanent Staff, 1st V.B. Durham Light Infantry.
   Thomas Coates, 92nd Gordon Highlanders (marched with Earl Roberts to Kandahar)
   Sergeant Rolston, 2nd Battalion Rifle Brigade.
   Corporal J. Guthrie, 3rd Buffs.
   Sergeant Thompson, 64th Regiment of Foot
   Sergeant Page, 19th Princess of Wales’ Own.
   Sergeant J. Stocker, 20th Regiment of Foot.
   Corporal G. Bragg, 10th Hussars.
   Private M. Burnes, 7th Fusiliers.
   Private H. Musgrave, 2nd Battalion Rifle Brigade.
   Private Lubey, 8th Hussars.
   Private Walker.
   Private R. Booth, 3rd Battalion, 60th Rifles.
   W. Pearson, Royal Navy.
   Private P. McCuan, 88th Connaught Rangers
   Private T. McKenna, 33rd Duke of Wellington’s Own.
Names  D40.56      

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