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Photo: John Murphy


Fireplace Pratt 1917 Doctors' Surgery





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NZ 261736

Original Location

Nurses Home

Present Location

Has been retained by Doctors Gordon and McKenzie who have rebuilt the Nurses' Home as the local Medical Centre.

Which war


Memorial Description

Fireplace with four main panels. There is a ledge at the top, beneath which is the dedication in raised sans serif capitals.
In the centre of the panelling is a medallion carved to stand proud. This may be a depiction of Mr. Pratt’s “death penny”.
There is a small metal plaque below, with dome at centre top, and a fine white border. This tells of the presentation, lettering in white Roman capitals.

Materials used



On fireplace
Erected to the memory of Raymond F. Pratt, Surgeon Lieutenant R.N.V.R.

On metal plate below:
This fireplace was
presented by the
Dudley Womens
Voluntary Service
November 1945


See above.

Who commissioned

Dudley Women’s Voluntary Service.


1. This Project was entered for the Morpeth Northumbrian Gathering Schools' Competition in 1991 and was awarded the Janet Brown Trophy in the Group entry.

2. "Behind a framed photograph on the mantelpiece we found a medallion. On it was written the name 'Raymond Foster Pratt'" (Dudley Middle School)

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Research acknowledgements

Emma Clough and Claire Evans Dudley Middle School; Tony Harding; the late Jack Grieves; George Murphy; George Nairn

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Fireplace Pratt 1917 Doctors' Surgery (D34.03)

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