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Photo: John Dixon


Rood and Plaque 1914-18 St. Catherine





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NZ 165356

Original Location

St. Catherine’s Church, Church Street

Which war


Dedication, Creation or Publication date

Unveiled December 1920 by Major W.M. Mackay, O.B.E., T.D.; dedicated by Archdeacon Derry.

Memorial Description

Rood screen.
This is accompanied by a plaque on the west wall near the door. It is of three panels, the middle one being higher than the two outer. There is a wide border and a shelf for vases. The central panel has been divided into halves, the top half bearing a cross raised in half relief. The names are carried in a single column on the lower half of the central panel and on the two outer ones, the lettering incised using sans serif lower case. The quotation at the top and the dedication at the bottom are raised in sunken panels. The lettering is in gold elaborate capitals.

Materials used

Oak screen and plaque.


Their name liveth / for evermore.
To the Glory of God and in memory of the parishioners of Crook / and members of this congregation who fell in the Great War 1914-1919 / this tablet and rood screen are erected.
Lord grant them eternal rest.


Who commissioned

St.Catherine’s Parochial Church Council


Rood screen £340.3s; Memorial Board: £81.19s 5d; Design and management contract: £33.1s.2d.

How money was raised

Public subscription

Sculptor, Artist or Designer

Designer W.H. Wood, Collingwood Street, Newcastle upon Tyne; made by H. Brown & Sons, Haymarket Lane, Newcastle upon Tyne,


1. It is thought that Major Mackay, who unveiled the memorial, was William Murray Mackay, born in Crook and was the son of Dr. Alex Mackay, a local doctor.

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Photos of plaque: Simon Raine; John and Mavis Dixon

Auckland and County Chronicle 23/12/1920

Durham Record Office Church papers ref: EP/Cro 63 & 64

Sources of quotations
“Their name liveth for evermore” Apocrypha, Ecclesiasticus 44;
“Lord grant them eternal rest” Mass for the Dead

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Research acknowledgements

Fitzhugh Collection, Middleton in Teesdale; Rev. Lyn Hallett, Rector; John and Mavis Dixon; Tony Young

Research In Progress

The names on this memorial are being researched by Aaron Cowen

Rood and Plaque 1914-18 St. Catherine (C121.03)

CROOK    St. Catherine’s Church
   Their name liveth                                            for evermore.  
   2nd Lieut. J.M. Hare   D.L.I.                                Sap.    J. Haley           R.E.
   “      W. Heslop       “                                     “       C. Kelsey          “
   Pte.   G.S. Adams      “                                     “       E. Proudfoot       “
   “      A. Adamson      “                                     “       G.T. Wilkinson     “
   “      J.R. Agar       “                                     L/Serg. W. Auton           N.F.   
   “      J. Alderson     “                                     Pte.    J.H. Calvert       “
   “      W. Anderson     “                                     “       T.E. Fawell        “
   “      A. Armstrong    “                                     “       R.W. Franklin      “
   “      F. Atkinson     “                                     “       J. Hutchinson      “
   Serg.  A.R. Bainbridge “                                     “       H.J. Kemp          “
   Pte.   P. Best         “                                     L/Corp. T.R. Longstaff     “
   “      E. Brown        “                                     “       W. Lonsdale        “
   Serg.  A.G. Burnip     “                                     Pte.    F.H. Rider         “
   Pte.   G. Butterfield  “                                     L/Corp. R. Siddle          “
   “      G.A. Calvert    “                                     Corp.   H.S. Snowball      “
   “      W. Calvert      “                                     Pte.    J. Turner          “
   “      R. Clark        “                                     “       R. Challinger      M.G.C.
   L/Corp.J. Clarke       “                                     Pte.    J.W. Cooke         “
   “      J.Cousins       “                                     L/Corp. J.C. Hemingway     “
   Pte.   M. Cousins      “                                     Gnr.    J.H. May           “
   “      E. Crossling    “                                     Corp.   W.P. Moses         “
   “      M.C. Cunningham “    L/Corp. W. Scott       DLI       Gnr.    J.W. Box       H.M.S. Cressy
   Corp.  W.G. Dalton     “    Pte.    A.R. Simpson   “         Pte.    G.R. Dowson        K.R.R.
   Pte.   J.W. Ditchburn  “    L/Corp. R. Simpson     “         “       J.H. English       Y.R.
   “      J. Dodds        “    “       J.H. Smith     “         “       C.H. Foster        R.F.
   “      C. Dowson       “    Pte.    R.W. Stamper   “         “       W.E.H. Gibson      D.G.
   “      T. Dowson       “    “       R. Stothard    “         “       E. Hall            S.W.B.
   “      T.C. Dowson     “    “       J. Tarn        “         L/Corp. W. Halladay        K.O.Y.L.I.
   “      T. Evans        “    “       B. Taylor      “         Pte.    W. Henry           L.R.
   “      J. Fairer       “    “       T. Taylor      “         “        F.N. Hood         W.R.
   “      H.B. Fawell     “    “       J.F. Thompson  “         “        F.H. Hudspeth     W.F.
   “      J.W. Fowler     “    Serg.   G. Turnbull    “         “        J.H. Hudspeth     W.Y.
   “      W. Francis      “    L/Corp. A. Vasey       “         “        C.R. Hunt         S.R.
   “      S. Gent         “    Pte.    J. Wharton     “         “        R. Hunter         N.S.
   Corp.  F. Greenbank    “    “       C.J. Whitton   “         “        G. Kyle           L.R.
   Pte.   G.W. Hardcastle “    “       F. Adamthwaite E. Yorks. Serg.    H. Lister         W.Y.
   “      E.W. Hauxwell   “    “       P. Danbrook    “         Pte.     J. Lonsdale       L.N.L.
   L/Corp.J. Henderson    “    “       E. Hill        “         Serg.Maj.J. Marr         A.M.R.N.Z.
   Pte.   R. Hudspeth     “    “       E. Hutchinson  “         Pte.     J.W.H.G. Matthews A.S.C.
   “      R. Hutchinson   “    “       S.C. May       “         “        C.H. MacDonald    “
   “      W. Hutchinson   “    Dr.Maj. L. Norman      “         “        C. Moore          R.F.
   “      B. Johnson      “    Serg.   R.H. Robinson  “         “        H.T.D. Moses      Y.R.
   “      J. Johnson      “    Pte.    F. Seymour     “         “        F.H. Pickering    W.F.
   “      A. Kemp         “    “       F. Smith       “         Gnr.     R.W. Richardson   R.G.A.
   “      J. Kemp         “    “       D. Waiting     “         Serg.    J.E. Rider        D.of W.
   “      C. Lumley       “    “       R.T. Williams  “         Pte.     J.E. Rowe         C.G.
   “      J. Lumley       “    Dr.     W. Allan       R.F.A.    “        F.T. Rowell       D.of W.
   “      T.O. Moses      “    “       T. Bateman     “         Gnr.     T.W. Seymour      R.G.A.
   “      J.G. Moore      “    Gnr.    V. Davison     “         Pte.     J.R. Spence       Y.R.
   “      W. Pattison     “    Art.    C. Gibson      “         “        A. Wales          L.R.
   “      G. Richardson   “    Gnr.    C. Turnbull    “         Dr.      W.H. Walton       M.T.
   “      R.R. Robinson   “    Sap.    T. Brett       R.E.      Pte.     F.L. Whitfield    Y. & L.
   L/Corp.W. Rowe         “    “       G.A. Chatt     “         “        C. Wilson         M.T.
   Corp.  S. Rudkin       “    “       W.C.K. Cockburn“         “        T.G. Wilson       R.A.M.C. 
   Pte.   T. Scales       “    “       S.R. Croudace  “         Gnr.     J.G. Wilkinson    R.G.A.
   To the Glory of God and in memory of the parishioners of Crook
   and members of this congregation who fell in the Great War 1914-1919
   this tablet and rood screen are erected.
   Lord grant them eternal rest.

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