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Photo: Nan Smith


Plaque 1914-18 Council School





Original Location

Craghead Council School. In the corridor.

Present Location

Beamish Museum, salvaged from the School.

Which war


Dedication, Creation or Publication date

Unveiled November 1921 by Mr. T.V. Greener, agent of Craghead Collieries, dedicated by Rev. J.B. Eddon, B.A.

Memorial Description

Roll of Honour inside a wood frame. The frame has a carved top and bottom. The dedication and quotation are in the top part of the frame. The lettering is all in gold capitals, in some cases shadowed with black. The dedication is in fancy lettering, the exhortation in italics. The names are listed in five columns, with a cross against the names of those who died.

Materials used

Paper in wood frame.


Craghead / Council School / 1914 Roll of Honour 1918 / European War.
Let those who come after see to / it that their names be not forgotten.



1. At the unveiling ceremony, another presentation took place. Certificates for good attendance were presented to Mary Wilson, aged 14, who attended 7 years without being absent; William Peacock, aged 10, and Joseph Blader, aged 14, had both attended for 5 years without being absent.

2. Two mountings containing photos of old scholars and teachers were also a part of this memorial.

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Photos: Nan Smith; James Pasby

Consett Guardian 25/11/1921 reports unveiling.

Northern Echo 21/11/1921 reports unveiling with information in Note 1 above.

Consett and Stanley Chronicle 25/11/1921 reports unveiling.

Stanley News 24/11/1921 reports unveiling.

Source of quotation:
“Let those that come after . . .” Quoted from a Certificate signed by King George V and sent to each bereaved family.

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Research acknowledgements

Fitzhugh Collection, Middleton in Teesdale; Nan Smith; Dorothy Hall

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Plaque 1914-18 Council School (C120.02)

CRAGHEAD Council School
   1914 Roll of Honour 1918
   European War
   Let those who come after see to
   it that their names be not forgotten
First Column              Second Column               Third Column
   Low, Jas. R.G.A.          Donaghy, J.J. R.A.S.C.      Morson, C.  R.A.M.C.       
   Aitchison, W. R.A.M.C.    Lloyd, A.G. R.A.S.C.        Beck, G.C.  R.A.F.          
                                                         Barkus, F.G.  K.O.Y.L.I.
   Abbott, H.  E.Y.R.        Dixon, W.  N.F.             Hilland, John  R.H.  
   Atkinson, J.  D.L.I.      Dodds, R.  N.F.             Hilland, S.  R.N.    
   Andrews, J.  R.N.         Dodds, R.  R.N.             Holmes, G.  D.L.I.     
   Bellis, A.  R.F.A.        Dover, R.  D.L.I.          *Horne, H.  R.N.D.      
   Bellis, J.  R.N.D.       *Ellison, L.  R.N.D.         Howgate, A.  R.G.A.    
   Binney, E.  R.A.M.C.      Ellison, T.  D.L.I.         Howgate, W.  I.G.    
   Birkbeck, A.  R.N.        Emmerson, J.  P.P.C.L.I.   *Hunt, W.  D.L.I.       
   Briggs, T.  D.L.I.        Ferry, T.  D.L.I.           Ingram, J.  D.L.I.     
  *Bruce, G.  D.L.I.         Fletcher, J.  N.F.          Jackson, Jos.  A.I.F.  
   Bruce, J.  D.L.I.         Foggon, C.  D.L.I.          Jackson, Jas.  D.L.I.  
   Bruce, W.  D.L.I.         Foggon, F.  D.L.I.          Jefferson, F.W.  T.C.
   Bulmer, S.  D.L.I.        Foster, A.  S.C.            Jefferson, Jas.  R.F.A.
   Bulmer, V.  R.F.A.        Foulger, R.  K.O.S.B.       Jefferson, Jas.  W.Y.R.
   Bussey, C.  D.L.I.       *Franklin, G.  D.L.I.        Jefferson, John  R.E.
  *Calvert, T.  R.A.S.C.     Francis, J.  R.G.A.         Jefferson, John  T.C.
  *Carter, A.  I.F.          Frappell, J.  R.A.M.C.      Jefferson, John  R.F.A.
  *Carr, W.  R.N.D.          Gamble, D.  R.N.D.          Jefferson, Jos.  N.F.
   Calvert, W.  R.A.S.C.     Gamble, J.  R.N.D.          Jefferson, R.  R.F.A.  
   Carr, W.  R.F.A.          Gardiner, C.  D.L.I.        Jefferson, W.  T.C.  
   Carr, T.  R.G.A.          Gill, G.  R.N.             *Johnson, W.  N.F.   
   Carr, J.  S.B.            Gill, R.  R.N.              Keers, M.  R.N.D.      
   Carlyon, S.  R.P.A.       Gordon, E.  M.C.C.          Keers, J.  K.O.Y.L.I.      
   Chisholm, T.  R.A.S.C.    Gordon, M.  R.N.           *Lancaster, A.  N.F. 
   Crisp, W.  D.L.I.         Gould, F.  D.L.I.          *Lancaster, C.  N.H.  
   Chapman, J.  D.L.I.       Grant, R.  R.G.A.           Lawson, J.  H.L.I. 
   Coates, R.  D.L.I.       *Greener, Hy.  D.L.I.        Lawson, T.  R.H.A.  
   Collicott, M.  D.L.I.    *Greener, J.W.  N.F.         Lawson, T.  N.F.  
   Collicott, G.  M.T,       Greener, H.  R.A.S.C.       Leighton, J.P.  D.L.I. 
   Coulson, L.  R.A.F.       Greenwell, W.  R.G.A.       Lockie, J.  N.F. 
  *Craigs, Jos.  R.A.S.C.    Grix, J.  R.A.S.C.          Locke, G.  R.N. 
   Craigs, J.  R.A.M.C.      Hall, J.  R.A.M.C.          Lonsdale, M.  D.L.I.   
   Craigs, S.  R.A.S.C.      Hall, T.  R.G.A.           *Lowery, R.  N.F.     
   Craggs, R.  D.L.I.        Hall, W.  D.L.I.            Lowery, J.  N.F.     
   Craggs, D.  D.L.I.        Hardy, J.  R.N.D.           Lowery, W.  I.F.     
   Curtis, J.  T.C.          Harvey, G.  D.L.I.         *Macdonald, T.  D.L.I. 
   Davison, A.  R.N.         Harvey, T.  D.L.I.         *Mansell, R.  D.L.I.    
   Davison, D.  D.L.I.       Harwood, T.  D.L.I.         Mansell, A.  D.L.I.   
   Davison, E.  P.P.C.L.I.   Harwood, W.  D.L.I.         Malt, M.  R.A.S.C.       
   Davison, H.  N.F.         Haw, F.  K.O.Y.L.I.         Martin, J.  D.L.I.     
   Davison, J.  R.N.D.       Henson, F.  D.L.I.          March, H.  D.L.I.      
   Davison, W.  N.F.         Hilland, E.  D.L.I.         March, T.  D.L.I.    
   Davison, W.  S.N.         Hilland, Ed.  D.L.I.        March, G.  N.F.    
   Dazley, J.  D.L.I.       *Hilland, John  R.N.         Marshall, M.  R.A.S.C.   
  *Dixon, T.  I.F.           Hilland, Jos.  M.C.C.       Marshall, J.  N.F.   
   Birbeck, G.  Q.M.A.A.C.   Carter, L.  Q.M.A.A.C.      Clyde, M.  Q.M.A.A.C.           
   Birbeck, P.  Q.M.A.A.C.   Carlyon, C.  Q.M.A.A.C.     Gardiner, S.  Q.M.A.A.C.    
                                                         Gordon, W.  Q.M.A.A.C. 
Fourth Column             Fifth Column
  *Stobbs, H.  D.L.I.        Burridge, H.J.  R.A.F.
   Chapman, R.H.  R.N.V.R.   Hilland, L.  R.A.F.
   Maughan, Jas.  N.F.       Scott, V.  R.E.
   Maughan, John  R.N.       Short, G.  D.L.I.
   McCamley, W.  N.H.       *Simpson, J.  N.F.
   Metcalfe, A.  D.L.I.      Simpson, J.  R.G.A.
  *Mills, J.G.  D.L.I.       Simpson, G.  N.F.
   Mills, R.  C.G.           Simpson, M.  R.A.M.C.
   Mills, T.  R.N.D.         Simpson, R.  N.F.
   Mills, W.  R.N.D.         Simpson, T.  R.G.A.
   Mortimer, L.  D.L.I.      Simpson, W.  R.F.A.
   Nicholson, G.  I.G.      *Snow, J.  R.N.D.
   Nicholson, John  I.G.     Snow, A.  R.N.D.
   Nicholson, John  R.F.A.   Smith, J.W.  R.G.A.
   Northey, W.  R.G.A.       Soulsby, E.  R.N.
   Oakes, A.  R.N.D.        *Staff, Thoe.  N.F. 
   Oakes, F.  H.L.I.        *Stewart, R.  W.Y.R.
   Ord, W.  M.C.C.           Staff, R.  R.A.S.C.
   Oswald, E.  R.N.          Stone, J.T.  R.N.D.
   Oswald, J.  R.N.D.        Stone, J.T.  E.Y.R.
   Parnaby, E.  N.F.         Stenlake, W.  N.F.
   Parnaby, H.  M.C.C.       Stainthorpe, T.  R. Dragoons
   Peacock, G.  R.G.A.       Stevenson, C.  D.L.I.
   Pearson, T.  N.H.         Stokoe, L.  R.G.A.
   Percival, A.  D.L.I.      Stokoe, R.  N.F.
   Pine, H. N.F.  N.F.       Stokoe, T.  D.L.I.
   Pine, W.  D.L.I.          Tate, J.  R.N.
   Pomeroy, C.  R.A.S.C.     Taylor, W.E.  R.N.
   Proctor, J.  R.F.         Thirlaway, G.  R.F.A.  
   Proctor, S.  R.N.        *Thirlaway, E.  N.F.
   Punshon, J.  R.G.A.       Toal, W.  D.L.I.
   Ramm, J.  I.F.            Turnbull, A.  R.F.A.
   Ramshaw, G.  R.N.        *Vincent, T.  L.R.
   Ramshaw, W.  R.N.        *Watson, B.  D.L.I.
  *Randell, J.  R.I.F.      *Walton, T.  N.F.
   Robson, B.  D.L.I.        Wanless, J.  N.H.
   Robson, C.  D.L.I.        Welsh, J.  S.J.A.B.
   Robson, Jas.  E.L.R.      Welsh, T.  I.G
   Robson, M.  R.N.D.        West, B.  D.L.I.
   Robson, T.  D.L.I.        West, D.  R.N.D.
   Robson, Jas.  R.F.A.      West, J.  D.L.I.
   Rodham, T.  D.L.I.        Wheldon, J.  N.H.
   Ridley, R.  D.L.I.        Whittle, J.  N.H.
   Sadler, R.  R.A.S.C.      Whittle, M.  R.F.A.
   Sadler, T.  N.H.         *Wilkinson, J.  I.F.
  *Scaife, J.  R.N.D.        Wilkinson, T.  R.A.S.C.
                             Wilson, S.  N.F.
   Oakes, C.  Q.M.A.A.C.     Swan, M.E.  Q.M.A.A.C.
   Simpson, E.  Q.M.A.A.C.   Toal, E.  Q.M.A.A.C.
   * Made the Supreme Sacrifice

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