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Panel 1914-18 Wellesley Nautical School





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NZ 318810

Original Location

Wellesley Nautical School, Links Road. Interior wall of school Chapel.

Present Location

North Tyneside Museum, Segedunum

Which war


Dedication, Creation or Publication date

Unveiled 11th August 1921 by The Duke of Northumberland.

Memorial Description

Panel in a wood frame, measuring 48 inches high by 38 inches wide. There is a plain gold band around the inner edge, with a gold boss in each corner of the frame, and a gold Maltese cross painted at the top. The names appear in two columns. The lettering is incised and painted gold, using Roman capitals throughout.

Materials used

Mahogany with teak frame.


Wellesley Nautical School / Formerly Wellesley Training Ship / Roll of Honour / Officers and Boys who have made the / Supreme Sacrifice in the Great War / 1914-1918


Present condition

Reputedly damaged by vandals.

Sculptor, Artist or Designer

Architect; Mr. W.H. Wood of Newcastle.


1 From the school, 295 boys served in the Royal Navy and 348 in the Army. 76 were killed or drowned, 97 wounded, 7 were missing, 6 civil prisoners of war, 18 prisoners of war and 1 interned in Holland. Twenty honours were gained. The boys in the institution made 165,700 shell grummets of munition works, etc.

2. A memorial to the fallen was proposed costing no more than £100.

3. This was sold at auction in 2010 by the Trustees and bought by people who wanted the items kept locally. They are now at North Tyneside Museum, Segedunum.

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Photos: Jack Tait; Tony Harding

Shields Daily News 21/04/1920 carries an article about the school

Blyth News 11/08/1921 reports unveiling

Illustrated Chronicle 29/08/1919 reports proposal to erect a memorial.

Northern Echo 29/08/1919 reports proposal to erect a memorial.

Newcastle Daily Chronicle 1/8/1916 reports numbers of scholars serving and other activities; 13/11/196 reports 51 former pupils had fallen; 29/12/1916 reports 231 old boys in the navy and 272 in the army; 29/08/1919 carries lengthy report of the school’s annual meeting; 10/08/1921 reports unveiling

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Research acknowledgements

The late Jack Tait, Blyth Local History Society; Dorothy Hall; Tony Harding; Graham Corkhill

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Panel 1914-18 Wellesley Nautical School (B42.13)

BLYTH Wellesley Nautical School

   Wellesley Nautical School
   formerly Wellesley Training ship
   Roll of Honour
   Officers and boys who have made the
   Supreme Sacrifice in the Great War
   F. Stone      Royal Navy             H. Nacel       Durham L.I.
   H. Desmond    M.F.A. Eleanor         W. Jewitt      Highland L.I.
   E. Ellis      E.Yorks Regiment       T. Hudson      10th Hussars
      Boys                              W.G. Wood      K.O.S.B.
   W. Horrocks   H.M.S. Bacchante       H. Banks       Lancashire Regt
   G. Harris     "    Begonia           W. Duggan      "       "                 
   N. Keithley   "    Bulwark           H. Garrity     "       "                 
   J. Richardson "    Canada            J. Mort        "       "                 
   F. Henley     "    Hawke             E. Avery       9th Lancers
   D. Warren     "    Hildaweld         N.G. Loraine   Machine Gun Corps
   J. Bennett    "    Indefatigable     W. Oates       Manchester Regt.
   E. Houghland  "    "                 J.G. Battista  Northd. Fusiliers  
   J. Micheaux   "    "                 C. Bensley     "       "                 
   A. Hold       "    Invincible        E. Catenby     "       "                 
   J.W. McCaw    "    Monmouth          J. Colley      "       "                 
   M. Rawlinson  "       "              C. Cook        "       "                 
   E. Bowes      "    Progress          N. Cranston    "       "                 
   W. Atkinson   "    Queen Mary        A.H. Dawson    "       "                 
   J. Kelly      "    "                 J. Dryden      "       "                 
   E. Tate       "    "                 J. Dunleavey   "       "                 
   R. Redford    "    Stephen Furness   R. Goldworthy  "       "                 
   J. Powley     "    Vanguard          W. Hennessey   "       “
   F. Monks      "    Viknor            A. Leith       "       “
   F. Sadler     R.N. Division          D. McMullen    "       “
   E. Cooper     S.S. Barrowmore        J. Watson      "       “
   G. Shepherd   "       "              R. Wood        "       “
   D. Curtis     "    Cymbeline         J. Harrison    Royal Berks.
   J.W. Todd     "    Glenmorven        H. Johnson     Tyneside Scottish
   F. Pearson    "    C.A. Jacques      E. Gibbon      Warwicks
   W. Weightman       Taplon            W.H. Cooper    Welsh Regt.
   F. Ridley     Lost off Irish coast   F. Howett      "       “
   J.R. Wilson   Argyle & Suthd. Regt.  A. Dyson       West Yorks
   J. Long       Australian Forces      A. Leach       Yorks. Regt.
   W. Parker     Border Regt.           J. Thompson    "       “
   N.H. Bateson  Duke of Wellington's   J.C. Turnbull  "       “
   T. Christlow  Durham L.I.            H. Clarke      Yorks & Lancs.
   T. Collinson  "       "              F. Walton      "       “
   M. Donnelly   "       "              C. Cox         Died of wounds
   J.W. Elliott  "       "              T. Duffy       Killed in action
   J. Frost      "       "              J. Jackson     "       “
   J. Murdy      "       "              W. Raine       "       “

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