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Photo: Dorothy Hall


ROH 1914-18 United Methodist





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Methodist Church (Closed)

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May 1916

Memorial Description

Roll of Honour 1 foot 8 inches high x 1 foot 5 inches wide set in an ornate gilded frame 2 inches wide. There is a border of roses and leaves. To top right and left are elongated shields bearing left the cross of St.George and right the lion of England. At centre top is the figure of Britannia with the name of the church on scrolls above and beside her. On either side of her also is an oval containing a scene of left a land battle and right a sea battle. At centre bottom is the royal crest in a laurel wreath with the words “For Honour and Country” in a scroll at each side.
The names are listed in three columns, the names handwritten in black, with the annotation of those killed in red beside the name.

Materials used

Paper behind glass.


United Methodist / Church / Catchgate / Roll of Honour / The European War



1. This was originally Catchgate Methodist Free Church -- opened in 1903 and closed on 17th December 2017. It is situated on the corner of North Road (the main road) and Ryde Terrace. It still contains the memorials listed on the website, including those from St. John's Wesleyan Methodist Church which closed in 1963. What will happen to them when Catchgate MC closes is not known.

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Photos: C. Sanders; Dorothy Hall

Stanley News 11/05/1916 reports dedication

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Additional Notes

09/11/2017; Dorothy Hall visited, took photos and left contact leaflet

Research acknowledgements

C. Sanders; Tom Ayer

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ROH 1914-18 United Methodist (C109.01)

CATCHGATE            Methodist Church
   United Methodist 
   Church       Catchgate 
   Roll of Honour 
   The European War
   Horace F Hardiman(killed)  George Brown            Joseph Bundy
   John Herdman               Eustace Maddison        Robert Muse
   William H. Awde            Richard Lauder          Wilson Ridley
   Wheatley Jackson           Nathaniel McKie         William Haw
   William H. Handcock        Arthur Simpson          Joseph Stoker
   Joseph Armstrong           Christopher Westgarth   Edward Harris
   William Robson             William H. Bidgood      Stanley E. Harris
   Thomas Robson              George Collicott        Selby Jobes
   John McGarry               Thomas Robson           Thomas E. Ordeaven
   John Adamson               John Blackie            John W. Beckham
   Christopher G. Bates       William Carr (killed)   William Tucker
   Thomas Foster              Thomas Fenwick          Thomas Hall
   Robert Harrison            William M. Mowbray      R.B. Ridley
   William Robson             James Gilroy            Geo. A. Bidgood
   John Robson                Robert A. Kirton        William Garbutt
   Thomas Robson              Thomas Humes            Henry Shield
   Robinson Beckham(killed)   Aaron Green             Sidney Williamson
   Jasper Beckham             Alfred Ridley           Samuel Collins
   George Beckham             Robert Hall (killed)    Thomas Bates
   George E. Armstrong        John G. Moore
For Honour and Country
Names C109.01      

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