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Reredos 1914-18 St. Ebba





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NU 230293

Original Location

Church of St. Ebba, The Haven.

Which war


Dedication, Creation or Publication date

Dedicated May 1921 by the Bishop of Newcastle.

Memorial Description

Reredos of three panels divided by highly decorated narrow carved panels, which show swags of flowers; at the bottom of each is a shield bearing a badge with (left) Greek letter Alpha; (centre) Greek letter Omega, (right) the IHS monogram
The main panels themselves are plain apart from the top, where an ornate semicircular carving has been made. The dedication is on the central panel, with the names on the two outer ones. The names are incised and highlighted in gold lettering, using Roman capitals for the names and elaborate capitals for the dedication.

Materials used



Sacred to the / memory of those / to whom was given / the honour to die / for their God / their King / their country and / the World.


English Heritage Listing

In Grade II Listed Building


1. The Greek letters are the first and last in the Greek alphabet, and refer to God saying “I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end.” The ‘IHS’ monogram is a shorted form of the name Jesus Christ.

2. A.M.D.G. are the initials of “Ad majorem Dei gloriam” “To the greater glory of God”.

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Photos: J. Brown; P. Thirkell

Berwick Advertiser 06/05/1921 report dedication "recently".

Research acknowledgements

North Sunderland and Seahouses Local History Society; Janet Brown; P.Thirkell

Research In Progress

The names on this memorial are being researched by Ian Sim. Contact:

Reredos 1914-18 St. Ebba (B10.01)

BEADNELL, St. Ebba's Church.
   Roger Marshall              Sacred to the       G.G. Yule   A.S.C.
   2nd Lieut. 2nd D.L.I.                           Died 9th March 1915
   Killed Battle of the Alsne  memory of those
   20th Sept. 1914                                
                               to whom was given    
                                                   T. Douglas  R.N.R.
   Selby F. Marshall           the honour to die   Died 2nd May 1915
   French Ambulance                                  
   Died 25th July 1918         for their God
                                                   E. Patterson  N.F.
                               their King          Killed 15th April 1918
   Arthur D. Haslam               
   Lieut 9th N.F.              their Country and
   Died of wounds.                                 W. Thompson   D.L.I.
   2nd Nov. 1918               the World.          Died 6th Jan. 1919.

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