Memorial Details

Photo: Robert Preston


Statue 1914-18 1939-45 Memorial garden





Present Location

Kenilworth Road

Which war

a. 1914-18
b. 1939-45
c. Later conflicts

Memorial Description

Statue (See A17.27) on new brick pedestal similar design to A17.27. Inset in each side is a slate panel. Three of which carry the names from 1914-18, and the fourth one bears those from 1939-45. Lettering is incised and gilded using sans serif capitals throughout.
Behind it is a plain slate memorial on which the lettering is incised and gilded using sans serif capitals.

Materials used

Metal statue, brick pedestal, slate panels.


a. To the glory of God and glorious / memory of those from the Ashington / community who gave their lives for / their country in the Great War 1914-1918.
b. To the glory of God and glorious / memory of those from the Ashington / community who gave their lives for / their country in the Second World War / 1939-45.
c. In memory of / those who have made / the supreme sacrifice / in the service of their / country in conflicts / since 1945.


Who commissioned

Ashington Town Council

How money was raised

Grant making bodies; public subscription

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Photos: J. Brown

The Journal 30/01/2014 reports proposals.

External web link

Research acknowledgements

J. Brown; Tony Harding

Research In Progress

If you are researching this memorial please contact

Statue 1914-18 1939-45 Memorial garden (A17.43)

Plaque 1                               
  Adams        AB        RNVR   Cairns      A        CAN    Dixon        J      NF
  Adamson      AS        NF     Cairns      H VC DCM CAN    Dixon        TB     NF 
  Adamson      GL        NF     Cairns      J        NF     Dixon        W      RSR
  Adamson      TW        RE     Caisley     JW       WYR    Dixon        WA     NF
  Adey         J         DWR    Cameron     CV       RASC   Dixon        WH     NF
  Aisbitt      E         NF     Campbell    H        SA     Docherty     H      NF
  Allan        A         Y&LR   Campbell    HB       RMLI   Docherty     P      NF
  Allan        HV        NF     Campbell    J        RFA    Dodd         G      YR
  Allan        R         NF     Campbell    V        KLR    Dodds        R      NF
Allan TD Y&LR Carr A NF Donkin H RNVR
  Allen        G         NF     Carr        E        RAMC   Donohoe      WE     NF
Allen GW AIF Carr T NF Dorgan N DLI
Allen RM NF Carroll J NF Douglass GW DLI
  Allen        T DCM MM  RE     Carruthers  J        WYR    Downie       HW     KRRC
  Allen        TL        RE     Carse       T        NF     Downie       TC     DWR
  Allen        W         RE     Cassidy     M        NF     Doyle        P      NF
  Allon        GY        NF     Chalmers    S        NF     Drysdale     J      WRR
  Allsopp      A         LF     Chapman     JF       NF     Dudding      JW     RNVR
  Anderson     A         NF     Chester     MH       RNVR   Duncan       RH     NF
  Anderson     J         NF     Chesterton  E        NF     Dunn         A      NF
  Angus        J         NF     Christie    HM       RNVR   Dunn         G      NF
  Angus        J         NF     Clark       E        NF     Dunn         G      NF    
  Angus        W         CG     Clark       F        RFA    Dunn         J      NF
  Armstrong    G         NF     Clark       T        NF     Dunn         R      RIF
  Askew        WW        NF     Clark       WC       NF     Dunn         R      RWF
  Aspin        H         NF     Clarke      JT       NF     Dunn         TA     A&SH 
  Aspin        JW        HR     Clarke      RB MM    EYR    Dunn         TW     HLI
  Atkinson     D         NF     Clough      G        NF     Dunn         WA     NF
  Atkinson     FG        RAF    Cobbledick  T        WYR    Dyball       N      MM
  Atkinson     J         RNVR   Coe         JT       MR     Dykes        WK     RF
  Bailey       S         NF     Coe         RW       NF     Earl         TW     RNVR
  Baker        A         NF     Cole        GH       NF     Eastham      J      RNVR
  Baker        F         NF     Collins     H        NF     Edgar        F MM   NF    
  Baker        WD        RMLI   Collins     T        RAOC   Edmondston   GJ     NF
  Banton       T         NF     Colman      W        RNVR   Edwards      GH     NF
  Barkwill     J         NF     Common      R        NF     Egdell       T DCM  RNVR
  Barlow       S         RASC   Cook        T        MP     Egen         J      NF
  Barnfather   E         RNVR   Cook        T        NF     Eke          T      RNVR
  Barnfather   JW        DLI    Cookson     TA       RAMC   Elliott      G      NF
  Barnfather   W MM      RNVR   Corbett     J        WR     Elliott      R      NF
  Barron       T         NF     Cosser      E        MP     Elliott      W      RNVR
  Bates        G         NF     Cottrell    H        NF     Elsdon       R      NF
  Baulks       T         NF     Cowe        H        RASC   Embleton     JT     NF
  Bawn         JR        NF     Cozens      C  MM    MGC    Emery        R      NF
  Baxter       F         NF     Crawford    J        NF     Errington    A      NF
  Bell         A         NF     Craze       R        NF     Erroll       W      NF
  Bell         JA        BA     Crook       JW       NF     Etheridge    W      NF
  Bell         JA        NF     Crook       RG       SLI    Evans        J      NF
  Bell         P         RFA    Cropp       RF       NF     Evans        R      RNVR
  Bell         R         NF     Crosby      TS       NF     Evans        T      RB
  Bell         R         RNVR   Cummings    M        NF     Fail         A      NF
  Bell         T         NF     Cunningham  G        NF     Fawcett      A      RNVR
  Bell         TC        NF     Cunningham  J        LR     Fawcett      J      RNVR
  Bell         W         DLI    Curran      W        NF     Featherstone JW     GH
  Bell         W         RB     Curry       H        RIF    Fenwick      G      WYR
  Bell         WA        YR     Curry       RD       NF     Fenwick      JE     NF
  Benns        JL        NF     Curry       TW       ESR    Ferguson     W      SSR
  Beresford    AE        NF     Curtis      G        NF     Ferrell      R      NF 
  Beresford    G         NF     Curtis      HM       RNVR   Findlay      D      NF
  Beuglass     B         NF     Cuthbert    K        NF     Fisher       I      NF
  Bickerton    JT        NF     Cuthbert    L        NF     Flockhart    J      NF
  Bickerton    W         NF     Cuthbert    R        NF     Ford         R      RNVR
  Binns        G         RN     Cutler      E        NF     Forster      J      RE
  Blackburn    JD        KOYLI  Daglish     J        NF     Foster       C      NF
  Blackburn    T         NF     Daglish     R        NF     Fotheringham T      NF
  Blair        JG        RNVR   Dalton      W        NF     Fox          CM     EYR
  Blythe       F         NF     Dance       T        NF     Freeman      R      NF
  Boggon       E         DLI    Dane        A        NF     Gaffney      JW     NF
  Bolton       HY        YR     Darling     JH       NF     Gair         JD     YR
  Bone         GB        RE     Darling     W        WYR    Gales        T      NF
Bone W NF Davidson A NF Gallon JR NF
  Borthwick    G         NF     Davidson    F        MGC    Gardiner     JW     RE
  Bourn        JT        NF     Davidson    J        NF     Gardner      AW     NF
  Boutland     JT        KOYLI  Davies      WJ       NF     Garrod       C      NF
  Bowart       CY        NH     Davison     J        NF     Gascoigne    C      NF
  Bowden       J         NF     Davison     J MM     NF     Gibson       J      NF
  Boyle        J         NF     Davison     J        RNVR   Gilbert      AS     RWSR
  Brack        RW        RNVR   Davison     JW       NF     Gilmore      WJ     SR
  Brewis       E         DWR    Davison     R        NF     Gilroy       DJ     NF
  Brewis       M         NF     Davison     R        NF     Gilroy       J      GG
  Briggs       G         NF     Davison     T        NF     Gladstone    G      NF
  Broom        AJ        RE     Dawson      WG       NF     Glasper      A      NF
  Brotherton   J         NF     Deighan     M        NF     Gleadhall    G      DR
  Brown        J         DR     De Lacey    JM       RFC    Gleghorn     R      NF
  Brown        JF        RNVR   Dickinson   DH       KOYLI  Glendinning  JB     RNVR
  Brown        JG        RNVR   Dickinson   J        RNVR   Glenton      GPG    RN
  Burgham      G         RNVR   Dickinson   WH       NF     Goldsbury    C      NF
  Burgon       T         NF     Dickson     GA       RE     Goldsbury    H      NF
  Burn         JT        RFA    Dinsdale    G        NF     Goldsbury    J      NF
  Burn         WH        EYR    Dinsdale    JR       NF     Gordon       AT     RE
  Burton       A         NF     Ditchburn   L        CG     Gordon       J      NF
  Cadman       J         NF     Dixon       C        NF     Gowans       JW     NF
  Cain         F         RNVR   Dixon       J        NF     Gowens       E      NF
Plaque 2
  Graham       EB        NF     Jackson     H        CAN    McCallum     P      DLI
  Graham       G         RNVR   Jackson     R        RAVC   McCarroll    J      NF
  Graham       J         NF     Jameson     J MM     CH     McCready     RW     DWR
  Graham       JS        NF     Jefferson   S        NF     McDonald     D      NF
  Graham       T         Y&LR   Jeffrey     J        WYR    McDonald     J      NF
  Graham       WL        RNVR   Jobson      G        NF     McEvoy       F      RAF
  Grant        JC        NF     Johnson     EJ       AIF    McGee        L      NF
  Gray         J         NF     Johnson     GA       NF     McGrath      M      NF
  Green        E         NF     Johnson     GS       NF     McGregor     J      NF
  Greener      CD        RNVR   Johnson     J        NF     McGuinness   G      KOYLI
  Gregory      R         RNVR   Johnson     J        RMLI   McLaughlan   GA     NF
  Griffith     WM        NF     Johnson     JW       NF     McLean       A MM   NF
  Griffiths    G         NF     Johnson     PW       NF     McLellan     W      NF
  Gunn         TM        RFA    Johnson     TW       RFA    McMillan     R      AIF
  Guy          GR        NF     Johnson     WF       NF     McPherson    A      NF
  Habberjam    C         NF     Johnston    R        NF     McSparron    T      NF
  Habberjam    W         RSR    Johnston    W        RSR    Middlemiss   JR     RNVR
  Hagerty      A         DLI    Johnstone   A        RNVR   Middleton    FC     NF
  Haggerty     F         NF     Juster      JW       MGC    Middleton    J      NF
  Halcrow      R         NF     Keeney      J        NF     Miles        ET     DWR
  Hall         A         NF     Keeney      J        NF     Milford      C      NF
  Hall         CS        RFC    Keenlyside  R        DLI    Millar       J      NF
  Hall         G         KLR    Keers       F        CAN    Millar       RW     NF
  Hall         J         YR     Keers       JG       RNVR   Miller       A      NF
  Hall         JR        RE     Kelly       J        RNVR   Miller       E      NF
  Hall         JW        NF     Kendrew     W        DLI    Miller       J      NF
  Hall         M         NF     Kennedy     T        RNVR   Miller       JS     NF
  Hall         RD        NF     King        M        Y&LR   Miller       T      RDF
  Hall         T         DLI    Kinnaird    D        RIF    Mills        DK     MGC
  Hall         T         DWR    Kneeling    J        NF     Mills        FT     RF
  Hall         T         NF     Knopp       W        DLI    Mitchinson   J      NF
  Halliday     J         NF     Laggan      T        RF     Moffat       JW     NF
  Halliday     WGW       NF     Laidlow     GR       EYR    Mole         JA     NF
  Hamilton     CA        RFA    Laidlow     J        NF     Montgomery   T      NF
  Hamilton     L         RGA    Lamb        J        RNVR   Moore        TW     RFA
  Hancock      RS        RF     Land        GE       NF     Moore        W      RIF
  Harbit       JW        NF     Lang        M        NF     Morgan       SS     NF
  Harding      JP        Y&LR   Lawrence    J        NF     Morgan       W      NF
  Harris       A         NF     Lawrie      W        DLI    Morris       R      NF
  Harrison     D         NF     Laws        M        WYR    Morris       W      NF
  Harrison     G         RNVR   Lawson      SH       RNVR   Moscrop      GG     NF
  Harrison     J         AIF    Lazenby     BF       NF     Moscrop      T MM   HR
  Hart         T         NF     Lazenby     JW       RFA    Mossman      RF     NF
  Haville      T         RN     Leddy       RGL      NF     Mouter       W      RE
  Hay          JC        NF     Ledger      M MM     EYR    Mulrow       T      RNVR
  Hedley       R         NF     Ledgerwood  J        MR     Muras        A      NF
  Henderson    A         NF     Lee         EM       RN     Murdie       G      RNR
  Henderson    AE        NF     Lee         F        NF     Murdie       JR     DLI
  Henderson    J         NF     Lee         J        NF     Murdie       R      RNR
  Henderson    JW        RFA    Leech       TC       NF     Murdie       RO     RFA
  Henderson    R         WYR    Leonard     JE       NF     Murray       J      NF
  Henderson    TJ        KOYLI  Leslie      RA       EYR    Murray       R      RSR
  Hennessey    E         NF     Lewis       A        NF     Nairn        W      NF
  Hennessey    RC        AIF    Liddell     GW       NF     Nairn        WH     CG
  Hepple       JR        NF     Lillico     GR       RE     Neal         E      NF
  Herron       GT        NF     Lillico     T        NF     Nelson       GT     RFA
  Heslop       T         GH     Lock        A        NF     Nelson       J MM   RFA
  Hesp         JC        RNVR   Lock        F        NF     Nelson       JW     NF
  Hetherington J         RGA    Lock        JJ       NF     Nelson       W      NF
  Hewitson     A         NF     Locke       A        DLI    Nelson       WB     NF
  Hewitt       D         QMOH   Locke       M        MGC    Nesbitt      CM     RE
  Hewitt       HR        DLI    Lockhart    AW       NF     Nesbitt      WR     NF
  Hewitt       W         NF     Lockhart    G        WYR    Nevin        J      RASC
  Hibbert      F         NF     Lockyer     A        RNVR   Nevin        JS     MR
  Hicks        J         NF     Lockyer     T        NF     Nichol       J      NF
  Hill         RH        CG     Logan       E        NF     Nicholson    JE     YR
  Hills        B         NF     Logan       J        NF     Nicholson    R      NF
  Hills        W         NF     Long        H        NF     Nicolson     R      RN
  Hind         R         NF     Long        R        NF     Nixon        F      EYR
  Hindhaugh    GH        NF     Longstaff   EJ       WYR    Noone        J      NF
  Hindmarch    W         NF     Lord        JH       EYR    Nunn         JA     NF
  Hindmarsh    G         NF     Lovalle     J        NF     Nutter       W      DLI
  Hodge        J         NF     Love        J        NF     Oliver       J      NF
  Hodgson      A         NF     Lowes       G        NF     Oliver       J MM   NF
  Hogg         PS        NF     Lowes       R        NF     Ord          H      RAMC
  Hogg         R         NF     Lumb        JH       RE     Osborne      J      NF
  Holland      A         Y&LR   Lupton      F        Y&LR   Owens        G      RNVR
  Holliday     J         CR     Lytham      W        HR     Owens        T      RNVR
  Hollywood    E         LF     MacDonald   J        NF     Oxley        E      RNVR
  Holmes       F         MGC    MacKay      TR       NF     Oxley        JJ     DWR
  Holmes       J         NF     Main        S        RNVR   Oxley        TH     NF
  Hope         JG        NF     Marsh       T        NSR    Page         J      NF
  Horsley      G         NF     Marshall    RC       RNVR   Palmer       JT     EYR
  Horton       HW        NH     Marshall    T        NF     Park         WT     DLI
  Howard       J         NF     Mason       GR       NF     Parmley      JS     NF
  Hughes       W         NF     Mathews     J        RFA    Patrick      J      RNVR
  Hunn         A         NF     Maughan     AM       DLI    Patrick      N      NF
  Huntley      CR        RNVR   Mavin       C        RNVR   Patterson    D      RNVR
  Huntley      E         NF     Mavin       J        NF     Patterson    G      NF
  Huntley      JR        RASC   Mawson      B        NF     Patterson    G      NF
  Husband      AH        NF     Mawson      J        NF     Patterson    H      RNVR
  Irving       F         NF     Maxwell     J        KOYLI  Patterson    J      RNVR
  Irving       TH        RN     Mayes       EG       NF     Patterson    N      NF
Plaque 3
  Patterson    TBD       RNVR   Shale       JR       NF     Tipper       W      RNVR
  Pattie       D         MGC    Shale       TD       NF     Tosney       JE     KOSB
  Pattie       JT        NF     Shannon     T        RFA    Towart       JA     NF
  Pattison     AM        RFA    Shannon     W        NF     Towler       GH     NF
  Paxton       G         NF     Shaw        JE       NF     Townsend     WJ     RAVC
  Peden        A         NF     Shaw        W        NF     Trotter      G      NF
  Peters       WT        NF     Sheild      RW       RE     Trotter      JA     RS
  Pickering    MH        WRR    Shiel       JJ       NF     Tucker       EJ     RNVR
  Pitchford    E         RE     Shields     RW       NF     Tully        JP     RE
  Poole        A         NF     Shiell      GG       NF     Turnbull     A      RM
  Porteous     G         LNLR   Shilan      F MM     RNVR   Turnbull     AL     RF
  Pratt        J         WYR    Shirley     R        NF     Turnbull     ED     NF
  Price        J         RNVR   Short       L        NF     Turnbull     G      RNVR
  Pringle      G         ELR    Sim         W        NF     Turnbull     J      RNVR
  Pringle      J         NF     Simm        B        DWR    Turnbull     JW     NF
  Pringle      M         NF     Simpson     TW       RM     Turner       RW     NF
  Proctor      G         RNVR   Sinclair    J        RF     Tyrrell      TM     SH
  Proudlock    G         RE     Singer      W        RFA    Ullock       JE     NF
Proudlock J MGC Sitch E NF Veitch DH CR
  Purdy        P         NF     Skidmore    G        NF     Vosper       T      NF
  Purvis       J         NF     Skidmore    J        NF     Wade         R      NF
  Pyle         GA        NF     Skinner     H        NF     Waine        CA     KLR
  Quin         JD        RF     Smailes     JR       POWOR  Wakenshaw    A      NF
  Raitt        R         NF     Smails      A        NF     Wakenshaw    J      NF
  Randall      D         SF     Smart       SJ       RIF    Walby        W      RWR
  Randall      JG        RNVR   Smith       E        NF     Wales        EA     NF
  Ray          J         NF     Smith       HB       DLI    Walker       J      RNVR
  Reavley      GDH       NF     Smith       JW       GG     Wallace      T      NF
  Reay         E         DWR    Smith       RW       CR     Walls        AC     NF
  Reed         R         NF     Smith       T        NF     Walsh        JP     RDF
  Reid         R         RAMC   Smith       W        NF     Wanless      JW     NF
  Reilly       J         NF     Smith       W        NF     Wanless      T      NF
  Renwick      J         RAMC   Smith       W        NF     Waters       L      NF
  Rhodes       H         RNVR   Smith       W        NF     Watson       G      NF
  Richards     F         CAN    Smith       W        RNVR   Watson       JW     NF
  Richardson   CJ        SLI    Snowdon     R        DLI    Watson       TW     NF
  Richardson   J         NF     Soulsby     JJ       RNVR   Watson       W      NF
  Richardson   J         RAMC   Spratt      RP       NF     Wear         TA     RN
  Richardson   J         RNVR   Sproat      J        NF     Weatherley   WJ     KRRC
  Richardson   JJ        POWOR  Sprott      TR       RNVR   Weatherston  R      NF
  Richardson   M         NF     Stafford    F        NF     Weatherstone J      RF
  Richardson   T         RNVR   Stanley     W        NF     Webster      W      RNVR
  Richardson   WF        RFA    Steele      S        WRR    Weddell      J      NF
  Riddell      WA        NF     Steele      T        NF     Weir         G      Y&LR
  Riley        G         NF     Stirling    R        NF     Westle       E      DWR
  Riley        O         HLI    Stoker      J        NF     Westle       G      NF
  Robertson    J         NF     Stokes      A        NF     White        G      SSR  
  Robertson    T         NF     Stone       JW       NF     White        JH     NF   
  Robertson    W         NF     Storey      A        RN     Whitfield    J      NF
  Robinson     D         NF     Stratton    JH       NF     Whittaker    J      NF
  Robinson     J         RAMC   Streener    H        NF     Widdrington  R      YR
  Robinson     JEG       NF     Strong      G        MGC    Wilkins      W      DLI
  Robinson     JT        NF     Stubbs      W        NF     Wilkinson    G      NF
  Robinson     WAE       RF     Sunter      JW       YR     Wilkinson    H      POWOR
  Robson       AE        NF     Swalwell    T        NSR    Wilkinson    JG     NF
  Robson       J         ACC    Swanson     C        RNVR   Wilks        T      NF
  Robson       J         RF     Swanson     J        RNVR   Willis       E      NF
  Robson       J         RGA    Sweet       H        NF     Wills        R      NF
  Robson       JT        KRRC   Sweet       W        RNR    Wilson       A      NF
  Robson       M         YR     Swinburne   HS       NF     Wilson      AD     RNVR
  Robson       RR        NF     Swinhoe     T        RN     Wilson      GR     NF
  Robson       T         DLI    Tait        A        NF     Wilson      J      NF
  Robson       T         NF     Tait        H        DLI    Wilson      J      RF
  Robson       WJ        RE     Tait        T        AIF    Wilson      JM     NF
  Rodden       JW        CG     Tait        W        RNVR   Wilson      JT     CR
  Rodham       FK        NF     Talbert     M        NF     Wilson      R      NF
  Rogers       EC        MGC    Tanney      D        NF     Wilson      S      NF
  Rolfe        T         NF     Taylor      H        NF     Wilson      TJ     NF
  Rourke       A         MGC    Taylor      J        BW     Wiltshire   NE     NF
  Rourke       J         NF     Taylor      M        NF     Winter      J      NF
  Routledge    J         RFA    Taylor      MF       NF     Wood        J      NF
  Routledge    T         NH     Taylor      R        NF     Wood        JW     NF
  Rowell       J         YR     Taylor      T        AIF    Wood        TD     NF
  Rowley       J         NF     Taylor      W        NF     Wood        W      NF
  Rowley       W         NF     Templey     JT       NF     Woodall     EW     NF
  Rowntree     TW        NF     Tennick     WG       NF     Woodmass    S      NF
  Rutherford   T         NF     Thain       J        NF     Woodward    JW     RNVR
  Rutter       JH        NF     Thain       T        NF     Wright      J      NF
  Ryder        W         NF     Thompson    A        NF     Wright      S      NF
  Savage       NV        CG     Thompson    A        NF     Wright      WE     DWR
  Sawkill      S         NF     Thompson    A        RNVR   Wrightson   D      NF
  Schofield    W         NF     Thompson    E        KOSB   Yeaman      GT     NF
  Scorfield    J         NF     Thompson    HG       NF     Yearham     JT     NF
  Scorfield    R         NF     Thompson    J        NF     Yearham     JW     NF
  Scott        E         NF     Thompson    J        NF     Yellowley   M      NF
  Scott        J MM      NF     Thompson    J        RNVR   York        A      SLI
  Scott        JA        RAF    Thompson    J        RNVR   Yorke       EB     SLR
  Scott        JD        NF     Thompson    T        NH     Young       A      NF
  Scott        JG        NF     Thompson    WW       NF     Young       EC     MGC
  Scott        W         NF     Tilley      GW       NF     Young       I      NF
  Scrace       JH        WYR    Timlin      M        NF     Young       JB     RNVR
  Scrowther    J         RNVR   Timlin      T        NF     Young       R      NF
  Seely        A         RAMC   Tinnion     J        NF
Plaque 4
  Allan        JR        RA     Little      JA       AI
  Allison      A         RN     Lyall       G        RAFVR
  Appleby      WAS       RNF    Mansell     A        RN
  Armstrong    C         RAF    Marks       R        RM
  Armstrong    E         RAFVR  Mawson      CL       MN
  Askew        R         RAFVR  McAllister  R        CG
  Atkinson     CW        RASC   McAloon     J        RS
  Balmer       JH        RN     McLean      A        RNF
  Bell         R         RAF    Melrose     E        WAAF
  Belshaw      D         RN     Miles       HT       DLI
  Bennett      J         IC     Millar      G        RN
  Brotherton   R         RAFVR  Mills       DK       RAF
  Brown        DR        RAFVR  Mordue      DH       Y&LR
  Brown        GW        RAF    Morrall     G        RAFVR
  Brown        JA        RNF    Morris      AC       RAFVR
  Bryson       J         RAFVR  Morris      R        RAFVR
  Burrell      WGG       CSR    Morton      JW       RAFVR
  Burton       FH        RA     Murdie      TSW      RAF
  Cairns       JD        RAFVR  Murray      RB       RNF
  Camsell      R         RN     Murray      RR       RA
  Carr         RJ        MN     Newman      GA       RAFVR
  Carr         WL        DLI    Nichol      J        RA
  Carter       FWJ       RA     Norton      W        NZPC
  Charlton     A         RAMC   Oliver      J        RASC  
  Charlton     D         GG     Parry       R        RASC
  Chisholm     R         KOSB   Patterson   J        RAFVR
  Claridge     WT        RCAF   Patterson   JA DFM   RAFVR
  Clavering    JM        RAF    Paul        T        RN
  Cotterill    JC        RN     Pears       T  MM    GH
  Cowan        R         RAF    Pellow      JE       RE
  Cowan        T         RN     Pickering   JA       QRR
  Cowell       JR        RSG    Poole       TH       RAC
  Crowe        DM        RAFVR  Pratt       H        RE
  Dawson       DR        WAAF   Pratt       JC       RA
  Dawson       L         NH     Preston     G        RAFVR
  Dawson       WJ        MN     Pringle     AS       DR
  Ditchburn    PW        RAF    Pringle     S        RBR
  Dixon        JW        RA     Pyle        C        RHA
  Donkin       AT        RAFVR  Reay        E        RNF
  Donkin       H         RHA    Redford     GH DFM   RAFVR
  Dower        R         RE     Richardson  HJ       RAF
  Dunn         FN        ATS    Richardson  JE       RAFVR
  Dunn         G         RN     Richell     JJ       MN
  Dunn         J DFC DFM RAFVR  Riddell     GRS      RAFVR
  Dunn         LA        RA     Riddell     R        RAF
  Edes         HM        RN     Robinson    E        RN
  Elliott      TR        RAF    Robinson    M        RA
  Emery        WJ        RAF    Robson      JW       RAFVR
  Fairholm     MR        RN     Robson      L        RNF
  Fawcett      R         MN     Rose        JH       RE
  Fitzpatrick  T         RAFVR  Rule        AH       KRRC
  Flynn        G         RAF    Sample      AE       A&SH
  Forman       JS        KOYLI  Sharp       JWC      RNF
  Foster       W         RNF    Shields     N        RAFVR
  Freeman      L         RAF    Sinclair    THH      RC
  Gibson       R         RN     Smith       LS       RN
  Goldsbury    R         RAFVR  Spare       T        RWF
  Gorman       M         PC     Steel       JH       RHA
  Gould        GP        RNF    Steel       S        RN
  Gray         W         RAFVR  Steele      NT       RAFVR
  Gray         WWC       RN     Stephenson  GAS      RN
  Grey         R         RAFVR  Stephenson  WR       NH
  Grint        JR        RAFVR  Straughan   L        RAFVR
  Haggerty     GA        RCS    Tapson      WH       KOSB
  Haley        J         RE     Taylor      H        EYR
  Hall         J         DLI    Taylor      S MM     RN
  Halliday     RW        RA     Thompson    RWD      NH
  Harmison     JWP MM    DLI    Townson     J        RN
  Harris       JE        DLI    Turnbull    JW       RNF
  Hart         W         DLI    Tute        S        KR
  Hennesey     GT        RCS    Tynan       S MM     RAMC
  Hetherington J         RNF    Waldock     R        DLI
  Hogg         J         RNF    Watson      JT       RN
  Holmes       F         RN     Watson      S        KR
  Houston      E         MN     Wedderburn  J        CG
  Hudson       CE        A&SH   Wedderburn  J        RN
  Hunter       GH        RAFVR  White       J        BW
  Hunter       WS        RN     Whitelaw    JD       RAFVR
  Hutton       N         RN     Wilkinson   A        GSC
  Hyde         I         RN     Wilson      G        GH
  Jacques      R         RAFVR  Wilson      J        Y&LR
  Jennings     U         HLI    Wood        G        RAAF
  Johnson      DV        MN     Wood        RW       RN
  Johnson      L         RNF    Woodman     R        CG
  Johnstone    JB        NH     Wright      LW       CG
  Kelly        AA        RN     York        T        RN
  Leech        TC        DLI    Young       T        RE
  Lightley     TW        RAFVR



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