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ROH 1914-18 St. Cuthbert





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St.Cuthbert’s Church, Quarry House Lane.

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Roll of Honour of pre-printed design set in a wood frame. There is a wide border of entwined oak leaves and acorns. At the top is a scroll bearing the exhortation. Down each side are shields depicting “the whole armour of God” from Ephesians 6 v 13-17: the helmet of salvation; the shield of faith; the breastplate of righteousness; the sword of the spirit and the belt of truth. At the bottom is another scroll bearing the words “Girt about with truth , your feet shod with the preparation of the Gospel of Peace”.
The names have been printed in five columns. Those who died are identified by a cross.

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Your prayer are asked / for those who have gone / to serve our King & County / by land and sea and air.



1. This is a replacement for E79.01.

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Photo: David Sloan

Sunderland Echo 04/12/2014 reports restoration.

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David Sloan

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ROH 1914-18 St. Cuthbert (E79.02)

     Your prayers are asked
     For those who have gone
     To serve our King and Country
     By land and sea and air.

     Our Roll of Honour
     The Parish of St.Cuthbert, East Rainton.

   Column 1             Column 2             Column 3
     Adamson H.           Cummings Jas.        Henderson T.N.
     Adamson John M.M.    Darby H.S.           Henry Jas.
     Adamson Jos. D.C.M.  Darby J.             Henry P.
     Alcock H.            Davis W. +           Heron A.
     Alcock J.W. +        Deighton J.          Heslop J.
     Alcock Jas.          Delap C.             Hickman	G.
     Alderson J.W. +      Delap R.             Hilton W.
     Alderson Sam.        Dinning H.           Hindmarch T.
     Archbanks Jas.       Dinning Jon +	       Hodgkiss J.
     Armstrong T.W.       Dixon E.             Hodgson J.
     Bainbridge T.F.      Dodds                Hourigan R. +
     Barrass T.           Egerton C.B. M.C.    Howliston J.
     Barron T.W. +        Ferry G.             Howmans R. +
     Beadnell R. +        Field R.             Hughes J.H.
     Beadnell Wm.         Flynn G.             Hunter S. M.M.
     Bennett J.           Forth J.             Hunter W.D.
     Blair G.             Foster G.            Hutchinson H.
     Blair Richard +      Foster J.            Hutchinson T.F.
     Blair W.             Foster T.            Hutton E.
     Bottom John          Fox A.               Irving R.
     Boustead C.R. +      Fox W.A.             Jarvis Jas.  
     Boustead E.P.+       Galley J.J.          Jarvis John
     Briggs J. +          Garden J. +          Johnson J. +
     Browell A.           Gardner              Jones C.J.
     Browell C.           Gardner E. +         Jones W.B.
     Browell J.           Garthwaite J.        Kirtley W. +
     Brown G.             Garthwaite R.+       Knaggs J.E.
     Brown Geo.           Gibson J. R.N.       Laidler G.W.
     Brown J.             Gibson T.H.          Lambton Jos.
     Brown J.A.           Gibson W. +          Lambton N.
     Brown Jos. +         Gibson W.            Lancaster T.W.
     Brown T.             Gibson W.M.          Langley W.
     Brown Thos. M.M.     Gills R. +	       Lawson H.
     Buckley T.           Gray R.              Lawson J.R.
     Burnhope T.          Hales J. +           Leighton G W. +
     Burt J.P.            Hall J.              Littlewood W. M.M.
     Burton G.F.          Hardy P.             Lough R.
     Cairn E.             Harland F.G.         Lucas J.
     Cairns T.            Harland G.H.         Luckman S.
     Campbell J.          Harland J.           McCafferty J. +
     Carpenter T.         Harland Jas. +       McKenzie J. +
     Chesney J.T.         Harrison W.          McKitten J.
     Cowley N. +          Heal J.              Mallinson W.	            
     Crake Jos.           Henderson D.         Martin Geo.	        
     Crake R.             Henderson R. +       Matthews E.	           
   Column 4             Column 5

     Matthews M.          Steel J.
     Matthews W.          Storey E.
     Mayes C.             Swift N.
     Minor N.             Swinburne Lily V.A.D.
     Morecambe N. +       Swindle T.
     Morton Geo.          Thompson A.
     Murray J.            Thompson T. 
     Newark Thos. +       Tilley J.
     Oliver J.P. +        Tindale A.
     O'Shaughnessy J.     Tindale J.S.
     Paley C.             Tindale T.W.
     Parkin R.W.          Tindale W.
     Parslow E. +         Todd C.
     Patterson W.         Trevett J.
     Pearson Geo.         Tubman W.
     Pearson J.           Wade R.
     Pearson P.           Wade T.
     Peel Jos.            Walker F.
     Proud J. +           Walker J.
     Purvis F.            Walker S. +
     Rafter               Walton R.     
     Raine, J. +          Ward E.
     Rathbone A.          Watson-Brown T.
     Reay J.              Westgarth E.W.
     Rennie G.            Westgarth T. + 
     Rennie John          Wetherall J.
     Roberts J.H.         Whitehead J.         
     Robinson G.W.        Whittaker L.
     Robinson J.          Widdowson R.
     Robinson R.          Wild R.
     Robson A.            Wilkin R.
     Roll J.              Willis J.G.
     Ross R.              Willis R.
     Rowan J. +           Wilson J. +
     Sagar J.             Wilson J.G.
     Sample W.            Wise E. D.C.M., M.M.
     Scorer J.            Wood J.L.
     Scott G.             Wood L.
     Scott T.             Wortley A.
     Scott W.             Young G. +
     Seymour A.L.F.       Young M. +
     Simpson              Young R. +
     Simpson A. 
     Smith G.
     Smith W.T.
   + Killed/missing in action; D.C.M. Distinguished Conduct Medal; 
   M.C. Military Cross; M.M. Military Medal; R.N. Royal Navy; 
   V.A.D. Voluntary Aid Detachment

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