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Memorial Marks 1917 Scout hut





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Scout hut, Off Hill Heads Road.

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Unveiled February 1921

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“Illuminated memorial”


Dulce et decorum est pro patria mori.
In glorious memory of James Albert Marks, 2nd Lieutenant 10th North Staffordshire Regiment, formerly Scoutmaster, 2nd Whitley Troop, who died for his country, February 25th, 1917.


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2nd Whitley Bay Troop of Boy Scouts


1. 'Advantage was also taken of the occasion to unveil a memorial to the late Scoutmaster Marks, who did valuable work on behalf of the troop in its younger days and who had the misfortune to lose his life in Mesopotamia.'

2. The occasion in question was the opening of a former Army Hut as the new headquarters for the 2nd Whitley Bay Troop of Boy Scouts, which had been founded seven years before and had been driven ‘from pillar to post’ for places to hold meetings until now.

3. The Scout Group had started in 1910 “and some good pioneer work was done by Mr. Annandale, Mr. Marks and Assistant Scoutmaster Dickson”.

4. 'Mr. Marks was first associated with the troop in June, 1913, and his warrant was approved in October, 1914. He joined the army early in 1915 and was granted a commission in the 10th North Staffordshire Regiment. He was first wounded in an attempt to relieve General Townshend at Kut and was in hospital in India. He returned to the front and took part in the action which led to the capture of Kut, but was killed on the way to Baghdad on February 25th, 1917'.

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Whitley Bay Observer 25/02/1921 reports unveiling.

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Dorothy Hall

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Angela Conroy is researching the WW1 names on this memorial


Memorial Marks 1917 Scout hut (W84.33)

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