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ROH 1914-18 Cokemen Hare & Hounds Inn





Original Location

Hare and Hounds Inn. In the lodge room.

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Unveiled November 1919 by C. Pennington.

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Roll of Honour


(Dedicated to Leasingthorne Cokemen)


(10 members who fell; 51 who served) TRANSCRIPT NEEDED.

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1. The village has virtually disappeared leaving the obelisk in a great stretch of landscaped open space. Originally it was hemmed in by streets of pit houses.

2. From 189 members of the Cokemenís Union employed at Leasingthorne, 51 had served in the war; 10 had been killed; 4 were awarded the Military Medal.

3. The lodge room for the Union was the Hare and Hounds Inn at Coundon.

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Auckland and County Chronicle 13/11/1919 reports unveiling.

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Fitzhugh Collection, Middleton in Teesdale; Dorothy Hall

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ROH 1914-18 Cokemen Hare & Hounds Inn (L72.02)

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