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Endowment Fund 1914-18 Secondary School





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Blaydon Secondary School (Closed)

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War Memorial Endowment Fund. Scheme to raise £9,600 to endow the school. The aim was to provide 6 exhibitions per year of £80 per annum to send pupils on to University.


(In memory of old scholars who fell)



How money was raised

See Note 1 below.


1. Miss Jane Cowen donated £1,600 to provide one exhibition to the value of £80 for one girl, to be called the “Jane Cowen University Exhibition”.
Mr. Joseph Cowen donated £1,600 to provide one exhibition to the value of £80 for one boy, to be called the “Colonel Joseph Cowen Exhibition”.
The Stella Coal Company a third.
The Trustees of the “Aldermen Tebb Memorial Fund” gave £400.

2. The school at that time was comparatively new, was now one of the largest secondary schools in the county, and was already sending a steady supply of candidates to Universities.

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Illustrated Chronicle 22/10/1919 reports on the Cowen Exhibitions; 15/12/1920 reports proposals and first results, with editorial comment.

Newcastle Weekly Chronicle 27/12/1919 reports donation of £80 for five years from Stella Coal Co.

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