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Photo: Dorothy Hall


Roll of Honour 1914-18 St. Barnabas




JESMOND (N'castle/Jesmond)

Original Location

St Barnabas Church, Sandyford, Newcastle

Present Location

St. George’s Drill Hall, Sandyford Road.

Which war


Dedication, Creation or Publication date

Unveiled 30th July 1919 by Lieut. Col. R. Henvey, C.M.G., D.S.O. of the Tyneside Garrison Command.

Memorial Description

Roll of Honour, with narrow header at the top and a wider panel below. At intervals long the top of the header panel and the main panel are circles containing a cross. There is fluting in the border. In the header panel is a cross and crown motif with the Union and English flags and the words “Pro Deo” and “Pro Patria".
On the main panel the names are listed in two columns, hand painted in gold with black shadowing, using elaborate Roman capitals.

Materials used

Wood (oak)


Pro Deo. Pro Patria.
Roll of Honour.
In grateful memory of those who made the / supreme sacrifice during the European War 1914-18.


How money was raised


Sculptor, Artist or Designer

Designed and executed by R.H. Cook (decorator) of Erick Street


1. This is said to have come from the Hutton Terrace T.A. Centre, Sandyford.

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Photo: Janet Brown

Illustrated Chronicle 28/07/1919 reports proposed unveiling on Wednesday.

Newcastle Evening Chronicle Saturday 26/07/1919 reports proposed unveiling

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Roll of Honour 1914-18 St. Barnabas (J1.42)

JESMOND	St Barnabas Church 

   Pro	       Pro
   Deo           Patria

   Roll of Honour
   In grateful memory of those who made the
   supreme sacrifice during the European War 1914-18

   Thomas R. Abbot         Harry A. Iung 
   John E. Armstrong       Percy Johnston 
   James W. Aldridge       Robert Johnston 
   William L. Anfield      Norman Jackson 
   George G. Beavis        Isaiah Johnson 
   David Brown             John S. Jones 
   William B. Blakey       James L. Laidler 
   James Blakey            William Liddle 
   John Brown              William Lumley 
   John Brown Jr.          Thomas R. Little 
   Henry W. Barber         Frederick J. Liddle 
   Rowland Burt            John B. Lewin 
   John Clarke             George A. Mason 
   John Christie           Albert Mason 
   Robert M. Charlton      Sydney Marshall 
   Charles Carr            William Muris 
   John J. Clasper         John W. Middlemist
   William H. Caisley      Stephen Morison
   Frank Charlton          John G. Nesbit 
   William E. Carver       Harry Pettitt
   David Crawford          Thomas Rutter 
   Edward Duncan           William Rowland 
   Joseph Denard           Albert Ryott 
   Charles J. Daglish      Edward L. Reed 
   Arthur E. Daglish       Thomas S. Relph 
   John Dickinson          Thomas J. Reed 
   Albert H. Dunn          Albert G. Rowley 
   Alexander Falconer      Lancelot Rennison 
   Alexander H. Fidler     George Swan 
   Wilfrid Farquharson     Ralph Scott 
   Thomas G.D. Fenwick     William Stonehouse 
   John J. Ford            James B. Saunders 
   Frank Forster           William Simpson
   Robert L. Fairless      Harry Smith
   William H. Glasgow      Alfred Saunders
   Herbert J. Green        Joseph W. Shopland
   Charles H. Grey         Matthew A. Stobart
   James D. Gristwood      Charles H. Straughair
   William T. Hunter       William R. Taylor
   John Hunter             William Twizell
   Edward J. Hirst         Robert S. Thompson
   Alexander Harper        Frederick L. Vernon
   John E. Heddle          Frederick W. Westgarth
   John Heatley            Frederick S. Watson
   David H. Holmes         Isaac G. Walton
   Percy Hyslop            Alfred J. Wardhaugh
   Thomas B. Hall          George Wallace
   James Hair              James Young
   Frederick P. Ionn       Andrew Young
The newspaper report gives full names as follows:

   Thomas Ralph Abbot      William Herbert Glasgow  Stephen Morison
   John Ernest Armstrong   Herbert John Green       Edward Latimer Reed
   James Walter Aldridge   Charles Heslop Grey      Thomas Stanley Relph
   William N. Anfield      James D. Gristwood       Thomas James Reed    
   George Gordon Beavis    John Hunter              Albert George Rowley
   David Brown             Edward Joseph Hirst      Launcelot Rennison
   William Brown Blakey    William Thomas Hunter    John George Nesbit
   James Blakey            Alexander Harper         Harry ?Pettit
   John Brown              John Edward Heddle       Thomas Rutter
   John Brown (Junior)     John Heatley             William Rowland
   Henry William Barber    David H. Holmes          Albert Ryott
   Rowland Burt            Percy Hyslop             George Swan
   John Clarke             Thomas Baird Hall        Ralph Scott
   John Christie           James Hair               William Stonehouse
   Robert Malcolm Charlton Frederick Peter Ionn     James Brenner Saunders
   Charles Carr            Harry A. Iung            William Simpson
   John Joseph Clasper     Percy Johnston           Harry Smith
   William H. Caisley      Robert Johnston          Alfred Saunders
   Frank Charlton          Norman Jackson           Joseph Wilfrid Shepland
   William Edward Carver   Isaiah Johnson           Matthew Albert Stobart
   Edward Duncan           John Samuel Jones        Charles Henry Straughair
   Joseph Denard           James Louis Laidler      William Robson Taylor
   Charles John Daglish    William Liddle           William Twizell
   Arthur Ernest Daglish   William Lumley           Robert Straughan Thompson
   John Dickinson          Thomas Robson Little     Frederick L. Vernon
   Albert H. Dunn          Frederick John Liddle    Frederick William Westgarth
   Alexander Falconer      John Baker Lewin         Frederick Stamp Watson
   Alexander Hamilton Fidler George Alexander Mason Isaac G. Walton
   Wilfrid Farquharson     Albert Mason             Alfred J. Wardhaugh
   Thomas G.D. Fenwick     Sydney Marshall          James Young
   John J. Ford            William Muris            Andrew Young
   Frank Forster           John William Middlemist

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