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Photo: Colin Summerson


Roll of Honour 1914-18 Workmen's Club





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Coundon Workmen’s Club.

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Unveiled 18th October 1919 by Mr. J. Gray

Memorial Description

Roll of Honour behind glass, highly decorated. There is a single line red border. At centre top is an oval wreath with a ribbon on top and a standard on each side. In the spandrels on each side are depicted a rose, daffodil and thistle. Below the dedication is a crown on a laurel spray.
The names are listed in five columns. Those who were killed or died of wounds are identified with a star beside the name.
Lettering of the title and dedication are in various colours and fonts. The names are in black sans serif capitals.

Materials used

Paper behind glass


Roll of Honour / of the Members of / Coundon Workmen’s Club / who took part in the World War 1914-18



1. Of the 197 men named on the plaque, 131 had signed up before the Conscription Act. Thirty had fallen.

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Photos: Colin Summerson

Darlington and Stockton Times 25/10/1919 reports unveiling.

Au and and County Chronicle 23/10/1919 reports unveiling.

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Colin Summerson; Dorothy Hall; Fitzhugh Collection, Middleton in Teesdale

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Roll of Honour 1914-18 Workmen's Club (C117.04)

COUNDON Workmen’s Club.
  Roll of Honour
  of the Members of
  Coundon Workmen’s Club
  who took part in the World War 1914-18
 Alderson, Christopher Denton, Thos. W.     Jackson, Robert                          Surtees, Thos. W.
 Alderson, Fred        Dixon, William       Johnson, Anty.       Notley, Arthur      Swainston, William
 Allinson, James       Dolan, Thomas        Johnson, Edward                         *Steele, John
*Angle, James          Dixon, J.W.          Jones, John
 Askew, Charles                             Jones, H. John
 Atkinson, John M.M.   Eales, John          Jackson, Robert      Osmond, George     *Taylor, Harry
 Atherton, James       Eales, Ralph                                                 *Thomas, James
                                            Kane, Frank                              Thompson, George
                                            Kane, Vincent                            Thompson, George A
 Barron, Robert                             Kasher, Thomas      *Palmer, Albert      Thompson, Harry
 Bessford, William     Fawcett, John Geo.   Kavanagh, John      *Palmer, Hugh        Thompson, James
 Beveridge, John       Fawcett, Thos. H.    Kelly, James         Pigg, Charles       Thompson, J.W.
 Black, Fred.          Ferguson, T.E. Dr.   Kelly, James W.      Pounder, George     Thompson, Robert
 Black, James, M.M.    Forrest, Robt. Jnr. *Kerry, George        Pinder, George      Thompson, Walter
 Blair, Edward        *Fowler, Richard      Kerry, Luke, M.M.                        Todd, William
*Blenkinshipp, Richard Fox, John            Kipling, Fred.                           Toole, Alex.
 Blenkinsopp, James    Franklin, Albert     Knight, Obadiah                          Tutin, Albert
 Blenkinsopp, Thos. H. Franklin, Ephraim                         Ramage, Christopher Tutin, Thomas
*Brabban, Ernest                                                 Richmond, John      Tyreman, Harry
 Brenkley, George                                                Ridley, Thomas.
 Brown, Christopher                        *Land, Arthur         Robinson, James
 Burns, James          Gaines, George       Land, Ben            Robson, John
 Burns, John           Gallagher, Martin    Land, Joseph         Rose, Harry         Wade, James Jos.
 Burns, Michael        Gargett, John        Lane, Arthur         Rowlands, William   Walker, Edward
 Burns, Spensley       Garnett, James       Lee, Bennett         Rooney, Thomas     *Waller, George
*Brown, Peter          German, Frank        Leighton, Enoch      Robson, Joseph      Warburton, Jonas
                       Golightley, A.       Leighton, Noah M.M.                      Welsh, Michael
                       Gordon, Wilfrid      Leighton, Harry     *Sains, Joseph       Weston James
*Cant, James           Grady, Edward        Linford, James       Shaw, Albert        Weston, John
*Cartner, Robert       Graham, George       Longstaff, Thos.     Shaw, Joseph        Weston, John Stephen
*Cartwright, W.H.      Green, George        Longstaff, William   Shaw, Joseph        Weston, Thomas
 Catterson, Anthony    Goundry, Geo. D.     Luke, Andrew         Simpson, Matthew   *Wharton, Joseph   
 Chapman, Albert                                                 Skelton, Isaac      Wheatley, John
 Clarkson, Charles                                               Smith, Harry        Wheatley, Robert
 Coates, Albert        Hall, William                             Sowerby, Harry     *Wheatley, Thos.
 Cocking, John         Hammond, John        Maddison, George    *Spence, Thomas      Wheatley, William
 Collingwood, Thos.    Harrison, Wilfrid    Maddison, Harry     *Sproates, Thomas    Wheatman, Robert
*Cooke, Thomas        *Harrison, William    Maddison, Robert     Sproates, Thomas    White, Michael
 Cowey, Fred.          Hicks, Harry         Mawson, Samuel      *Staley, Arthur      Whitfield, George 
 Crooks, Arthur        Hodges, Thomas       May, Thomas          Staveley, Elijah   *Williams, Robert
*Curran, John          Hodgson, James       McCoy, Peter         Staveley, Matthew   Williams, William
                       Hope, Arthur         McGowan, Ambrose     Staveley, Miles     Windeatt, Stanley
                       Hopper, George       Metcalf, John        Staveley, Thos.     Wood, Parker
                       Hopper, Thomas       Metcalf, John        Staveley, William     
 Davidson, R.W.        Hughes, David        Monk, Sydney         Stenning, William
*Davison, Cuthbert     Hughill, John        Moore, Harry         Stocks, Benjamin
 Denham, James         Hutchfield, Edward   Moore, John         *Stonehouse, George  Young, Robert
 Dent, John           *Hunter, Ernest       Mudie, A.M.          Stonehouse, James
 Denton, Anthony       Hunter, James       *Musgrave, Harry      Stonehouse, Thos.
*Denton, J.H.          Hunter, Percy        Middleton, Anty,M.M. Summerson, Joseph
 *Killed in Action, Died of Wounds or Died on Active Service.

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