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Plaque 1914-18 Sons of Temperance





Original Location

Sons of Temperance Meeting Place (Closed)

Which war


Dedication, Creation or Publication date

Unveiled 11th July 1920 by Bro. W. Cant, G.W.P. of the Newcastle upon Tyne Grand Division.

Memorial Description

Plaque, highly ornate. The top has a slightly curved top and this contains the dedication and the name of the Club. On each side of the main plaque are candlesticks used as columns. The central panel is oval, with palm leaves swirling around the names, and sometimes obscuring them. The names of those who served are in five columns divided by vertical lines. Those who fell are contained in a rectangular panel below this, the names in three columns divided by verticals. Lettering for the dedication is elaborate capitals; the names are in sans serif capitals. The quotation is on a scroll at the bottom.

Materials used

Paper / card


Sons of Temperance / Burnopfield Division / Rising Star / Roll of Honour.
The following members / served in the / Great European War / 1914-1919.
Members who made the Supreme Sacrifice
“Greater love hath / no man than this / that he lay down / his life for / his friends”.


Sculptor, Artist or Designer

Mr. M. Foster, Nun Street, Newcastle.


1. The Roll of Honour was to be hung in the United Methodist Chapel School room.

2. There is a photograph in Beamish North of England Open Air Museum

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Photo: North of England Open Air Museum, Beamish, Archives: 41783

Illustrated Chronicle 16/06/1920 carries photo of memorial “to be unveiled shortly”.

Consett Guardian 16/07/1920 reports unveiling

Blaydon Courier 17/07/1920 reports unveiling.

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Dorothy Hall; North of England Open Air Museum, Beamish

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Plaque 1914-18 Sons of Temperance (B155.06)

BURNOPFIELD      Sons of Temperance Lodge 

   The Sons of Temperance
   Burnopfield Division
   Rising Star
   Roll of Honour
   The following members
   served  in
   The Great European War 1914-1919
Column 1               Column 2             Column 3 

                                            Bro.  Hardy T?.
                                             “     Hudspith J.
                                             “     Hardy J.R.
                        Bro. Cromarty W      “     Irwin T.        
                        “    Clark J.F.G.    “     Jewitt A.       
                        “    Callum H.B.     “     Johns J.        
   Sis. Allen Jennie    “    Cuthbertson T.  “     Johnson F.W.    
   Bro. Amos W.         “    Chapman W.      “     Knox J.J.       
   “   Allen R.         “    Cooper G.W.     “     Knox H.         
   “   Angus W.         “    Davison N.      “     Kyle R.         
   “   Armstrong E.     “    Davidson J.     “     Layton W.       
   “   Bell J.          “    Dent R.         “     Liddle J.       
   “   Beattie N.       “    Davidson J.     “     Livingston D.   
   “   Brown  W.        “    Dent J.S.       “     Layton R.M.     
   “   Bird C.W.        “    Davis W.C.      “     Lough W.        
   “   Barkus B.        “    Davis E.        “     Moody W.        
   “   Bell R.          “    Davidson J.     “     Mein J.         
   “   Carradice W.     “    Elliott G.      “     McIntosh S.     
   “   Chapman R.       “    Ekin T.         “     Maughan G.      
   “   Clark A.         “    Fawcett G.      “     Minto J.        
   “   Crisp J.T.       “    Fiddaman L.     “     Morton T.S.     
   “   Cooper J.A.      “    Gray G.         “     Moore O.        
   “   Clark W.         “    Gregory J.      “     Nelson A.       
   “   Cushing W.E.     “    Hogarth J.      “     Nichol T.       
   “   Cushing E.       “    Hewison T?      “     Ord W.G.        
   “   Cunningham J.D.  “    Holme D.        “     Oliphant J.     
   “   Charlton J.G.    “    Harmer R.       “     Oliphant W.     
   “   Preston S. 
Column 4               Column 5 

   “   Bro. Ord H.
   “   Print T.W.
   “   Potts G.
   “   Preston J.       Bro. Scorey J.E.
   “   Philps A.        “    Trewick H.
   “   Parkin S.        “    Thompson J.R.
   “   Parkin J.        “    Trotter L.
   “   Robinson R.      “    Trueman W.
   “   Reay W.          “    Thirlwell W.
   “   Reed E.S.        “    Trewick J.
   “   Reed J.          “    Turner H.M.
   “   Rowe W.          “    Telfer J.J.
   “   Reed G.          “    Taylor W.
   “   Robson N.        “    Wall R.S.
   “   Rix S.           “    Wheatley J.
   “   Reay H.          “    Whitfield T.
   “   Robson A.        “    Whitfield J.J.
   “   Spurr R.W.       “    Westoe W.
   “   Sinclair S.G.    “    Wall W.
   “   Smithem W.       “    Waite G.
   “   Smithem J.       “    Wheatley C.
   “   Spurr J.W.       “    Wailes R.
   “   Smithem R.       “    Wood E.
   “   Shield T.        “    Young W.
                        “    Scott R.  M.M.
At Bottom

   Members who made the Supreme Sacrifice

   Brewis R.E.  M.M.   Jennings S.H.    Reay J.E.
   Curry R.W.          Lough R.         Southren F.
   Elliott J.O.        Lever J.         Wilkinson J.R.
   Ekin J.C.           Robinson J.H.    Wilkinson A.M.
   Holme W.D.          Reed J.J.        Wood J.C.

   “Greater love hath no man than this that he lay down his life for his

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