A short tour of Tynedale's forgotten war memorials
Roger Morris tells us about the memorials on Plenmeller, Ninebanks and Limestone Brae:
"LEST WE FORGET A short tour of Northumberland's forgotten war memorials on Plenmeller Common and West Allen" is an article I wrote for the Northumberland and Durham Family History Society Summer 2020 Volume 45 Number 2. This covers the Shepherd's Memorial, Rolls of Honour in Ninebanks Church and Limestone Brae Burial Ground. This was in part driven as a reaction to disinformation about the origins of the Shepherd's Memorial and absence of local knowledge. The upshot will be to arrange a walk over there around Armistice Day based on the weather conditions around the 11th November.
I've also contacted O.S. and future editions of maps will now show the Shepherds Memorial. Hopefully this will encourage Northumberland C.C. to put up a bladed sign/ finger post sign from the road.