80th Anniversary Battle of Ficheux and Mercatel
Each year we mark the Anniversary of the Battle of Ficheux and Mercatel - which took place on 20th May 1940 and during which the three Battalions of 70th Infantry Brigade were ambushed by Panzer columns - part of the Blitzkrieg heading on their way West - the Brigade holding the extreme right flank of the B.E.F. A large number of the men of the Brigade were killed and a larger number captured - many of whom were wounded. The dead are commemorated on War Memorials throughout Durham - the scale of the disaster was of very significant proportions and changed the Brigade from a purely local Unit to one with soldiers serving in it from all over the UK. The details of the tragedy - the 80th Anniversary of which is today - can be found on the 70th Brigade Website - accessible from the bar at the top of the screen. It had been hoped to organise some commemorative activities to mark the solemn occasion but the current circumstances have prevented this.