Anniversary of the Defence of Rauray
In 2018 we commemorate the 74th Anniversary of the crucial "Defence of Rauray" on 1st July - a hard-fought action by 70th Infantry Brigade which brought to an end the Panzer threat hindering further advances on that flank of the Normandy theatre of war. This engagement, part of Operation Martlet, may not yet be so well known as the earlier D-Day battles, but crippled a significant element of some of the best armoured troops available to the Axis forces, and represents a first-class example of close co-operation in ground action between Infantry, Artillery, Anti-Tank Units and Tanks .

To read an account of the Brigade's actions, and the casualties sustained, look at the Memorial Website for July 1944, especially for 1st Tyneside Scottish and 11th Durham Light Infantry. For a more detailed appreciation, read Kevin Baverstock's excellent book "Breaking the Panzers".

The Brigade was indeed "Faithful."